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In recent years, several companies have gained a reputation by building customized, state-of-the-art greenhouses in Dubai. These companies have all the comprehensive skills to design and implement a green house Dubai from the conceptual stage. Subsequently, they can  implement and complete it all the way, from design to execution and maintenance. They are proficient in building them in plastic, polycarbonate, or glass as required.

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They are reputed in the construction and design of greenhouses fitted with pad and fan cooling systems, thermal screening, roof ventilation systems, and fogging systems, all of which work wonders in the local conditions unmatched in the GCC region. Due to this, there is a several-fold increase in yield, reduce water and fertilizer consumption, and make farming profitable even in the desert.

What is Green House Dubai ?

A greenhouse is a structure with a roof and walls made of transparent material, such as glass. In a greenhouse, plants grow in a regulated climatic conditions. These structures can range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A miniature greenhouse is called a cold frame. The greenhouse interiors exposed to sunlight become warmer than the external temperature. Consequently, it protects its contents in cold weather. It is more of an indoor garden.
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Many commercial glass hothouses and greenhouses are high-tech production facilities. They are used for producing vegetables, flowers, and fruits. They have various equipment installed, which includes screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting devices. A computer may control these devices to optimize conditions for plant growth. Diverse techniques check greenhouses’ optimal temperature and comfort ratios, such as air temperature, relative humidity, and vapor pressure deficit. This reduces production risk before cultivating a specific crop.

Green House Dubai Principle of Operation

When the incident solar radiation passes through the transparent roof and walls, they are absorbed by the floor, earth, and contents. Consequently, the temperature inside the greenhouse becomes warmer. Since the greenhouse is not open to the atmosphere, the warm air cannot escape via convection. Thus, there is a rise in the temperature inside the greenhouse. 
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Various studies point that the effect of infrared radiative cooling is not small. It can have economic implications in a heated greenhouse. On analysis of issues of near-infrared radiation in a greenhouse with screens of a high coefficient of reflection, it has been concluded that installation of such screens reduced heat demand by about 8%. Consequently, the application of dyes to transparent surfaces has been suggested. Composite less-reflective glass or cheaper anti-reflective coated simple glassless, although less effective, also produced savings

Green House Dubai Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the essential components in a successful greenhouse. In the absence of proper ventilation, greenhouses and their growing plants can likely face problems. The primary purposes of ventilation are to regulate the temperature and humidity to the optimal level, ensure air movement, and thus prevent the build-up of plant pathogens that prefer still air conditions. Ventilation also provides fresh air for photosynthesis and plant respiration and may enable important pollinators to access the greenhouse crop. The vents automatically control the ventilation via a computer and recirculation fans.

Green House Dubai Heating

Heating or electricity is regarded as one of the highest costs in the operation of greenhouses across the globe. The main problem with heating a greenhouse instead of a building with solid opaque brick walls is the amount of heat loss through the covering of the greenhouse. Since the greenhouse coverings need to allow light to filter into the structure, they cannot insulate very well. The traditional plastic greenhouse coverings having an R-value of around 2 leads to a significant amount of money to replace the heat loss.

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There are passive heating methods that generate heat using low energy input. You can also capture Solar energy from periods of relative abundance (daytime/summer) and release it to boost the temperature during cooler periods (night time/winter). You can use waste heat from livestock to heat greenhouses.  Some greenhouses also rely on geothermal heating.

Green House Dubai Cooling

When it gets too warm for the plants inside it, there is a need for external cooling. External cooling can be achieved opening windows in the greenhouse either manually or in an automated manner. The windows actuators can open windows due to temperature differences. They can also be or can be opened by electronic controllers. Electronic controllers can monitor the temperature. They can open windows or adjust the furnace operation. This can be as simple as a basic thermostat. It can be complicated in more significant greenhouse operations.

Green House Dubai Lighting

During the daytime, light enters the greenhouse through the windows. The plants use this light. You can also find some greenhouses  equipped with grow lights. As a result, this process helps increase the yield with certain crops. You can use primarily LED lights for the same. 

