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Know all about green roofing

Have you ever come across a house or a structure whose top looks incredibly green.

Did you ever wonder what that was?

Surely you can’t expect it to be a discarded and neglected rooftop which has algae growing on it.


It has much more happening on it.

This is green roofing and I will be shedding light in detail on its impacts, need, benefits and issues relating to it.

ample ways to utilize green roofs

A green roof is one of the major eco-solution factors you can consider. It is an innovative method in which the roof of a building which is covered in vegetable or any a growing medium is done so in wide open spaces.

However it is to be arranged in a way so that you can also ensure that there is a roof barrier as well as a drainage and irrigation system in check.

Otherwise the affect of this green roof will not be impactful.

Let’s get into the details of how this sustainable methodology works and how can you attain great advantages from it.

Let’s start:

What is Green Roofing?

a sustainable solution in the long run

As the name suggests, this is a a way in which your existing roof is made into a sustainable and ec0-solution.

You create an environment in which you can easily grow flora. The kind of plants you have to install on the roof can be either one of two- either modular or those with drainage layers.

However when it comes to a green roof, you need to focus on a few additional elements to ensure your roof is going to be positively effective and the structure will remain sturdy and strong

Types of Green Roofs

two types of green roofing

When we talk about green roofs, they will fall into one of two categories.

Two major types are:

  • Intensive
  • Extensive

The way they both differ is the amount of vegetation to use.

Did you know that a properly maintained extensive green roof can manage to actually hold more than 25 pounds of vegetation per square foot.

And those with intensive roofing systems, you can hold up to 150 pounds per square foot.

Also another way to see how they are different is by how much effort and maintenance is needed to keep these gardens in optimal condition.

As we can see from the name itself the intensive demands more of your labor for its maintenance, as you have to do heavy work to ensure all the plants are well-looked after.  It is really like taking care of a real garden and you need to focus on doing more to ensure it keeps on blooming and thriving without any issues.

However it is a preferred choice for it allows you to actually choose from a range of flowers to represent.

And when it comes to maintaining an extensive green roof, it relates to having a huge green space which has plants being grown massively and are actually overgrown, but this is intentional. One of the leading difference is that in an extensive garden, you can not just easily walk around to enjoy the flora. This is because it grows extensively without proper control.

Now I want to talk about what are the major benefits of green roofing:

Benefits of Green Roofing

endless ways to gain from making a green roof

There can be endless benefits to green roofing.  It can be something that you are doing for your personal self or you can actually do so for the whole community. Now let’s talk about the various advantages on why this kind of green structures is important in your spaces.

  • You will notice how if you have a green roof, it actually leads to the better management of any storm water that can gather together
  • It is also very good in keeping the pressure off from local sewer systems
  • When you have a good and well maintained green roof, you will notice that the heat pressure becomes less on green roofs as it gives an insulation effect overall
  • If you have heavy smog in your region, these plants grown on elevated heights are really good in not distributing it
  • It is also effective in catching the pollutants you will find in the air
  • They are also one of the best options to consider for a recreational space
  • The whole community enjoys its ambience and soothing qualities
  • There is also minimal pest management needed for roof gardens and green roofs
  • Considering how much effort and labor work is done on this, when you start a mega green roof projects in the community, chances are you are actually creating jobs and bringing in revenue for the local work structure.
  • The green roofs are also effective in creating a barrier between the noise that comes into your home.
  • When you have green roofs, it is effective in actually reducing the energy your house will need for heating. This leads to money saving for you as whole.
  • Be sure to utilize fire retardation for your houses as it helps to keep the house in protection.
  • Green roofs are a good way of utilizing wastes as the space will make use of waste products that otherwise would be going into the landfills.
  • Another major benefit is that when you have a green roof in your setting, you are actually increase your house’s value as it leads to the enhancement of efficiency of the appliances in your home.
  • Having green roofs allows for the flora to focus on rainfall consumption, impacting water scarcity in a good way
  • The aesthetic pleasing element of this setup adds to your well-being and allows you to live a more fulfilled and content lifestyle.

So now that we have had a good understanding on what are green roofs and the kinds we have. As well as our focus on green roofs and how they benefit us individually as well as in a community format.

I want to talk about how there are also certain negative aspects to this kind of green-structure making as well.

The Disadvantages of Green Roofing

heavy costs to maintain a green roof

Now it will confuse you as to why are we talking about the negative aspects of a system which gives only benefits to your surroundings.

Well the disadvantages only come in the framework of how hard it becomes to keep the system under maintenance. Some of the leading issues you will likely face:

  • Firstly green roofs are actually expensive. It takes considerable amount of labor to keep it in mint condition. You will have to invest a lot of time.  So to keep it in mint condition.  This means, you have to see you are attending to the tasks properly.
  • It is costly and it is one of those projects which any kind of insurance does not cover.
  • Sometimes you will notice that there is pressure of sagging on the roof and this can lead to even liability issues.
  • Sometimes the kinds of plants you grow on the rooftop can actually affect the building in a negative way. This adds to the costly repairs you need to invest in.

I want to also hit upon three major points which you should ensure are kept in mind so that your green roof is sustainable and long-lasting. Let’s see what those are:

Quality Standards for Green Roofing

When it comes to a quality green roofing, the first thing you need to ensure is that there is proper and manageable wind uplift in the process.

If you are suffering from too much air pressure, this means that there will be damage to not just the roof but the house as well.

There are certain wind design standard for roofing systems which help you to ensure your roof is in optimal condition for this setup.

Also, as I mentioned earlier having fire retardation helps to keep the roof in mint condition for sustainability. You can make use of a fire design standard which ensures that mandatory maintenance system is kept in focus.\

The structure has to be in great condition. This means that you have to see that it does not actually tear into the roof’s material. For this, you can adapt certain procedures which investigate the resistance and prevention to ensure safety guidelines are followed.

When you have these few elements in order, you can be assured that your green roof is in good state and it will result in ample benefits for you on an individual as well as community level allowing you to play a role in organic landscaping.

So To Sum Up

learn how a green roof gives you so much

So that was our coverage on what are green roofs. In its most simplest definition, it is basically a way in which you focus on growing vegetation.

It is an innovative mechanism which uses elevated spaces for your flora creation. Green roofing has endless benefits however how you manage it properly depends on how well you maintain it.

Some of the key elements you need to have in order for green roofs are:

  • a good waterproofing layer
  • a roof barrier
  • a strong drainage system which ensures the growth is being done in the optimal condition.

There are two major kinds of green roofing.

And you need to learn how both differ and how to master the skills in attaining great results.


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