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The vision that comes into mind when we think of gardening is a lush setting of green plants and lush trees. You imagine your ground is filled with a range of flowers and has a beautiful setting of many shrubs. But a garden can be more than that. It can consist of what we call petite houseplants. And these do not even need to be outside the house.

When we say petite houseplants, we consider those small ones which you can easily contain, even in jars.

This means they need very little space to grow, yet they look amazing and bring such a charm to your four walls.

You might be wanting to have houseplants as much as the second person, but having to live in a small apartment or home, you have to face your limitations of where and how to make the space better and big.

But don’t worry- everything doesn’t need big spaces. In this article, you will learn ways in which you can make use of petite houseplants to add style and green vibes into your living space.

So let’s begin:

Petite Houseplants-How Small is Small?

choosing petite houseplants

It is proven that nature is able to bring sheer feelings of joy within us. It helps us to remain calm and enjoy some serene in a setting of chaos. But what if you don’t have the privilege of having open, wide spaces?

This means it becomes hard to create a soothing gardening space for yourself.

But there is a solution for that.

You can bring the garden into your house by planting a range of small, petite houseplants which look great. And they take very little space also.

Did you know that there are over thousands of small plant species which can get the job done?

This means you create a sustainable agriculture but also opt to create spaces which suit and define your very own personal style.

So it all comes down to choosing and making use of the kinds of plants that will be making your environment extremely appealing.

However how do we define small?

Size of Small Proportions

When we say small, we mean anything which is miniature or even what we can consider micromini. This is how we define how plants look and the sizes they come in.

Anything which is smaller than 6 inches is considered as a petite houseplant.

You can check out a range of species that come in this category. There are also plants which do not even exceed 3 inches of height.

So this means you are able to get ahold of plants which are tiny and mini- and there is a range of species and varieties that fall into this category.

Now we will be looking into and discussing some of the most popular choices of petite houseplants and why people prefer having those over something else.

Let’s check out what are the most sturdy and amazing looking miniature plants that will definitely be adding to your surroundings.

The Thimble Cactus

choosing thimble cactus

Basic gardening skills begins with knowing what kind of plants can survive different kinds of temperatures.

Example when you think of gardening in Dubai, there are several parameters you have to consider to make sure you are making the right decision.

But there is one plant which is super sturdy and can survive can kind of temperature and environment setting.

This is the cactus. However when you think cactus, you will think something which is very big and also prickly.

So in no way does it look like they are meant for indoor setting.

But here’s some news for you- tiny species of cactus also exist.

The thimble cactus is one which is just over 4 inches tall, making it ideal to be placed against windowsill or against the growing lights.

Also since it still needs light to grow and stay erect, you need to make sure you are placing it at a spot that gets good light. Make sure you are watering it sparingly and also allowing for its soil to dry so that its branches are not impacted.

Button Ferns

This is yet another popular choice. It is basically a kind of fern which does need a higher humidity area.

Did you know that these can even be grown under a glass casing?

However to allow it to spread, you can make use of a bubble bowl which ensures that it is able to span out properly.

But did you know that plants are able to thrive properly when they are getting a good amount of light and are also facing at the east-facing window.

You can make use of clay soil which ensures this kind of petite plant remains firm and healthy.


As it turns out, there is an adorable kind of moss which you can grown even in a small glass casing. The Brownii spikemoss is such a kind.

It is what you call a mix of moss and fern.

While it isn’t very hard to grow this, it does require some precise care especially when it is only 1 inch tall.

This kind of houseplant looks ethereal because it is not only lush, but it also comes with a moundlike growth habit and is extremely pleasing.

The best thing is you can even grow it under very little light but make use of a north-facing window to place it at. And make sure there is constant moisture and not very high humidity otherwise it won’t get good root aeration.

Such kinds of plants are able to define and look amazing. They need and maintain very low costs and you will be able to add such a gleaming effect of it against your window, allowing it to look and feel completely beautiful and vibrant.

African Violet

So here’s something you probably didn’t know- the African violet is one of the tiniest plants to exist. It grows for just 2 to max 3 inches tall.

But this is definitely one of the most popular choices.

You can make use of it to brighten even the smallest of living spaces.

According to gardening dynamics, there are actually three major size categories which includes standard, semi-miniature as well as miniature.

Make sure you are also keeping it in a place which is getting plenty of light as this will allow for it to bloom in a great manner.

Also it is able to take in any extra moisture and ensure that your space does not get any soggy and unhealthy settings. These simple tactics matter and go the long way.w

Small Space Pots

using small pots

So there you have it. I gave details on how you can make sure you are able to create an attractive garden space by using just your small indoor spaces.

But now that you know of some of the best and most popular small houseplant choices, I want to share details on what kind of tiny pots you can make use of.

Check out some of the best ways to shine the light on making your pots thrive:

Using Containers

For a long time people considered containers to be good for planting vegetables, but as it turns out, you can also make use of them for your plants.

Did you know that even very small plants come with very large root systems? This means you will be needing to ensure they get large container spaces.

You can make use of glass canisters, seasoning jars as well as big cookie jars to add a creative edge.

Under the Glass

This is another popular choice. Make sure you are growing the specimen in spaces which ensure that they will look good.

You can make use of glass and Wardian cases. These look super good and also consist of a glass vessel that comes with a lid and allows for you to enjoy an ideal setting.

The best thing about this kind of setting is that it will ensure your plants are getting ample of sunlight and are able to look healthy.


planting the best kinds of houseplants

Gardening is therapeutic. This is something which we know quite well. Bu what of those who don’t really have a major backyard or garden space to actually create their amazing green patch?

Well, not to worry as they too can enjoy the spread of a garden by opting for petite houseplants which add such vibrancy and shine to their household.

Of course it does not come easy but the fact is you can choose from thousands of petite plants which will be adding to the vibrancy of your garden space.

In this article, we looked into the details of how you can ensure your garden is looking great. And you can do so by allowing for it to remain firm and succulent.

Do so by choosing the best kind of small houseplants which will be able to survive in different kinds of temperatures and climates. It doesn’t have to be big to look majestic- even the tiniest of garden spaces and plants can give you such good vibes and feelings of completely standing out.

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