Store-Bought Vegetables- Why They’re Harmful

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store bought vegetables

When it comes to consuming fruits and vegetables, you should know that the natural taste is something that you cannot beat. Store-bought vegetables are actually quite common.

Many people may be consuming them but the problem is many guys don’t recognize that there are certain healthy habits you need to adapt.

This will allow you to consume these vegetables in such a way that they will not be affecting your health in major ways.

The major problem is that many people when going into a grocery store actually keep on touching the produce. And that is where the spread of germs actually happens.

Dirty hands are going to be contaminating food with bacteria and viruses.

All of such elements actually cause the produce to become even more problematic.

So that’s why in this article I am going to be sharing ways in which you can get sick from store-bought vegetables.

Also we will be looking at tips which will help you in staying safe.

So let’s start:

Washing the Produce Properly

cleaning the store-bought vegetables

The thing is when we look at store-bought vegetables, there will be several hands, containers and other kinds of objects which touch the vegetables. This is why organic farming is considered better.

And this is the thing you will also have the same produce sitting in the carts for a long time.

Which will be leading to several issues and concerns for you and your family.

Also if the food keeps on sitting in your cart for a long time, you will notice how it is actually getting major exposure to bacteria.

But the biggest problem is that it will be leading to major food poisoning problems, if not taken care of in a proper manner.

So you have to make sure you are washing the store-bought vegetables properly before consuming them.

The major thing you need to do is make sure that you are rinsing the food in a proper and effective manner.

This will lead to your food having a proper clean.

So make sure you are giving it a warm water wash and wiping of the dirt in the right way.

Some people also make use of what we call a vegetable brush.

It is really goo as it allows you to make sure that the vegetables are getting a complete and deep clean.

If you wish you will be able to pat the produce with a dry and clean cloth. Paper towels also work great for this purpose.

The drying process is also really good as it leads to you taking care of the leftover germs that you may have.

Use of Cutting Boards

So this may not seem like a majorly big deal. But it actually is. You should not be making use of just one cutting board.

Many people end up using the same board for not just vegetables but also meat.

It is a leading common mistake.


Because there is cross-contamination that can happen if you do not make use of separate cutting boards.

What can happen is that you can get bacteria from raw meat which is getting contaminated.

Even if you wash it off with soap and water, it can cause problems for your cutting board.

So how can you properly wash a board?

You will have to make use of a bleach solution. How this works is that you will be soaking it in the solution.

So for you to make sure that there is proper cleaning done or it is better that you make use of another board completely.

Storage Concerns and Use of Pesticides

storing the produce properly

The thing is we assume we are storing the food properly. But that isn’t so.

All fresh produce is not actually meant to be stored in the fridge.

So you have to make sure you are storing them properly.

If you are putting them off on a shelf or in a drawer which is underneath the raw meat, it will be leading to several problems.

Food poisoning is something that can happen to anyone.

You just have to know how the storing is properly done. This allows for you to make use of all the produce in a proper manner.

This is especially true for the food which you are storing on the top shelf.

Whereas when it comes to making use of pesticides, you will know that these are used for keeping the pests and fungi away.

But the problem is that it will stick onto the vegetables and farming produce.

So you will have to rinse and make sure that you are properly taking care of them.

As there are major risks that can arise.

Especially for women who are pregnant and even for infants.

So make sure that you are getting a proper assessment for the produce before you can actually consume them.

Combating Food Allergies

controlling food allergies

The problem is that some people may be having severe allergies and that is relating to the kind of food you come across in the produce aisle.

There can be several problems that you may be having.

This includes to common vegetables like onions, or bananas even.

The condition can become quite hard for you to handle.

There is a problem called Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). And for such people it is important to realize the allergic reactions you may be having to different vegetables and fruits.

With such people it is better that you actually cook certain vegetables before eating them.

It is more so true for store-bought vegetables and you need to make sure that these are keeping cleaned.

That will lead to your produce being quite safe from the major bacteria and allergies that your produce may be having.

Ice Concerns

There are definite ice concerns that you should know of.

You will notice that some grocery stores that you will see will be putting the produce on display.

While it may seem like the ice is clean, but it usually is not.

But while placing it, ice contamination cam lead to several concerns.

You should also be mindful that this ice will turn runny and that causes major concerns to it.

Make sure you are keeping the produce clean.

That will allow you to have the produce taken care of in a proper manner.


ensuring clean produce is used

Store-bought vegetables are actually quite commonly bought.

But what people don’t know is that there are many issues with store-bought vegetables,

In this article we are looking into what they may be.

And how important it is that you make sure that these are well-taken care of.

Knowing so allows you to have a good handle on your health.

It is essential that you wash your vegetables properly. Knowing so allows you to handle the way to being healthy.

Only then will you be able to see the results show through.

Sure this isn’t always easy, but it allows you to handle and make sure there is plenty being done so that there is a major handle on how the condition is not going to get worst.

Make sure you will be handling it in a proper manner.

In this article you will also see that ways in which you can make sure the vegetables will be cleaned in a proper manner.

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