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There’s nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than to have the pleasure of growing plants and fruits right in your backyard but did you know you can grow them in pot friendly containers too?

It has been proven already that the consumption of organic produce provided endless benefits to your health.

Did you know it also comes easy on your pocket? Learn about pot friendly containers and their usage.

Having to grow fruits and vegetables in controlled portions allows you to enjoy good produce at very economical rates.

So where’s the catch?

Why aren’t more people doing it already?

This is because of one major constraint- space issues.

However don’t worry- this article is all about discovering the top and easiest container and pot friendly fruits and vegetables for which you don’t even  need a lot of garden space.

There is a huge range of fruits and vegetables that you can easily grow in containers. Just follow the expert gardening tips to get the most out of your gardening experience.

I am going to give you a good overview on some of the best ones and how you don’t need a whole backyard.


Let’s start:

Space Issues? Grow These Container-Led Produce

growing container-led produce

As I have mentioned already, many have the advantage of making use of their major space in gardens and backyards to grow different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

But for those who don’t, like those living in apartments and flats, they can make use of what we call as containers.

There are certain produce out there which is very easy to manage and grow in containers. Here’s looking at the perfect foods for containers.

Take a look and see what works for you best:

Growing Tomatoes in Pot-Friendly Containers

Now this may seem as a hard feat but turns out it isn’t. You can grow fresh tomatoes easily in something like upside down growing containers.

This is actually what is used by farmers as well.

The fact is that you can grow different kinds and sizes of tomatoes easily when you have different sized containers.

Just make sure you have a container size which is suiting to the size of tomatoes you wish to plant. It is also wise if you make use of a cage-like structure on the outside of the container to give it some more support as the plant continues to grow and spread.

Six-Inch Planter for Basil

This is a standard and a major herb which is commonly used in many households especially used to add into soups and salads.

It is also not so hard to grow it inside tight spaces. You can make use of freshly potted basil by using a six-inch planter along with some fresh potting soil.

There are just a few tricks and techniques you need to master to ensure that you will be able to get the best of your basil plant.

Like keeping the leaves and the stem dry and not completely soaked in water.

Also basil plants need a bit of sunlight everyday so make sure you can move the container around when needed.

Zucchini- The Summer Plant

zucchini at its best

Did you know that it is easy to grow different kinds of squash in containers. Especially when it comes to growing summer squash.

The major benefit of growing squash is that it can be easily grown anywhere.

This means this summer vegetable can also be very-well grown into containers.

A few things to know is that the squash has to be harvested continuously to ensure that it isnt getting bogged down.

It is a fast growing vegetable and you can easily get three in a week, so once all grown, make sue to have them removed so to make space for new produce to grow.

Parsley at its Best

This is another major herb which works great in containers. It is also the kind that doesn’t need any garden or yard space.

All you need is a balcony or even a small porch.

They are really good herbs to grow in containers.  And they need just a small amount of sunlight.

When it comes to parsley, you should know that you have to keep the soil moist and not overwater the plants.

It is best to keep it indoors, even not in balconies as the extremely cold temperature can make your plants die.

Sweet Melon in Container

Now this may come across as a surprise to you, but did you know that you can very well grow cantaloupes in a container.

That may be surprising since its such a major fruit which is big in size but it is actually quite possible.

There is a range of variety of cantaloupes which can be grown in containers.

It is okay if the vines start to fall off and if you are making use of bean poles to give some support as the fruits continue to grow.

Oregano- A Popular Choice

This is one of the leading choices when it comes to planting herbs in pots.

Did you know that farmers actually prefer to plant oregano in plants. As this gives major control over the unneeded spreading of the herb.

It is quite easy to manage too.

All you need is a little bit of good, fertile soil. Again, much like the parsley, you just need to ensure that there is some sunlight coming through.

Give it sunlight during the day and keep it indoors at night.

You will notice how fast it spreads and grows. Enjoy!

Peppers of Colors

peppers of various colors

So this comes as another major surprise- you can actually grow any kind of pepper of any color in a container.

All you need to remember is to choose the right size of container.

See for peppers which are big in size, remember to pick containers in which you know they will  not be squashed.

For smaller peppers, you need to make use of a 2 gallon container.

But for peppers which are big in size, you can go for containers which are 5 to 10 gallon big.

The crucial detail when growing peppers is to remember that you need to give them sunlight for long hours each day.

So make sure your container is placed in a spot which attracts plenty of natural light.

Dwarf Banana Plants for Pot-Friendly Containers

This is quite interesting. Did you know that you can have bananas grown in containers?

There is a kind of tree called the dwarf banana plant which is great to grow indoors.

Also they are perennials. This means that once you have gone through the hassle of planting them, you will be able to get produce from this growth year after year.

The good news is- you don’t even need to live in the tropics to grow this plant. So growing bananas in Dubai has suddenly become quite easy and accessible.

A few tips- make sure that you are using a container which has plenty of depth. Also if you poke some holes at the bottom of the container, it will keep your bananas from not drowning.

The best part about it is that you can grow bananas in the summer as well as winter.

The Goodness of Spinach

This is considered as the ultimate super-food. And do you know how easy and convenient it is to grow them.

So for this, you will be needing an 8 inch container.

The important thing to remember is that spinach doesn’t go well with heat.

You should make sure your containers are placed in spots which are cool. This herb best grows in winter times.

Just make sure that you water them well but not over-water them as this can lead to the leaves wilting.

Cucumbers Aplenty !

Growing plants and vegetables, especially for beginners can be a dauting task.

I also want to talk about another major vegetable to grow. Cucumbers are also great when it comes to growing them in winters.

The thing about cucumbers is that you can grow them throughout winter season.

They can be easily grown in winter spaces and can vertically grow as these leads to the maximization of space.

It is important to understand that when it comes to growing cucumbers, you need to give space for the vines to spread out properly.

You should aim to harvest them regularly as if you don’t, it will put the pressure on the vines to fall down and can also weaken them.

Lettuce with Cilantro for Pot Friendly Containers

This is yet another major vegetable which is ultimately one of the best kinds to plant and gain from. It is pretty easy to plant.

All you need to remember is that you should plant your lettuce seedlings at the end of winter to ensure the produce generates results for the upcoming season.

However when it comes to lettuce, you are very-well aware of the fact that the lettuce leaves can actually spread wide on all sides.

In such cases you should plant lettuce in bigger containers. They also grow well with other herbs like cilantro and arugula.

Just make sure you can easily have them moved around to reach the sunlight when needed.

Quinoa in Pot-Friendly Containers in Your Balcony

enjoying vegetables of various kinds

This is considered as a major produce which is very healthy and is a wholesome addition to your diet.

The wholegrains is fully jam-packed with nutrients.

The good news is that it can easily grow in containers. Quinoa plants are actually only just grow about 2 feet and they will not take much room.

They require low maintenance and are actually hardy plants making them the perfect match for container gardening.

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