Green House Dubai Rollup Slides

Rollup sides are a nice alternative to traditional vents and fans. Like manual venting, a rollup side requires an operator to be present in the morning and in the evening when operation is most likely necessary. You can install Roll up sides  on nearly any type of greenhouse surface. However, the most commonly found on sides of a structure that have an arch or angle to them.

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Green House Dubai Solar Collection

Solar collection takes basically two forms: active and passive.

Passive Solar Collection 

Passive solar collection is by far the most common and certainly the most reliable. It simply involves having large amounts of thermal mass inside the greenhouse that slowly acquires energy from the sun during the day and releases it slowly after the sun goes down.

Active Solar Collection

Active solar collection also uses thermal mass, but it relies on fans and pumps to transport warmed water or air to and from some sort of solar collector. As an example, some greenhouses have an underground piping system that warms the soil below the surface by using a pumping system, storage tanks and solar water heaters. Such systems use the soil as thermal mass, so they make use of a huge thermal mass in the form of soil, and maximize solar gain by capturing and distributing it with an active solar collection system.

Green House Dubai Carbon Dioxide Enrichment

The benefits of Carbon dioxide in greenhouse cultivation have been well known since ages. After developing equipment for the controlled serial enrichment of carbon dioxide, the scientists have established the technique on a broad scale in the Netherlands.  Carbon dioxide enrichment can reduce greenhouse water usage by a significant fraction by mitigating the total airflow needed to supply adequate carbon for plant growth and reducing the quantity of water lost to evaporation. Commercial greenhouses are located near appropriate industrial facilities for mutual benefit.

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 The refinery reduces its carbon emissions, while the nursery enjoys boosted tomato yields and does not need heating in the greenhouse. Enrichment is adequate where carbon dioxide has become the limiting factor. In a controlled greenhouse Dubai, soils may be fertile by default, and irrigation may be trivial. Rising carbon dioxide levels in less-controlled gardens and open fields only increase primary production to the point of soil depletion. Lab experiments, free air carbon enrichment (FACE) test plots, and field measurements provide similar environment.

Types of Green House Dubai Cooling 

The cooling strategies are of utmost importance for plant growth and to extend crop production season.

  • The Fan and Pad evaporative cooling method are the most effective in dry conditions and affordable. This system uses a combination of wet pads and ventilators to bring down the heat considerably. The water in the pads evaporates inside the greenhouse, which increases humidity and lowers the temperature.
  • Chillers: In this cooling method, chilled water cooling systems offer more control and precision in cooling. There is circulation of chilled water through a loop piping system and the digital controls regulate the temperature. Today digital farming is slowly becoming popular.

Types of Green House Dubai

Greenhouse solutions include Shading Nets, Plastic, Poly-Carbonate, and Glass.

Net houses: Several companies have installed net houses in all sizes, shapes, and sophistication across the GCC region and beyond. Net homes vary from simple to fully automated drip and fogging systems, thermal screens, and automatic retractable roofs, depending on customer needs.

These naturally ventilated and climate-controlled structures, enclosed by agro-nets or other woven material, offer an ideal blend of nature and protection. Net houses create an appropriate microclimate. They offer a well-balanced living environment for plants.. This helps increase production by allowing for control of elements like temperature, humidity, and light intensity. Net houses help control diseases and keep pests away.

Nurseries:  It is vital for any firm worth its name to have a well-maintained greenhouse for seed germination and growing saplings for transplanting. Nurseries supply saplings for agriculture, gardens, and other needs. These are a basic necessity for horticulture anywhere. You can control the environment  in an artificial manner with the help of evaporative cooling systems like fans and pads.


The UAE and other GCC countries are renowned for their harsh desert-like conditions. Consequently, setting up good nurseries, and their upkeep is a priority for growers. Several companies have successfully helped them do just that. They have given minute attention to every detail over the past many years.  At the same time, boom irrigation and micro-sprinklers deliver uniform droplets of water ideal for germination. Essentially, greenhouses take up only a small portion of the farmland. They can be simple or sophisticated depending on clients’ needs.

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