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what is organic potting soil

When you think of gardening, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? The soil, of course. You want to invest your time in getting the best of soil for the job.

Fertile soil is what matters the most. It ensures that your garden is going to be in the best state.

Also when looking into how your gardening skills, you should make sure you have a good handle on how to ensure that the gardening is done in the best, possible way.

When your vegetable garden is not yielding results as you wish for, then it is time for you to look into your skills of creating the best kind of soil management.

Soil has to be high-quality and this is only possible when you make use of organic potting soil.

So now you might be wondering as to what do we mean by organic potting soil. Don’t worry on that.

This article will be providing you a complete overview on understanding this kind of soil and why it is essential to quality gardening.

Let’s start:

What is Potting Soil?

ensuring organic potting soil is effective

While many would first consider this to be just dirt. But this is not the case.

It has so much more going on with it. Now, we will be looking into how this ensure your plantation is of good quality.

When looking into potting, it is usually known as potting mix or even planting mix. In this kind, we are basically making use of hand-picked materials. And with that, we will be creating an environment which will be ensuring your plants develop strongly.

This is one of the major reasons why you should be considering potting soil as compared to just making use of garden soil. As the results may vary is best that you create an optimal environment which  ensures your plants will be developing in a proper manner.

It is one of the major reasons as to why potting soil is something which should be taken seriously. Where simple garden soil is able to ensure that you will be getting a good garden, it is also essential to understand that potting soil actually gives even more benefits.

How so?

Let’s now look into why you should be opting for potting soil.

Why Potting Soil is Better?

When it comes to realizing the best kind of potting soils, you should be understanding that it consists of mainly three substances. These will be ensuring that it is done in the rightful manner:

Composted Tree Bark

This is basically the kind of organic matter which will be giving your plant a strong structure. It is essentially one of the key elements which will be making your soil and plant very productive. Aside from providing complete fertility, it also helps in improving drainage. It will also be very effective in handling the nutrient absorption.

Sphagnum Moss

It is relating to the moss which is actually highly absorbent and it is not easily compressed. The plants are able to actually absorb and breathe in. The drainage is also done effectively.

Did you know that peat moss is something which will allow you to harvest the sustainability which comes in high amounts of  quality control.

This is essentially important that you will be able to harvest what is there in high-demand.


This actually pertains to those naturally-occurring minerals which will be expanding when they are exposed to very high levels of heat. It is important to understand that when you do so, they will be improving the breathability as well as allowing the water drainage to take place effectively.

There are also going to be less expensive formulas which will be used as a good and cheaper replacement for the natural substances.

Adapting the Organic Soil

how to adapt organic soil in plantation

Wen we are looking into ways how non-organic potting soil actually works, it is important to understand that the potential styrofoam bead which allows for you to ensure that the seeds are being utilized to ensure that the soil is being utilized in a proper manner and yielding results.

The most important aspect of utilizing this platform is to ensure that you will be going completely organic. And that means, you will be able to ensure that there are no pesticides and any other substances which are leading towards an unhealthy soil mix.

So now that you understand the effects of organic potting mix, here’s looking into the unique and organic substances which are able to create a major mix of organic soil.

What’s Inside a Good Potting Mix

When looking into how your organic substances will be yielding major results. A good, organic potting mix should be consisting of:

Bat guano

This is basically what we would call bat poop. It may sound icky but it is actually very high in nitrogen levels. It also works great as an organic fertilizer. This will ensure that there is a very rapid increase in the growth of greenery.


Now this is highly interesting element. It is basically an organic material which actually forms when animals and plants begin to decay. The mix is consisting of 60% of carbon and this is a highly important element when it comes to your healthy soil.


One of the most standard and super useful elements. Mulch is basically the mix of various, organic residues. It is coming from a range of things and can include discarded banana peels to even shredded newspapers.

Why it’s super great is because you can make use of it to actually support the drainage. It also suppresses weeds and is most helpful when it comes to keeping the soil damp and moist during the very hot summers.


This is what we would call as dried ocean seaweed. It is very high in potassium. And why it works is because it will be keeping your plants very resilient. And also protected from pests and even diseases.

Coconut Coir and Beneficial Bacteria 

Other than that, you would be interested to know that coconut coir is actually used when it comes to making a substitute for peat moss. It actually has a range of nutrients in it. And this makes it last longer and it has higher sustainability.

Also there are several kinds of bacteria out there which will be actually hitting onto your roots and providing the plants the kind of capacity needed to actually absorb high levels of nutrients and water.

Give Plants Space for Breathing

ensuring the soil is effectively utilized

In this world, it is essential to understand how the soil makes all the difference. You have to keep in mind that when you are making decisions of planting in your garden, you need to look into the kind of potting mix you are using.

Remember the lighter the mix, the better it is as it allows for plants to breathe well. This means you are ensuring the structure is proper and well looked after.

Just as we need oxygen to breath and thrive, similarly the plants also need space to be able to grow and prosper.

Another important aspect to consider is that plants will be needing a proper structure. The kind which allows them to stand upright. Only when they are firmly rooted will they be able to survive windy and harsh weather climates.

This is essential as is proper aeration. It allows for container plants to be able to take in a good amount of air as well as oxygen, ensuring plants are able to develop and grow strong in different temperatures and climates.

Hydration and Nutrition of Plants

When it comes to taking on a good organic potting soil, it is essential you keep in mind the dynamics of what we call a well-balanced water retention system.

This means it is important that the soil holds onto water properly in your organic gardening efforts.

For this to happen, you need to adapt ways in which appropriate drainage takes place. Also the water retention for different plants is different.

Also when it comes to looking into how much nutrients and minerals are needed as the plants grow, you will be needing these five major nutrients which ensure the plant is growing sturdy and strong.

These will be including but are not limited to:

  • Nitrogen
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Sulfur
  • Phosphorous


Organic potting soil is one of the most effective ways to ensure your plants are growing in a sturdy and effective manner. You need to make sure they are getting the effective amount of nutrients and minerals.

And for that, it works best when you make use of a potting mix. This will be including the essentials needed to ensure plants are thriving without the need to add any kinds of fertilizers.

It is higher lasting especially when combined with organic fertilizers. The results are highly effective and last longer as compared to others.

When it comes to making the most of your planting methods, you should be investing in ways to ensure that the plants will be thriving and will have better structure and fertility in the long run.



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