Cow Manure Fertilizer: The Complete Guide

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understanding the cow manure fertilizer

The way in which cow dung or manure is used in gardens as well as various vegetation projects has been going on for a while now. It is considered as one of the most effective ways in which you will be able to give your plants a major organic boost.

It is actually considered as a major source of giving you the healthy boost to ensure your plants are growing strongly. While it is mostly in practice in the rural areas, but even in developed areas, the sustainable agriculture and how these kind of organic compost helps is being taken into complete perspective.

Cow manure fertilizer and how it ranks in importance is essentially a well-researched and talked about topic. In this article I am going to also talk on how it is providing numerous benefits to your garden.

How is Cow Manure Made?

the making of cow dung fertilizer

Cow manure has been around for ages. Before you even heard of it, it was being used in rural areas for the innumerable benefits its actually providing to the crops and plants. Researchers have only recently looked into how it actually holds so many benefits.  And why we should be talking about it and utilizing it effectively.

While this kind of manure is not as rich in nitrogen as others, but it still in its composted form can provide so many benefits to your garden, when applied in the right way.

So this cow manure basically consists of all organic material. This includes digested grass and even grain. Cow manure has a large amount of rich nutrients in it. This usually consists of nitrogen as well as potassium and even phosphorus.

But the key element to know here is that sometimes fresh cow dung can also contain high levels of ammonia. And this is extremely harmful to the plants if used directly. For this reason, you should make use of a proper composting procedure which allows for the fertilizer to create properly.

The Importance of Adding Manure

If you look around your garden, are you content with how its growing? Are you satisfied with the way the tomato plant is rising from the ground? It may not be bearing enough fruits. Or the fruits which are essentially growing may be looking weak and not healthy.

This is when you need to look into all the essential raw materials. The materials your plants may or may not be getting. When you look at the basics- your plants need sunlight, water as well as really good quality soil. The soil is actually the main essence even.

It is where the plants will be absorbing water alongside other nutrients and minerals. But the major element that they should be taking in is nitrogen. This is what makes for the healthy and fertile soil needed to actually take in all those raw materials in a proper way.

Only when you have a good soil base, will you be able to attain a great base for all the nutrients to be sucked in and used in the various regions of the plant.

Why Is Organic Manure Needed?

how it benefits

The organic manure is the most important element you need. It actually provides the nutrients your plants will need to take in in a slowly and steady motion. Also when taking about the soil porous, it actually improves the water retention process and allows for the micronutrients deficiencies to be properly covered.

When we talk about the chemical free manure, its effects are actually quite long-range as they improve the quality of the soil.

Whereas there is no real danger when it comes to overfeeding with organic manure. This is because in this kind of setting, the plant will be taking only the amount of manure it really needs. Organic fertilizers are definitely the better and more preferred option.

Composting Cow Manure Fertilizer

Coming back to cow manure, it is definitely a procedure which takes on ample of time and dedication. You need to ensure that your cow dung is going to be making an excellent source of nutrient-rich fertilizer.

When the proper composting mechanism is applied to it, it will turn the manure into a very successful nutrient-rich fertilizer. This is readily mixed into the soil. Or it can also be used as a top dressing.

All you need to do is create those strong and proper composting bins. And the heavy cow manure in itself can prove to be toxic.

Hence it is important that you actually mix it with lighter materials which includes straw, hay as well as any other organic substances you can get your hands on. This will include things like vegetable matter, as well as garden debris. Even small amounts of the same can be added to give great results.

The Size of the Compost Pile

Another thing you should be considering is how the cow manure fertilizer is going to be collected. The pile in which you are creating this organic material is not essentially easy to make.

You have to consider the size. If you create a pile which is very small, it will not be providing enough of heat. You need a certain level of temperature for the compost to start working properly.

And if you make a pile which turns out to be very big, this means that there is not enough air which is passing through it. So you should be turning the pile around frequently. Mixing up the organic elements in a uniform way.

So now let’s talk about the essential benefits of using cow manure fertilizer:

Benefits of Cow Manure Fertilizer

When it comes to making use of this organic material, know that the process of composting cow manure holds a range of benefits. You should definitely be first composting it to get rid of the dangerous ammonia gas and pathogens.

This will make for the organic content to be properly utilized. You want to ensure that the organic content and material is being used properly.

When you properly compost the cow dung, you are actually taking care of the weed seeds also. So when you mix this compost inside the soil, you can make sure that it will be properly reaching into the important moisture-holding places.

This ensures that there will be no issues when it comes to making use of this fertile soil. Only when the soil is able to consume and make use of this compost in the essentially proper way.

The biggest benefit of cow manure fertilizer is that it gives superfood to the plant. It is really good for it as it also leads to capability where you need to actually water less. This kind of compost also helps to improve the aeration process. It is definitely better in helping you to break the fertilizer into small super elements which will reach out and provide the necessary nutrients.

The Impact of Microorganisms

Cow manure is really effective as it has a large number of bacteria and even small microorganisms. But don’t worry.

These microorganisms are very beneficial to the plants and the soil. They will help to properly break down and make use of the organic matter, changing the nutrients and making use of ways to retain it and utilize it properly inside the soil.

They are really effective in retaining the nutrients within the soil and also are able to form strong partnerships with the plants. As this will increase the growth as well as the health of the plants.

The microorganisms are also effective in breaking down the pollutants which makes it essential for the nitrogen to be properly absorbed in the soil.

But are there any side effects? Let’s talk about those:

Disadvantages of Using Cow Manure Fertilizer

So we have talked in great detail about how there are so many benefits of using this organic matter. There are also certain pathogens in it. Also if you use fresh manure, it can actually spread diseases also. So you have to ensure that this fertilizer is used in its freshest state.

You should aim to use compost in its proper and highly fresh look. In some cases, manure also contains sodium and can also cause issues and concerns in the arid region.


impacting the soil in many ways

Cow manure fertilizer is definitely in the rage right now. It is something which was usually used in rural areas but recently its effects and usage in the urban framework is also certainly clear. This is because it holds so many benefits. It is organic and full of healthy nutrients which are extremely benefitting to the plants and crops.

In this article I talked about it in great detail. How is this compost made, its huge benefits and why it is very important that we make use of it properly and ensure that its benefits and complete nutrients are taken in. When it comes to understanding organic composting, cow manure fertilizer is one of the most essential superfoods that will ensure your plants get the nutrients and proper growth that it needs to grow strong.

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