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identifying water scarcity

Water-it is the most important natural resource at our disposal. It is a life form and we cannot survive without it. However water scarcity is also a very real and scary concept.

This is when there isn’t enough water to go around. And due to having very few water resources, it means there is a higher demand and not enough demand. This means that water is not being distributed properly.

Also in some regions, the people are also facing concerns of waste and pollution. This makes sustainable water even harder to acheive. Through the years and time, the water scarcity is increasing undeniably. Global water scarcity is a huge concern and there is so much that needs to be done to ensure that this global level is logically maintained and controlled.

implications of water scarcity

We have been putting too much pressure on the existing water resources.

Especially when it comes to countries with large populations like China, India places in Middle East, where there is very limited, natural sources of water, the existing possibilities need to be valued and used with the realization that we only have this in hand- are we utilizing it in the most human and productive way or not? Access to safe water is becoming harder to attain, now more than ever.

The United Nations has been emphasizing how water conservation should be in focus and how countries should have proper management of water resources.

This blog will be looking into the many aspects of what makes water our most important source in hand, the water crisis in hand and how do we make up for its scarcity as global population continues to grow?

Let’s get on with it:

Importance of Water

Did you know that about 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. While you may be under the impression that there is plenty of water to go around, fact of the matter is, we don’t have a lot of fresh and clean water to go around.

WWF has given us some clear, concrete facts which we need to ponder upon and understand.  Only 3% of the water in the world is fresh water. The remaining of which is in glaciers and hence, isn’t available for our usage.

This puts the hard realization that we may not have as much water to go around as we assume. There is also 2.7 billion people who are suffering from water scarcity.

Water Sanitation Concerns

ensuring water sanitation

This is an important concern and concept we need to ponder upon. There is limited amount of clean and hygienic water to go around.

You need to realize why improved drinking water is only possible when we adapt and adhere to hygienic practices.

The inadequate resources of clean water is leading to a range of concerns that we must realize.

A hard hitting fact is that there are almost 2.4 billion people who are being exposed to a range of awful diseases especially in the under developed countries.

This is especially in the case of those who do not have the access to proper boreholes or piped supply which ensures that the proper is safe and clean. However for those, who don’t have these clean sources, they will have to depend on surface water.

Surface Water- why is it unclean?

This means that this water is not protected. It is also possibly contaminated. The quality is low and this is harmful not just for drinking but also for other purposes. Get more information about spielautomaten. Be it in irrigation, to use for crop cultivation and other agricultural uses, when you make use of unhealthy resources, it will lead to unhealthy and problematic issues.

There are also many illnesses common with drinking unhealthy water. These are cholera, typhoid as well as other water-borne issues. It is also a reality that that many children are exposed to unclean and unsanitary water resources which leads to their untimely death.

Known collectively as WASH- the ability to being hydrated and healthy with access to clean water, as well as sanitized and hygienic source is the ultimate vision and objective.

This is such an important and key focus that it has been included as one of the Sustainable Development Goal.

So now that we read about the importance of water, sanitation concerns and having clean sources, I want to now look into the causes of this condition.

Causes of Water Scarcity

adapting ways to ensure water cleanliness

Our population has dramatically increased in uncontrollable ways through the years. While we have been trying to adapt ways to harness the natural waterways by developing and making use of effective tactics like creating irrigation systems and building wells and dams, the fact is that our natural resources are becoming scarce.

They are drying up and this is a major wakeup call.

Why do you think that is?

Here I will breakdown the major reasons why we are losing the most prized natural resource at our disposal:

Pollution- How are we making it unclean

Yes there has been a steady increase in pollution which is adding onto the water scarcity concerns.

This pollution comes from human-led issues itself. Thus includes our high usage of pesticides and fertilizers.

The unfortunate thing is that groundwater is also not guaranteed to be safe as it can lead to pollutants reaching underground and causing problems as well.

There is also harmful human bacteria which makes this water becoming even more toxic and unfit for drinking as well as for other purposes like swimming , cooking etc.

There are also major industrial processes which play a role in causing your water to become unsanitary.

The Climate Change Effect 

How we are creating an imbalance in our earth’s atmosphere due to climate change, by putting immense pressure of buildup of carbon dioxide and other major greenhouse gases, we are also affecting the use of buildup of our natural resources.

Droughts are steadily on the rise in various parts of the world. This means dried out lands due to limited rainfalls.

Whereas on the other hand we are seeing an immense rise in floods which is also putting a huge impact on how cultivation and harvest is done in farm lands.

Glaciers are also quickly finishing off adding more pressure for limited water resources to provide ample water for important activities like agriculture, energy usage and our whole ecosystem as a whole.

The Agricultural Imbalance

While it is important to realize how climate change is already making a drastic agricultural impact. 

However when it comes to agricultural practices, there are also certain inefficient tactics which add to the pressure to make a good impact.  When making use of water for your agricultural uses, 70% freshwater is properly used, but about 60% of this water also goes to waste.


Due to leaky systems which makes your irrigation systems flawed. Also since farmers make use of pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural usage, the freshwater is already polluted and it is not only harmful for humans but also the animal life which drinks and makes use of the same water.

Our Continuous Growing Population 

There is no denying this. Our population continues to grow on a steady rate. We are completely exhausting our natural resources.

In the past 50 years or so, the population has almost doubled. Thanks to the constant economic development, while the human population continues to grow, unfortunately this is not met with a constant growth in natural resources.

Water availability is becoming a real concern.

Not every region has the same access, in fact many are under water stress. Especially when it comes to limited access to clean and healthy water.

Clean water is not available readily. The unsustainability levels are alarming as we keep on adding pressure for the few sanitary water resources to provide for us.

Water Scarcity Effects- Looking at the complete picture

The water shortage concern has been making a huge impact on our lives. Be it on our health, the focus on socio-economic development or the ecosystem as a whole, it is time to realize the actual situation.

The majority of effects are :

Hunger and Poverty

Dehydration is one of the major concerns you will face when you don’t have access to cleaning water.

However hunger is also a major problem. How?

Because when you don’t have clean water, you will be facing a major shortage on water needed for healthy crop cultivation and harvesting.

Also you need this clean water for the livestock. This causes you to face nutritional concerns in the long run.

Sickness and lack of sanitation

When you cannot ensure there is clean water, you will face sanitation problems. When you drink unhygienic water, you will become sick. Unsafe water causes sickness.

In fact there are a large number of diseases that occur because of unclean water as the main reason.

Major diseases like dengue and malaria happen because of unclean water.

Impact on Biodiversity 

Water scarcity also directly impacts the current making of rivers, lakes and freshwater resources. The sources face pollution and salinity which add to loss of wetlands. The stated leads to impact and pressure on the ecosystems and biodiversity.


Water is a major and very important natural resource. However it is in a dire state.

We need to realize how our own choices and actions are adding to the concern of water scarcity. This means there is less and less of fresh, clean water to be utilized for drinking and other important uses.

Only when we realize the causes and its effects on our existing livelihood, will be able to utilize and come to an awareness to save water and save our future generations.

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