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We all know that money plants are symbols of prosperity that make great gifts for family and friends for any occasion. Depending on the variety you choose, they make low-maintenance houseplants. Additionally, they add a splash of green or variegated hues to your interiors or home.

But do you know that money plants’ health benefits are endless? The plants help increase oxygen flow and also filter the air. It is also said to reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep disorders. 

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If you are interested in introducing a money plant into your home, read below to learn how to cultivate new indoor plants. 

What Is a Money Plant?

The colloquial name “money plant” describes several species of popular houseplants that bring prosperity and good fortune into the home, according to feng shui principles. Money plants vary in their leaf shapes, trunks, and sizes. Some money plants have thick, waxy green leaves, while others have round foliage resembling coins. Money plants can grow as annuals, biennials, or perennials, depending on the specific variety.

Growing Money Plants – An Overview

Pothos, commonly known as the money plant, are the most loved and adorned indoor plants. Compared to other indoor plants, money plants have longevity and can easily thrive in almost any condition. 

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This bright green-colored, shiny leaves and its growth pattern make it a beautiful, ornamental plant or decorative plant. It is a creeper and is a proper fit for hanging indoor plants. The plant can decorate any space like your balconies, windows, walls etc. To help you grow a fuller and a bushier money plant, you should know some tips. 

1. Resources

Healthy growth is all about the right resources, such as water and nutrients. Providing the plant with fertilizers like seaweed solution and compost will replenish the soil with nutrients that might leech away over time. If your cutting is kept in water, do not add fertilizer to the water. As the fertilizer in the water will attract fungal growth, change the tap water regularly in about 7-10 days. 

2. Sunlight

As you might be aware, light fuels every plant’s food-making process. This process is called photosynthesis process. Even though they can be grown in low light, good exposure to bright sunlight will initiate speedy growth and brighter-looking leaves.

3. Water

A very common issue you might have observed with money plants is the browning of their tips. This condition often indicates infrequent watering. To keep a check as to when to water, do the sticky test. 

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If the soil in the pot sticks to your fingers, the soil is moist, and there is no need to water it. Let the soil dry. When the soil feels powdery, it is the right time to water. Make sure you water the pot thoroughly until it drains out from the bottom drainage holes.

4. Pruning

Do you know that pruning has been part of gardening care for a long time? Pruning helps stimulate healthier growth and, at times, may help remove dead leaves and branches. Clipping the ends of your money plant will help initiate side growth and make the plant look bushier and heavier.

If your plant is slow or thin, try to focus on all these points as it will make your plant happier and healthier.

How to Care for a Money Plant

Many money plant species are indeed low-maintenance. But there are some plant care tips to keep your plant healthy. These tips will ensure that your lucky plants have long and prosperous lives. Remember that specific care requirements would vary depending on the variety of money plants you choose. 

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Here are a few tips to keep your money plants thriving:

1. Add humidity 

Most money plants are high-humidity specimens meaning they need a moist env. Misting the plant is a great way to add humidity to your plant, and it leaves the plant clean. Keeping the plant in a room with a humidifier can accomplish this.

2 Fertilize the soil

Start your money tree in a potting mix having fertilizer and peat moss. You can also add liquid fertilizer once a month, especially during the growing season. But hold off on fertilizing during the winter months.

3 Monitor for pests

If your money plants sit in wet soil, they can attract fungus gnats. If your soil is too dry, it might harbor spider mites. Other common pets may also harm the plant. You can consider treating your plants with neem oil as the oil is a natural bug repellent. 

4 Prune to promote growth

You should prune unwanted branches early in the growing season. Make each of the cuts right above a leaf node.

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If you prune your plant, it will help it devote energy to the new growth. The plant needs consistent indirect sunlight to generate the energy in order to sprout fresh leaves and branches. 

5 Repot your plant

Some species of money plants are fast growers that often outgrow their containers. As a general rule, you should choose a pot diameter as wide as the plant’s foliage. 

How to Grow a Money Plant

Money plants grow easily from the propagation of stem cuttings that is obtained from a healthy mother plant. Follow these steps to learn how to propagate a money plant.

1 Obtain the cutting

First, find a healthy green stem sticking out from the main trunk of a mature money plant. Take a pair of gardening shears and snip away a six-inch-long stem.

2. Root the cutting

Place your fresh cutting in a glass of water and leave it in a sunny spot. Wait till the roots form at the cut end of the stem.

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Try changing the water every week as you wait for roots to grow, which may take about four weeks. Pot your plant once you see the roots of the cutting are about two inches long. 

3 Prepare the potting medium

Money trees thrive where there is plenty of moisture and humidity. But their roots should not sit in water because it can lead to roots getting rotten. Therefore, prepare a pot with drainage holes and fill it with well-draining potting soil.  

4 Plant in the potting mix

Finally, dig a small hole into your potting mix. Lay the growing roots of your cutting flat at the bottom of the hole, and fill it with soil. Make sure you leave the tiny new leaves above the soil level.

5 Water and trim

Water the cutting thoroughly. Snip away the old stem so that only the tiny green leaves remain. Finally, place the container in a shady location.

Benefits of Money Plant

When it comes to your home, you make it beautiful and revive the max positive energy in every corner of the house. Each of us loves greenery and tries to furnish the open spaces with fresh plants.  

If kept anywhere in the house, money plants will fill the house with wealth and prosperity. A money plant is perhaps one of the most common household plants. There are different varieties commonly known as golden pothos, devils vine, devils ivy, etc. It is the only plant in its species that does not have flowers.  

Here is a list of the top benefits of keeping money plants at home:

1. Purifies Air

Money plants are ideal for removing airborne pollutants from your indoor air like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and carbon monoxide. Therefore, the plant works as a natural air purifier that can help improve your health.

2. Acts as an Anti Radiator

You would be glad to know that money plants are succulent. The plant often acts as an anti-radiator inside your homes and office spaces emitted by laptops, computers, and mobile phones. The plant can help reduce stress at work and protect your eyes when you have to glare at your computer screens during work constantly.

3. Medicinal Benefits

Many money plants have medicinal uses that are still not known to people. Experts recommend keeping one plant near the WiFi router as it can help family members stay healthy. 

One of the most significant benefits of the plant is that it can keep your mind calm and release all your stress. As a result, it can bring a healthy lifestyle. So, place a money plant in your bedroom or a living room to avoid any mental illness.

4. Brings Prosperity and Good Wealth

These plants are known to bring wealth and abundance to the house. These plants are considered symbols of good luck. Keeping these plants at home can help you attain great heights in both personal and professional life. 

5. Holistic Health Benefits

You may know the money plant for the positive influence on its surroundings. The plant brings freshness to the house and purifies the air. Therefore the plant can help family members strengthen their health.

For several reasons, money plants make such a great home décor piece. These plants are very cheap and a very convenient home decor piece. The yellow and green combination of leaves looks excellent. The freshness of these supple leaves will surely give you the feeling of being very close to mother nature. 

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