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best superfoods to grow

When it comes to eating healthy and looking after yourself, there is nothing better than freshly grown produce in your own backyard. Superfoods to grow include all those extremely healthy vegetables and fruits which you might not find in stores.

Organic produce is always the better choice. And now with the use of the best kind of compost and fertilizers, you can now grow extremely wholesome produce which will allow you to enjoy the good life in its full fervor.

Know this that there is nothing better than being able to enjoy your own line of fruits and vegetables. But especially when it comes to superfoods. The specific reason being that when you have to go out and buy some of these which are extremely expensive. Also aside from the cost, you will also notice that there are much more nutrients packed in this.

This article will be looking into all the major superfoods which you can actually grow in your own backyard.

So let’s start:

What is a Superfood?

Firstly I want to talk about how does the title superfood get attached to something. Well as the name suggests, it definitely has to be something ‘super’ about it. While there is not anything medical or specific about it, superfood is one which is great in different elements.

It will contain polyphenols, antioxidants, minerals as different kinds of vitamins. You should know that these nutritional powerhouses which have so much going on for them. So you will not only be looking amazing but also will feel extremely healthy and wholesome as well.

Adding Organic Fertilizers to Your Garden

making your nutrition intake organic

So it basically comes down to how you can manage your garden well and be able to grow a range of superfoods in it.

A fertilizer is basically the needed nudge to ensure that your soil is the perfect state to be able to take on any kinds of plantation and growth. While there are a range of fertilizers that you can make use of, the best kind is  organic fertilizer.

This is one which does not consist of any added chemicals. And while its effects don’t take up as fast as inorganic kind, they are more lasting. Hence with a better understanding of the kind of fertilizers, you can ensure that your garden will be looked after in a proper way.

So here is a list of some of the most well-known and extremely healthy superfoods you can attain with the help of adapting some fertilizers and ensuring the soil is well-take care of.

The Leading Superfoods To Grow

So here’s looking into the most amazing superfoods which will help you to ensure you are getting all the right kinds of nutrients. It is not hard to start living a wholesome lifestyle with just a few basic changes and adaptations which will ensure your garden is full and green with a range of superfoods. Consider growing all these kinds in your backyard:


kale benefits

This is one of the most well-known and highly in demand superfoods. It continues to grow in recognition as its health benefits are bring identified and continue to be explored.

Kale continues to be one of those vegetables which actually took off from a seed and has become a major wholesome green many continue to enjoy in different variations. The dense vegetable is one which can actually be harvested from a sweet and tender green in the spring time and continues to flourish and survive through the summer.

However kale is something which is actually quite sturdy and can be gone throughout the seasons. So why is it considered as the one of the ultimate superfoods to grow. It not only has a range of nutrients and vitamins but it also has all kinds of fiber and a good solid amount of protein.


This is definitely the best kind of berry out there. It is small in size but huge in flavor. It not only contains antioxidants but also is fully loaded with phytoflavinoids. These are two super elements in themselves as they not only help in lowering your chances of getting heart diseases but also are really good for their anti-inflammatory properties.

But again did you know that blueberries are actually quite expensive. And unfortunately at many of these leading supermarkets, you will get them in a state which is not of the ultimate state.

So why not ensure you get all the goodness of this wholesome superfood. Also when talking of berries, you can also consider other kinds like strawberries.  These kinds of berries consist of a range of phytochemicals which is really good in protecting against different kinds of cancers, including colon and cervical.


So this is actually quite exotic. To many it seems you just can’t find the right kind of oregano even if you tried. But that is not true for all times. It is actually one of the easiest spices you can grow in your backyard. It is also one of the healthiest. Why oregano is so popular is because it also has many kinds of antioxidants and is also really helpful with its antibacterial properties.

Aside from helping with a range of illnesses, it is also really good in allowing you to attain a wholesome lifestyle with a little flavoring.

Sunflower and Chia Seeds

Sunflower plant is one of the best additions you can have in your backyard. It is super effective as it works really well when trying to attract pollinators. They work really well with fertilizers as well, allowing to be soaked into the soil and ensuring you get a good amount from your gardening. Sunflower seeds also have a lot of vitamin E and B1 ensuring that you are getting the proper nutrition and energy.

Chia seeds are also super good when it comes to fulfilling you with the healthy kind of omega fatty acids. This allows you to stay full for longer. Also chia seeds have been discovered that chia also has the ability to regulate the blood sugar while also lowering your cholesterol levels.

You will do wonders for your garden if you manage to plant both of these kinds of seeds in your backyard.

Cabbage and Spinach

Cabbage is one of the oldest and most well-known superfood out there. This kind of vegetable is one which has high levels of sulfur. It is also really good for you as it not just prevents cancer but also helps in with controlling any inflammatory conditions you may have.

Also since there is a range of cabbages you can grow, you should look into the red and green varieties you can actually grow into your garden. Spinach is also a really good option. When it comes to preserving and is packed with a whole lot of nutrients. These include vitamins like A, D and E. The good thing about spinach is that you can actually freeze or can it up and make use of it for later as well.


use of quinoa

If there is one kind of superfood you should definitely have on your list it is quinoa. It is actually one of the most well -known grains in the world. It is not just fully packed with fiber. But it also becomes a really good addition to your meals and cereals.

Quinoa is also really good when it comes to protein intake. It has so many kinds of nutrients which make it such a great addition to your food spread. Among the superfoods to grow, quinoa is one which is not as hard to plant as well but makes up for being so great.


Who doesn’t love carrots? It comes in different sizes and colors. It also comes with a whole amount of carotene. This nutrient is onw which not only fights off cancer . But it is also really good when it comes to taking care of natural effects of aging.

The good thing about carrots is that you can eat it in different ways. It can be eaten in its canned form and you can also cook it and add it into your food. Carrots also work really well when you add them into any kinds of soups and salads. And the best thing is you can also store them for later. This allows them to be eaten for later.


the goodness of tomatoes

It is amazing how one of the most well known fruits which fluctuate in price can actually be grown in the comfort of your own home. It is actually full of so much flavor and nutrients. Did you know that you can actually grow more than a hundred kinds of tomatoes.

It is best that you pick these up when they are completely ripe and are very firm. Know this, you can actually grow and harvest tomatoes through all kinds of growing seasons.


And yes who can deny all the fiber and potassium you can get from a scrumptious apple. It also has plenty of nutrients and is really good for promoting a good, healthy body weight which not only improves your health but also ensures you are getting the best kind of nutrients. Not to mention apples are extremely tasty and make a great addition to various kind of recipes.

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