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effects of climate change

Did you know global agriculture is one of the major things which get affected by climate change. This blog post will look into the significant details of what associates climate change to how it makes an agricultural impact.

Before starting off, let’s look into climate change.

Global climate change has been one of the major environmental concerns we need to look into. It has also been showing its drastic effects on our natural surroundings. From the concerns of glaciers going into a complete meltdown, to lakes and rivers witnessing, the impact is majorly disastrous.

This includes how the animals and plant ranges are also getting a shift and even you will notice the flowering of trees is not a proper schedule and plan anymore.

What is Climate Change?

understanding climate change

This is the major effect that happens when you see a shift in how natural events and shifts happen. This includes changes in volcanic activity, shifts in the processes within the Earth’s core and even shifts in the sun.

However even these natural resources play a small role in the actual problem. This is because it is how the human activities are playing a major role in causing disastrous impact on our environment.

This includes activities such as burning oil, or gas, as well as cutting down on forests and vegetation which leads to an increase in the concentration of greenhouses.

The release of carbon dioxide in the air is a major contributor towards pollution and harmful release of gases. According to researchers, the global temperatures have been on a significant rise through the years and they continue to go towards the elevated side.

The Affects of Climate Change

Why are the sea levels on the rise and you are witnessing such massive and raging heat waves in majority of the regions of the world. These extreme patterns of weather which we have been noticing for a while are usually caused by rising global temperatures.

Much to the way in which we have exhausted our natural resources and are completely draining the earth from its natural habitat, we are the sole reason for this drastic climate change.

And this climatic shifts are impacting the state of agriculture strongly. When you are facing extremely high sea levels and there is an unpredictable shift in the seasons, this also impacts the rain.

Many of our agricultural sector is dependent on the kind of rain that falls. If you have erratic rainfall, there is immense floods, droughts and even crop failures.

You will find that millions of people will be struggling to survive in such harsh conditions.

How it has a Major Agricultural Impact

This leads to a huge shift to how people manage their living. The sustainable living is highly impacted.

Farming faces the major concerns. The farmers will suffer from failed harvests. Majority of the crops require a proper and controlled amount of water levels. Anything above or below that amount causes the crops to fail in cultivation which directly impacts the livelihood of these people as well as leads to a huge crop transport and export deficit.

Having to struggle with surviving these kind of harsh conditions is one thing but it is even more difficult to grow food, get clean water which in turn relates to more of proper crop growth.

Sustainable farming  and sustainable agriculture is one of the major problems and issues which needs to be pondered upon as climate change is effecting it heavily.

Different regions suffer in various ways but there is a large economical influence on it too, as the economical sector also gets hurt in the process.

Now we will hit upon two other major factors:

Food Security & Food Access

making wise decisions

Did you know how agriculture plays a major role in becoming a contributor towards the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gas emissions?

I will now give you a quick overview on what exactly is greenhouse effect:

So what happens here is that your climate continues to change and evolve through time. The global climate is what brings together the sun, earth, oceans and forests as well as deserts and other landscapes together. When you say global climate, it actually means bringing all of the stated on a global platform.

It is significant and more wider changes to the overall climate buildup. This includes the rising temperatures of the oceans as well as snow melt and higher sea levels in all major sea bodies.

Due to our activities, how humans are using the natural resources, the earth’s atmosphere is making the planet’s surface warmer. This is because of the radiation effect. The radiatively active gas structures are radiating their energy and this in turn is known as the greenhouse effect.

Now coming back to our topic in hand:

The Greenhouse Effect

Since the greenhouse effect is also playing a role in sustainability, this means the agricultural production has been heavily impacted and it is challenging the food security.

Economists have been long talking about how crucial it is to secure that there is ample amount of food production in relation to food access. This is when we will be able to manage the world hunger crisis properly.

It is a state that is taken upon when people have all the economic access to complete and nutritious diet, so to ensure a healthy lifestyle is in check. Unfortunately there is still a 10% undernourishment rate among the masses.

This means that there is no proper food security especially when we look at how the agricultural sector is heavily impacted by the climate change. There is also scarcity of water which also impacts the food production.

Droughts is a major cause of concern in climate change. The extreme weather conditions are impacting our ability to have proper, sanitary food and water. This water is also extremely crucial for proper crop cultivation, crop yields and food growth. There has been a sudden reduction in the agricultural productivity, as this caused a rapid rise in prices as well.

The Impact of Heat Waves

I will now hit upon this topic again as it is very crucial for food growth and sustainability.

Scientists have said that these heat waves will actually get worse and increase with time. There major disadvantage is that they cause a lot of stress in animals and plants.

This leads to rainfall patterns getting impacted and agricultural land getting a direct hit which impacts the water resources too.

This leads to having a negative effect on food production and growth. If your crops are subjected to high temperatures for a long time, it will negatively impact the crop production and it will lead to growth restriction and no seed production.

This in turn leads to low productivity and future crop growth and sustainability is damaged with limited fertility. Heat waves are expected to increase with time and the negative effects are more so in developed countries as compared to developing countries. This is directly putting a dent on food security with emphasizing how we are affecting the channel to nutritious, quality food access.

Identifying the Solutions to Agricultural Sustainability

ensuring sustainability

Seeing that there are many factors and variables which play a strong role in the climate change and how it impacts the agricultural stance of our world, there are some important data which is already being collected to manage things better and ensure that the future is secure.

This includes creating an experimentation setup on crops and seeing how stressed and vulnerable is the agricultural stance in the whole scenario. We need to signify and lo0k into how changing our strategies for crop cultivation will help combat the problem better.

This includes investing in better cultivation techniques and emphasizing better and solid irrigation tactics.

The good news is there is continuous research being done on the matter which includes identifying the important and relating factors. Since extreme weather is one of the major effects of climate change, it is causing a direct impact on crop manifestation.

Economists and scientists are also continuously working to see how food shortages is one of the major human crisis we need to understand and combat. There are so many factors playing a role in this crucial state. We need to understand just how critical it is for us to manage our resources well and create a solid food structure which ensures that there is not a highly negative impact on our food security and thus on our food access.


It seems like there can’t be a more stronger wakeup call for us to mend our ways. Climate change is impacting every life source and is also limiting our usage of natural resources as well. We need to realize and draw the line between how far are we going to let these issues affect us.

There is a strong connection between climate change and the agricultural sector. We need to do a proper analysis on how the climate change hazards, mitigation strategies and agriculture innovations impact the current stance of our sustainable growth and stability.

Lets understand how climate resilience is a concept to ponder upon and learn from. Also we should understand and form improved agricultural production which will hit on improving and providing long-term solutions to the mounting climate change issue and its effects.

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