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using chicken grit for plants

When we talk about ways of getting effective gardening done, there are a couple of things you need to look into it. For instance the most important element is to see how the soil is and ways on which you can make it even more fertile. Using chicken grit for plants is definitely gaining momentum and we will be looking into that.

Chicken grit is actually a really effective horticultural grit which is going to be improving the structure of the soil.

Being organic in nature, it is going to be very helpful in keeping your plants sturdy and strong.

So in this article I am going to be talking in detail on what is chicken grit, how do we make it and ways in which it is going to be playing a leading role in ensuring your garden is growing and thriving.

Remember you can always look into ways in which your plants and gardens will be able to get the boost they will be needing.

So let’s begin:

What is Chicken Grit?

what is chicken grit made of?

So one thing to know is that this is actually just finely ground substance which we give to chickens.

It actually comes in two forms- you can make use of oystershell grit and flint grit.

Did you know it is kind of an oystershell grit which actually consists of calcium type what will be helping in making your eggshells even stronger.

Why is it really good?

Because this is going to be helping the chickens in a major way when they are wanting to get a better digestion process.

So now let’s look into what exactly goes into making chicken grit.

What Is Chicken Grit Made Of?

So we now already know that chicken grit is usually made form oyster shells. But when it comes to making your own kind, you can look into how you can also have the grinding done by also baking the eggshells.

This is actually very effective and will be leading to you getting very small pieces made into it.

While there is grit which is used for chicks who are very small, and coming at the age of 8 weeks.

That kind of grit is very fine and prepared with proper planning to make sure it is allowing the chicks to grow healthy.

In some cases it is the ultimate nutritional boost that they will be needing. You can grind it into small pieces and make use of it. The chicks will be feeding on this for a while till they are strong.

It serves as a natural boost for them. This serves as the ultimate way for you to make sure that your chickens digestive system is running smoothly.

Also the reason why we are mentioning chicks is that since these baby birds do not have teeth, they will be able to make the most of the food they eat by chewing these small pieces of food.

It is hard for them to swallow it all completely but when you are grinding it into very small pieces, it becomes effective for them to chew it properly.

Benefits of Chicken Grit

Before talking about chicken grit for gardening, I want to highlight how chickens are able to make use of this grit for digestion purposes:

So here we look into some of the ways adding chicken grit into the diet of your chickens is going to be making a major help:

  • Firstly the chickens will be eating it and it will be going down the esophagus.
  • The food is then going to be staying in the crop system for a good enough 12 hours or so.
  • This is then going to move into the stomach.
  • After which, the digestive enzymes will be acting up on it and this food is then going to be moving onto the gizzard.
  • The gizzard is where it is getting a proper churn and flexes.
  • It will mostly be grinding it into even smaller amounts which are becoming digestible particles.
  • That happens when they will be smashing into the small pieces of stone
  • Finally the food is passing through the ceca and this is where the bacteria will be breaking the food even further
  • Then it finally moves through the large intestine and goes through the cloaca, finally exiting through the vent

Now we will look into and talk about ways in which we can make use of chicken grit as an excellent fertilizer for gardening.

Using Chicken for Plants

adapting chicken grit for plants

So now that you know how this actually serves up as a great good for chickens, turns out chicken grit is equally great for gardening and plantation.

If you are that person who enjoys gardening or loves to get indoor plants set into your space, you should familiarize yourself with what is horticultural grit.

This is what is going to improve the structure as well as the drainage of the soil.

While there can be several kinds you can work with, chicken grit for plants is gaining quite the momentum.

It is something which makes complete sense and allows for you to have a good and thriving garden.

Why It Works?

As it turns out this serves as a super benefiting element to making sure your garden is up to speed.

Grit as you probably know is just finely ground insoluble pieces of stones.

When it is mixed in soil, it will be helping to improve the aeration of the soil. And it is when it is mixed properly when soil that you will see how there is an improvement at how the drainage mechanism is going to work.

How that is?

You need to get to know the basic analysis.

This is going to play an integral role in sustainable environment as well.

Every little effort from your end is going to be serving in the long way.

Simply when you are adding some small stones to the soil, you will notice how it is helping the water and the air to flow in a more free manner. This is the first major thing you will notice.

This is essentially important especially when you see how it is going to be giving your plants a major boost.

Allowing for the proper draining to take place. Especially when we look into the excess water that you get from the plants’ roots too.

Grit in itself is also going to be helping in bringing the right kind of balance of pH into the soil.

And it does so by ensuring the delivery of some of the essential nutrients.

What is Horticultural Grit?

Now that we have been talking a lot on how grit is playing an essential role in ensuring that the plants and garden is getting a good nutritional boost, I want to now share in detail how does having a good horticultural grit makes a major difference.

This is basically small stones which are getting washed in and they contain a neutral pH.

This means it is great for loosening up the soil and it is also adding into the aeration while loosening the clay that is clamping in the soil.

When you are making use of horticultural and fertile soil, you are doing so under some conditions.

This in itself is going to be playing a leading role in ensuring your plants are growing well and sturdy.

The Plant Booster

acting as a plant booster

As it turns out, it is a leading method in which people can ensure their gardening is at par to other gardening tactics

It has been around for ages and is known to provide some great results.

While some people argue and prefer to buy gardening grit, as it turns out this is also really accessible and gives great results.

All you have to do is make sure you are following the right tactics when adapting ways in giving your garden a boost.

Also this is less expensive and you be as well be using it sparingly and as needed.

Just make sure you are checking the ingredients so that you can have all the elements needed to give your garden a major boost.

This includes calcium as well as other minerals which make your grit even better.

Make sure you are adapting ways to make use of crushed granite and this you can mix in the soil to ensure your  organic plant nutrition are sturdy and thriving.


Chicken grit is something that is good not just for the chicken’s digestive system but also for your gardening dynamics.

Using chicken grit for plants serves in more ways that one.

You need to see how it will be impacting your plantation.

In this article I spoke in great details how chicken grit is made, how it is completely organic.

Also we spoke on how it actually benefits your chickens.

As well we we looked into ways in which making use of chicken grit for plants is going to give you amazing results in no time.

Remember it all comes down to making use of it in defining ways which leads to great plants and sturdy growth.

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