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garden lighting

Your beautiful garden is all set and the flowers are ready to bloom in the coming spring. The garden will get enough sunlight in the day to keep it lit and bright, but what about the night? For that, you will have to install artificial garden lighting.

After all, if you have tried to beautify your garden with various plants and flowers then it should show as much as in the night as it doe sin the day.

This article discusses how you can add much-needed outdoor lighting to your garden at dusk.

light points

Garden Lighting Points

There are several points where you can add that little touch of light.

Having lanterns on the side is common, however, you can also add some glow by lighting the staircase.

Adding light to a specific area can help you highlight that key features and draw attention to your favorite plants.

Plus it helps to add warmth in shadow.

The uplighting on trees, spotlight on plants and lanterns around seating can enhance the look of your garden adding warmth to the space.

Sometimes a little light can transform your entire garden.

So even adding some glow to your pathways and door can set the ambiance of your garden.

It will become the place whereby you can dine with friends or simply relax after a tiring day.

You can experiment with different lights such as spotlight, illuminating the staircase with small bulbs, adding lanterns on your door or decorating an area with readily available fairy lights.

You can also make your outdoor space eco-friendly by using solar light-fueled displays.

These solar charging options will utilize the sunlight in the day to illuminate your garden at night without expending more energy resources.

So whether you have a flower garden or an edible garden, using lighting will enhance its look when the darker hours hit.

Let’s find out below how you can enhance your garden’s overall look with the proper lighting setup.

garden lighting in walls and path

Garden Lighting Wall and Path Ideas

One way to light up your garden space is by putting the lights on a wall.

You do not necessarily have the light up the garden and place lights in it.

Rather you can simply illuminate the entire space by installing lights on a standalone wall.

Or you could place them on the front door.

If you have a front garden, installing lights beside the front door will light up the entire garden too.

Using these can give a good first impression as people step into your house.

Wall lights along with recessed uplights for the steps help to give your entrance a chic look.

However, wall lights do not necessarily need to be near your front door.

They can be on a standalone wall in your outdoor space or on a fence.

So you can get a warm welcome from wall lights on your front door but you can also attain the same warmth while using them at the back of your house.

You can add them to your back door or on a fence to give a dramatic appeal to the garden.

The wall lights are not only for uplighting, they can also be good for downlighting.

It illuminates the architectural features around the wall such as the texture.

However, it can also help light way and throw light at the flowers and plants around.

Plants right below a wall can make use of these lights to illuminate the one beneath.

These downlights help to shed light right at the plants that are below them.

Other than that, you can specifically spotlight directed at the wall.

Plus, deck light can also uplight a wall surrounding the garden.

hanging light

Hanging Lights

If there is a sturdy structure in your garden then you can light up that area using statement pendants and other lights that will illuminate the area.

This can also work if you have a small patio or a dining area within your outdoor space.

The patio cover such as a gazebo or pergola can cover your seating from rain and excessive sunlight.

But it can also be a place whereby you can illuminate the night by hanging suspended pendulums.

The foliage along with the lights brings a textural and natural element to the patio and your space.

Pendant handing lights are not the only option you have rather, you can also use string lights or fairy lights to illuminate a dark space at night.

Wrap the fairy lights on a pergola and let the string lights hang from it to brighten up the garden at night.

The pendulums and lights can hang from a sturdy roof but if you do not have one, you can use your trees for that purpose too.

They can fit in tropical and boho schemes.

The design of knitted pendulums cast a unique shadow across your garden and you can dim the light to suit the mood.

You can simply hang them from a leafy branch of your trees without needing a pergola.

Similar to hanging pendulums you can also hang tea light holders.

This can be a good idea for a garden party.

Hanging a beautiful tealight holder from a pergola or a tree branch to add a beautiful whimsical touch as a centerpiece above a table in your garden.

Other than that, you can also hang LED taillights from a tree branch.

They can work as an alternative to candles and a safer option than that.


Garden Lighting Ideas

Adding Lights Beside Water

Light reflecting on the water will give your garden a completely different ambiance.

If you have a small area whereby water flows or stays such as a garden pond, add standalone lights right beside it.

The soft light reflection will add a whimsical touch to your space.

Other than that, you can also think of adding pond lights beneath the water.

They will glow up your pond adding a bewitching glow.

Moreover, they can illuminate aquatic plants.

Your garden pond can light up through other means such as water-lit features.

Usually, the ponds come with these features.

However, if you have a natural pond, you can use water safe lights to illuminate the pond.

LED decorative frogs and plants can bring a subtle brightness to the pond.

garden lighting trees

Lighting Trees

You can light up trees with pendulums and lanterns hanging from the branches.

However, if the branches of your trees are not strong enough to bear that, then you have other options to choose from.

This includes covering the trees with fairy lights.

Since trees are usually a focal point of your garden, illuminating them gives a bright glow to the entire garden.

Attaching string lights to a bare tree can bring life to it and also provide structure to the entire garden.

Another way to glow up trees is to use an uplight.

The subtle hue of the light covers a part of the trees and makes it apparent.

It gives a subtle and whimsical look that is understated rather than glowing up the garden.

This usually applies in potted trees and in flowerbeds.

This allows you to appreciate the different range of colors, flowers and plants present in your garden even if it is dark enough.

Using these ways you can glow up your space.

planning and setting lights

Planning Design

While planning how to set up lights in your garden, you may want to bring attention to your plants and sculptures.

These are usually the best bits while keeping attention away from sheds, or other things that lie in your garden that do not give it a picture-perfect look.

Dividing into Zones

Remember that light goes a long way.

So if you install it in one place, it will be illuminating a bigger chunk of the garden.

Begin by dividing your garden into zones.

Access paths, secluded areas, decorative features, statement plants and the major routes require lighting.

However, they will all require a different lighting setup and treatment.

Take a Torch To Find Out 

Take a torch and go to your garden in these spots to find out which area will look well lit.

There should not be plenty of light that there is no sense of dark during the night at all.

So you should keep some parts lit up while the rest embrace the darkness.

Shine it on different features like pots, plants and statues.

Give a Softer Glow

Fiber optic lights give a softer glow.

Hence, they are used in highlight steps or decking.

You can also use conventional fluorescent lamps or DIY fiber optic lights to give a warmer, softer ambiance.

If you prefer a dramatic look then projecting light through a spotlight can do the deal.

The plain wall can become the projector screen which reflects light at architectural plants adding class to your garden.

Fluorescent outdoor lights

Fluorescent lights are the common choice for lighting a garden.

There are 12 Volt reflector lamps in most lights that are environmentally friendly.

They are also ideal for floodlighting and security.

Through this garden lighting, you can illuminate your outdoor space to make a cozy ambiance.

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