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ways to repel mosquitos

Mosquitos have always been the most stressful and annoying thing out there. Wherever they bite, they leave you with an itchy feeling. Sometimes they will even show up at your outdoor gatherings, ruining your party and becoming extremely hard to handle. So how do we repel mosquitos?

There are definitely many ways of doing it. But you want to know the natural means. This will make it easier for you to handle it and also there are no side effects or chemicals involved. But here’s the good news- the things you plant can have a great impact on how mosquitos are treated. In this article, I am going to be talking in detail about how plants and herbs can actually be of great use as mosquito repellents.

It is time for y0u to understand how you can make use of plants to make sure they are used to keep these pests out of your garden.

So let’s begin:

Can Plants Repel Mosquitos?

understanding plants and mosquitos

No matter how much you deny it, the fact is mosquitos are part of our natural environment.  And they are easily attracted to different things in the environment including plants. This comes naturally.

While the popular notion is that mosquitos only drink blood, but the fact of the matter is that they actual don’t just do that. And only the female mosquitos bite so that they can feed the blood to their eggs.

So what else do they drink? Well for starters, mosquitos are actually also taking in the nectar from the plants. This is a major source of health for them. So if you have these kinds of plants in y0ur backyard, you are attracting the mosquitos.

It also depends on the location. If you are standing near a pool or are close to a swimming pool, then it will be attracting the mosquitos even more. A mosquito actually is prone to biting you as they sense your body heat and also the movement you are making. But they also smell the carbon dioxide which is coming from your body.

So how it works? While some mosquito repellents work by masking the scent of your skin, others do so by creating scents which are so strong that it camouflages what is attracting the mosquito.

This is how some plants are able to work as mosquito repellents. Because they are able to give out scents which are so strong that they actually mask the scent of what attracts the mosquitos. This leads to the confusion of this insect and forces them to leave the area.

Using Plants on Skin to Repel Mosquitos

However when talking about plants as mosquito repellents, you should know that they do not work in this simple manner only to provide major benefits. In order for you to get the maximum benefit, you may have to actually take the leaves of this plant, crush them in the palm of your hand. And then rub these on your arms and legs, places which are prone to getting bitten from the mosquito bite.

However this kind of method is only useful for those who don’t have skin allergies and can very well be taken care of. Also if you are suffering from certain allergies, it can act against your health too. So you need to make sure you are getting the approval from your doctor before applying it.

So now I just want to touch upon some of the major plants which yon use to repel mosquitos:

Citronella Geranium

This does not necessarily mean that all kinds will be repelling mosquitos however there are a few kinds in the same that can get the job done. It actually produces and even smells like citronella oil. This is very effective in warding off any kinds of bugs and insects.

Floss Flower

This you cannot call as being a very strong mosquito repellent. But they are actually quite useful as they actually quite useful in creating an aroma. This aroma is not something the mosquitos particularly like and will be naturally repelled to . But the same smell actually attracts butterflies and even hummingbirds.


ensuring effective repellent

Did you know that this ingredient is also found in perfumes? It consists of a range of essential oils and the smell and aroma is something which really is effective in keeping these pests away. Their use has been rising and is now very widely used in commercial repellents as well.


This is definitely one of the best kinds of herbs. It comes from the mint family. And it works on giving out a really good smell. Its oils are known to drive the pests away very effectively.

Lemon Balm

This is yet another kind of herb. It consists of a very strong lemon scent. It also consists of high levels of bug-repelling compound. But the thing is it is also not as effective on its own. And you need to make sure that you are applying it to your skin directly to get the maximum effect of its usage.


This herb continues to be one of the most effective plants to use. The scent is actually really good and heavenly. We even have lavender soaps, bars, perfumes and sprays. But the same smell is actually very much disliked by insects. They cannot absolutely stand it. So to keep the bugs at bay, it is best to make use of lavender in a generous way.


So this is something interesting. While it is great to have catnip in the house as cats love it. But did you know- mosquitos actually completely hate it? As it relates to mint, it includes a substance called nepetalactone. It is actually quite effective to be used as not just as feline attractant but also as a mosquito repellent.


You may be surprises to see basil coming in the list but it is true. When you make use of basil in food, it becomes such a flavorful addition. But did you know just placing basil in a bowl on your coffee table acts as a super mosquito repellent? The scent is actually so strong that you don’t even need to crush it in your palm. It works great by actually having some essential oils which are even known to be toxic to mosquito larvae.


This is what we call the mosquito repellant plant. And it is actually really useful. In some cases, it will not work as greatly but the plant works wonders when trying to keep insects at bay. You need to understand its usage to make sure you are getting all of its benefits in the optimal manner.


Sage in itself may not be as useful but if you add a little of it to fire and actually burn it, the fumes become completely intolerable to insects especially mosquitos. So it is always a good investment to have sage plants in your backyard.


These are undoubtedly gorgeous to look at. They are colorful with huge orange flowers. But they are also serving in yet another way- as the best mosquito repellents out there. They consist of what we call pyrethrum. This is an ingredient which you will find in insect repellents. It works greatly to repel mosquitos.

Bee Balm

making use of bee balm

This actually works really well too. What happens is that this kind of substance actually attracts bees and butterflies, but it doesn’t work too well and is not effective in attracting the pests. So you can make use of it as it keeps the mosquitos at bay. It also goes by the name horsemint. This also works where you just have to crush the leaves and this will release the fragrant oils in the air. Also it means you will enjoy colorful flowers in your backyard.  It is definitely a worthy addition to your gardening skills.


So this basically relates too and includes the bulbs of garlic and onions. It has a very strong fragrance and is definitely one of the best ways in which you can control how the mosquitos smell and how to handle them properly. It is also possible for you to enjoy the flowers as they become such an amazing addition to your lush gardens.


Have you heard of the usage of this kind of herb? It actually acts as a natural deterrent for mosquitos and it is actually quite effective as well. But to get the complete impact of it, you should make sure that you are planting the flowerbeds. Otherwise it will not give as impactful results when it comes to how to repel mosquitos.


natural ways to repel mosquitos

So there you have it. A complete guide and information on how we can repel mosquitos naturally and get it done while keeping our garden looking all bright and lush green. Mosquitos are a nuisance but thankfully you can take care of the condition by applying certain methods which give great results and make your garden look extremely bright and beaming. This article gave you all the kinds of herbs and plants which can make a difference.

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