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It is important to know of and adapt certain skills which allow you to make use of harvesting tips that will always give really good results.

While it usually begins in August, what is important to know is that you will be needing to sow certain vegetables and fruits early on.

Otherwise you will be getting an overflowing of beds.

That is why you will wonder as to what is the right time to start harvesting?

For one thing- knowing how vegetables should look when they are fully grown is essential.

It allows you to make use of and understand the whole development process.

In some cases you may be able to see the harvesting techniques come into full fervor when you are planting the vegetables the right way.

This can be definitely confusing but it does allow you to get the most from your planting techniques.

Let’s look into what are the leading harvesting tips which can give some major results:

Harvesting Tips That Work

leading harvesting tips to know

I will now be sharing some of the leading harvesting tips for your vegetables.

When you look at an eggplant, a person may get confused as to how big should it be.

You have to hold the eggplant and feel it.

In case you notice that it is still a little harder, then don’t pluck it out.

Leave it for a while longer.

You will harvest the plant till it comes in a sponge-like texture.

Another tip to follow is that you can leave a little salt on the eggplant slices before you will be frying them.

The major impact this brings is that it will be removing any bitterness you will be feeling.

Same goes for fava beans. You need to know when the harvest season begins.

What you will be doing is that you squeeze the pod and harvest it.

In this way, you will be feeling the beans inside in a proper manner. If you notice that the pod is feeling spongy, it should be left a little longer.

Broccoli Harvesting Tips

Broccoli is one of the most favorite vegetables you can harvest.

How will you be making sure it is being harvested in the right way?

For one thing, you will be cutting the main stalk off.

Make sure you do this when the stalk is still green.

In case you don’t do it the right time, it will be bolting.

The key is not too wait for too long.

Having done so leads to the broccoli producing side shoots.

Did you know that you can also conveniently be harvesting the side shoots also.

Again for the same, you will have to do so before it begins to bolt.

For wax beans, the pods should not be very thin.

Otherwise it becomes a little knobbly and you will notice it starts to swell the beans from inside.

The Impact on Fennel Bulb

harvesting fennel bulbs

So when it comes to your fennel bulbs, the key is to harvest them only when it is green.

Now here too you need to have a keen eye and understanding.

In case you notice the plant is looking tall but the bulb is not quite developed, then you will notice it will be bolting soon.

However when it comes to a growing fennel, it can actually be quite tricky.

You have to make sure that you are going to harvest it properly.

Eat the fennel when even the bulb is not fully developed.

The thing is everything which you see above the ground is eligible for consumption. This is essential for organic gardening tactics.

Same goes for when you are planning to harvest yellow onion.

This you will make use of when the yellow onions are fully grown.

But the thing to know here is that they may be large or small.

There is not a fixed size for yellow onions.

What you need to make sure of is that you are not leaving the onion tops. In case you start to harvest early, you will have to make sure that the full-grown onions are taken care of.

They will be needed to hang to the ground.

What About Cucumbers?

Now let’s look into what are the harvesting tips you can adapt for cucumbers.

Here’s a little secret you probably didn’t know of.

Did you know that cucumbers will be tasting their best when you plan to harvest them sooner.

The key is to read the seed packets.

This allows you to have a better understanding on when the cucumbers bring on the full flavors.

In most cases, they will start to lose flavor and harden in case they become full ripe.

When that happens, the cucumbers don’t really taste well.

You will have to make sure to harvest them at the right time. The taste is essential.

Aside from that, cabbage heads are also essential to harvest at the right time.

For this, again you need to make sure of when the cabbage head should be removed.

In most cases, it is best if you can leave it on the bed for a while.

However there are a range of cabbages.

You have to see and analyze which one us fully grown and at what time.

In most cases during the hot and dry climate outside, you will notice that the cabbages become wilted.

Even the tip of the plant will start to break.

This is essential for you to make sure the cabbages are being handled well.

Chard and Carrot

harvesting carrots

It is important to know and point out when to harvest chards.

This is done so leaf by leaf.

You will basically be cutting and pinching the leaves off the plant.

Make sure you start off with the outer leaves.

After which depending on the size of chard, you will see how the harvesting will continue.

Did you know that the smaller leaves are actually much nicer and tender.

These are great in keeping your whole setting in the right manner.

And when it comes to carrots, you can adapt harvesting them at various stages.

One thing’s for sure- the summer carrots are actually really great in taste.

But you need to harvest them when they are small.

Whereas the winter carrots are going to grow far larger. For these you have to let them grow larger.

And the harvesting technique to adapt here is to carefully pull the root.

This is to be done in a way that it isn’t impacting the soil at any point.


When it comes to growing your favorite vegetables, there are certain harvesting tips you should be knowing of.

They will allow you to make the most of your consumption.

In this article, I have shared some leading ways in which you can essentially adapt your harvesting techniques.

Only when you are able to make use of these simple harvesting tips, will you see results which are long-lasting.

So the best way for you to analyze and make use of your harvesting tips is to see how you can get a vegetable which not only tastes good but is also really flavorsome.

Some of the most common and well-known vegetables we have looked into in this article.

It will allow you to adapt the basic gardening skills which will make your vegetable consumption all the more fulfilling.

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