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understanding nutrient cycling

When it comes to understanding how nutrients impact how we grow things and create a sustainable environment , you need to know some of the ways in which the nutrient cycling works. It is basically relating to a system in which the energy and matter is going to transfer from the living things to the non-living things of the environment.

This happens mostly in areas when the plants and animals will be consuming different kinds of nutrients which you can easily find in soils.

That is yet another thing to understand and adapt.

These nutrients suggest that you will be definitely be getting the most out of your planting mechanism.

It ensures you are adapting a stronghold in getting something done.

The nutrients are in a way getting released back into the environment and this happens in one of two ways- either through death or decomposition.

But this can also be done through other ways which we will be highlighting in this article.

So let’s begin:

What are Nutrients?

how it happens?

In simple words, nutrients are chemicals which you will need to ensure that there is proper functioning of the organisms.

This is a needed boost to ensuring the plants are working in a stable manner.

When talking about nutrients, there are essentially two kinds- inorganic chemicals which need a boost of photosynthesis as well as metabolism. And then there is the organic chemicals which actually take on compounds which are going to get ingested as food. And this is done through adapting the heterotrophic organisms.

As you would already know that plants are going to absorb a huge range of inorganic nutrients which are taken in as single compounds.

This means they will be taking in different chemical equations that depict and give on great results in the long run.

It is actually not as tough as the ions will be taking in the different layers of soil. They are taken in such ways so that you  will see how the plants are going to utilize all the nutrients.

The plants will also be taking these in so as to make sure that the metabolic processes which will leads to manufacturing of the biochemicals is going to be making a major move.

So now that you know what are nutrients, we will now talk about what is nutrient cycle and how it adds up in the whole equation.

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What is Nutrient Cycling?

A nutrient cycle is such that it will be taking on the cyclic pathway which leads to the proper distribution of nutrients.

This major method leads to more than one way of determining the order. A pathway will be consisting of cells, organisms as well as complete ecosystem which ensures it is being done so in a proper manner.

So how does the magic happen?

Well, this is how it goes:

In this process, you will see that the nutrients will be getting a major boost as they will be absorbed as well as transferred in a range of ways. You will also notice that there is a major natural recycling element that comes into practice.

As you should be knowing, the nutrients which are getting consumed by plants and animals will essentially be returning back to the environment during the process of decomposition.

And this in itself will lead for the cycle to continue to move forth.

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How It Differs from Energy Flow?

While we have been talking plenty on how does a nutrient cycling actually works when it comes to nutrients and other natural elements getting back to nature, it is not similar to energy flow.

And this is how…

The energy flow is such that it will be transferring the energy from one level to another as on the food chain and food web.

You will also notice that there is unidirectional and major energy goals which suggest that this energy if tropical and can move forth in a large number of ways.

It is also important to highlight how sunlight remains as one of the leading energy sources that suggest that this will be leading to a major element of recycle. As you know that nutrients are already present in the earth and this is how they will be recycling and will be transforming into different elements.

Now we will look at some of the leading nutrient cycle examples.

Examples of Nutrient Cycling

understand the different cycles

When we talk about nutrient cycling, there are two things you should be understanding- biotic as well as abiotic components.

So what are the abiotic components?

These will be including air, water as well as soil.

When we talk about recycling of carbon, hydrogen as well as nitrogen and oxygen, it basically means these materials which you can find naturally in water, air and soil.

They will be giving a major boost to sustainable agriculture.

Now, let’s look into the 4 main nutrient cycles. These include:

Carbon Cycle 

This is basically one in which the main element is carbon. And it is of utmost importance because it relates to all the living things as it is in our cells. So we can say all organic matter as well as biomolecules are consisting of it.

It is actually available and made use of as in carbon dioxide as well as methane which we can take in from the atmosphere.

The atmospheric carbon dioxide gives major results and a boost that ensures photosynthesis.

Organs will be needing a major boost which ensures that the dead and decaying organisms will be providing the complete overlook.

The organic carbon from dead and the decaying organisms suggests the material is properly getting released. This is into the atmosphere after decomposition.

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Nitrogen Cycle

Now  let’s look into and talk about ways in which nitrogen is a leading component of life. Nitrogen actually is something which you have to use directly for living organisms.

It actually converts into various forms.

Did you know that nitrogen fixation is such that it will be taking in good amounts of ammonia and nitrifying bacteria which in itself converts the ammonia to nitrate.

Plants will be utilizing this then.

Also the agricultural impact on nitrogen cycle must be highlighted. This determines ways in which you can ensure that there is a complete overview on how to see results in the long run.

Decomposers are such which will be breaking down the proteins and the amino acids from the decaying organic matters.

This in itself will be converting to ammonia and nitrates to nitrogen which gives amazing results in no time. So nitrogen will be releasing into the atmosphere in no time.

Oxygen Cycle

Now let’s touch upon what is oxygen cycle and why it matters?

This basically relates to when you define the importance of oxygen. It is the major and essential element to life.

Did you know that aquatic organisms are actually dependent on how oxygen will be dissolving in water.

It is actually one of the leading materials you need when it comes to the decomposition of biodegradable waste products.

Atmospheric oxygen is such that it will be leading to major elements of understanding- it aims for the proper respiration as well as the release of carbon dioxide which plants will be needing for photosynthesis.

So these were some of the major and important cycles that you should be knowing. Now we will be talking about how nutrient cycling matters.

The Importance of Nutrient Cycling

why its important

As you know that all living organisms are consisting of some major elements and organic compounds like nitrogen, sulfur, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

These are what we call a necessity of life.

So it becomes important that we look into ways in which we can recycle them and get the nutrients.

Hence these are some of the leading reasons as to why  nutrient cycling matters:

Its main role is the transfer of the nutrients from one place to another in various forms.

Also it becomes readily easy to make use of them in different forms in different organisms.

The utilization process matters as it yields major results and is ensuring that everything is taken in the best possible manner.

These nutrients also aim for keeping the ecosystem working in a proper and stable manner.  This will be ensuring the nutrients are being well-utilized.

Through the process of nutrient cycling. You will notice that the living organisms will be able to interact with the abiotic components. As well as their surroundings.


This article is giving you a complete picture on what is nutrient cycling. It is aiming to ensure that you have a complete understanding on how it works.

We have some solid, natural resources and material in this world. And it is important to know how we are utilizing them.

The nutrient cycle which actually expands and consists of many cycles. It shines the light on how it matters. And why we should be careful in ways in which we are using these natural resources.

Otherwise we may be suffering from more loss than we can actually manage.


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