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growing avocado from pit

This is one of the best kinds of fruits which people are taking on as a breakfast choice. Avocados are known to be really nutritious and succulent. They have a very delicious taste and it is no wonder people often Google growing avocado from pit.

And this is usually relating to how hard can it be to actually locate it at stores. Also if you do manage to find it, in most cases, it is not soft and supple as you wish for it to be.

While many consider it to be a fruit, others take it as a vegetable.

But whichever the case, the fact is, avocados are popular. And gaining the hype all over. Which is why it makes sense to know how does even get to the idea of growing one in their own backyard.

In this article we will be looking into ways to grow it, as well as we will be talking about the many benefits that come with adding this fruit into our diet.

So let’s start:

The Health Benefits of Avocados

many health benefits of avocado

Avocados are amazing and super healthy. They help and combat a range of issues including that of improving your digestion, as well as decreasing the impact of depression.

Also in some cases, they can combat and give a boost to treating serious ailments including that of cancer.

The thing is avocados come with so many benefits that makes them a people’s favorite.

Among them being that they consist of monosaturated fatty acids, as well as having a range of vitamins and minerals.

All of these together make someone gain endless benefits to consuming what we can only consider as being a wonder fruit.

Being so rich in nutrients you will be amazed how it is not so commonly eaten around the world.

It is dark and bright green in color and comes with a very large pit. And it has a leathery skin. A good avocado is one which has a soft pulp.

Making it easy for you to swoop out the avocado goodness with a spoon.

So before moving on and talking more over the benefits, let me just get into the practical side of it and share how you can get the dream.

Well, what I mean is how you can get a dreamy avocado tree planted in your backyard as there nothing better than enjoying organic produce when you are growing avocado from pit.

Growing Avocado from Pit

As someone who does plenty of fruit buying at the grocery store, it will come forth as a major win if you actually make use of your efforts and time in harvesting your own fresh fruit.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult when you know what you are doing.

But the key is having patience. As only that will be yielding great results for you.

Dubai and many places in the Middle Easy which are subjected to dry weathers make it better option for you to grow it indoors.

It all comes down to understanding and growing that big brown seed, so as to yield great results for you.

So when you are enjoying an avocado, make sure you are keeping that seed safe. So this means you should be looking into washing it off. Also make sure you know which side is up and which is the bottom.

What’s the next step?

You will have to be poking the center of it with a toothpick. This means tucking through 1/4 inch into the seed.

And in the same manner, you will be poking a few more holes into it. This is done so there is a proper and even distribution through the whole seed.

Seeding It!

what is the seeding process?

The next step that comes is you will then be placing the circle of toothpick over a water filled jar.

And this is where the flat end of the see is going to be left over the water at 1inch. It is important that you follow these precisions to ensure that the seed is getting planted in an effective manner.

After which you will be then leaving the top of it open in the air.

This allows for the air to touch upon the upper surface area. And balance it well by making use of strong toothpicks to hold onto that seed in its proper place.

Root Growth

Next is taking a complete look at how the roots formation will be happening. For this, you have to place the glass in a place which is warm.

But this does not mean placing it directly into sunlight.

There should be a control measurement over that. You will then be adding some water to this jar. This is done so that you are going to steer clear of any bacteria which can grow in that storage box. It is essential to keep an eye out on water stress.

After which for 4 to 5 days, you will be having to change this water. It is very essential tip to ensure that there is not much of bacteria growing within that jar.

This is the first sign that you are moving towards a proper growing mechanism.

The roots will start to emerge from the bottom then.

When you are carrying all the steps in the right manner, you will be noticing healthy roots emerging within eight weeks or so.

However you can wait it out a bit for another week or two. If there is nothing happening even after that, then that means the process was not successful.

And you would have to start off again with a new seed.

This will have to be done in the same manner. As I said earlier, it is a process which will require you to have plenty of patience.

Only then will you be seeing plenty of results.

What’s after that?

Well, read on to know more:

Cutting the Steam

Now you need to make sure you are cutting the steams in a rightful manner. This means they will definitely be reaching about 7 inches tall.

And when they do, it is time for you to cut them in a stable and effective method. This should be done so with keeping them at 3 inches tall.

It is really a counterproductive method.

How it works is that you will be able to manifest and grow sustainable agriculture through the means of putting ample of energy into its new growth mechanism.

You have to realize and adapt ways which ensure that the seeding is done with complete clarity and proper management.

Otherwise the results won’t be as effective and long-term.

Planting it Well

planting mechanism is important

Now comes the part of planting this seed in soil.

When you are planting the seed, make sure that this seedling is well off with major thick roots and you are making use of a very wide pot.  Using succulent soil also helps.

The pot should be having some drainage holes in it.

Make sure you are not adding gravel into it as they will be unnecessarily taking in all the moisture from it.

Also you have to make sure that you are leading the top half of this seed above the soil line.

This allows for you to water the soil properly. Make sure you are watering it till the extra water is able to flow from the bottom of the pot.

Did you know that the water which should be given whenever the soil starts to feel dry. W

While there are different types of soil, ensure you are using a kind which is going to give good results.

Next is how and where you will be placing this pot.

Pot Placement and Care

Now that you have taken and done all the important steps. You have to make sure the pot is in a place which is sunny and it is easy to move it around.

The temperature where it should be growing is about 45F or even warmer.

Also it is important that you frequently water this plant and keep it in a dry place.

Keeping young, potted trees is not as hard. Make sure the pot is getting partial shade as well.

It is also very important to mention that the tree pruning is essential as this avocado growing from pit is carried out in a timely manner.

It all comes down to your own commitment and your vision on how you wish to grow organic avocado right in your own home.


the goodness of avocadoes

Avocado growing  from pit is not a far-fetched dream.

In fact many people can adapt certain tactics and ways to ensure it is being done in a proper manner.

It will be yielding a great many results when done right.

In this article I shared some of the leading and most effective ways in which you can grow avocados.

They are considered as one of the best and most healthy fruits for you to eat.

But why don’t people grow them at home?

This article served as a news flash and allowed for you to learn and master the art of growing your own vegetables and fruits.

A Zen garden is not too hard. Learn ways of gardening and effective produce in making.

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