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what are water gardening beds?

Garden beds are essentially very important for gardens.

This is that specific place of land which is needed for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and herbs.

It is a fertile land that you need to grow your greens.

In this article, I will  be essentially talking to you about how watering garden beds the right way is essential for your garden’s proper growth.

Watering garden beds can pose as a major challenge for many but if you follow the proper methods and tactics, you can ensure that you are watering your garden beds the right way.

This is essential to know that you are maintaining your garden beds the right way.

I will be talking to you in detail on what goes inside in maintaining your garden beds. It does not have to essentially be a very tough task.

You can very well go on in maintaining these gardens well if you attempt to do so by applying the essential tactics.

So let’s start:

I Have My Garden Bed All Set- Now What Do I Do?

creating a garden bed

You have thought a lot about your gardening interest.

Having selected the right kind of flowers, herbs and vegetables, which needed for you to make endless visits to the nurseries, you are now all set to move these pot and pack into the garden beds.

When that is taken care of, you may feel that a major task has been taken care of  and you are good to go.

But is that it?

Are you now all set to reap the benefits of your labor?

Not essentially.

The real work is actually just about to kick in now.

When it comes to gardening, the key element you have to master is – watering the right amount.

Whether you are implying a tango or making use of an irrigation module which will control the pop-up sprinklers, gardening does not come easy as watering is a major and essential element you have to work through.

We will be talking about how the different soil types also plays a key role in ensuring you are gardening your beds the right way.

Let’s get into the details of that:

Impact of Soil Types on Watering Garden Beds

Did you know that two people in the same area may also be having different types of soil?

While your soul is essentially mineral soil. This is what we call the top soil.

It is essentially the major element which will determine how you will water your garden beds.

Different soils have different abilities to absorb all the nutrients. And keeping in mind, water scarcity is also a key element to consider when deciding on the kind of soil to utilize.

Is is essentially relating to how good a quality soil has when it comes to water retention. This means how much water will remain in the soil over time.

Major Types of Soil

When talking about soil and its quality, let me tell you that usually there are two main kinds.

There is the sandy soil which is how you would get soil in its natural element. This is quite different from what we call clay soil.

This is when we add organic material so to make the soil more fertile and stronger in its ability to retain water properly.

Sandy soil is able to absorb the water very quickly but it cannot retain the water as strongly as clay soil.

However when it comes to irrigation of your garden beds, you will understand how it is essential that you add some organic materials which includes moss, peat and other fertile add-ons which allow you to make your garden beds stronger and easier to watering garden beds.

While sandy soil is hard, you can add some organic material to make it more moisture. Clay soil is also more porous when adding some fertile material into it.

Impact of Light Intensity

what is light intensity ?

This is also a major effect you need to understand. It relates to the ability and intensity of light.

When you are setting up your garden bed, look into ways in which you can setup the garden. The location of your garden is key in understanding how much light is needed everyday and what the duration of this light will be.

When you are creating a sun garden, you will need to make use of irrigation which needs plenty of sun and also a lot of water.

But filtered shade garden is one in which the light intensity is not needed in high levels and you can create a beautiful garden simply by making use of limited light levels which controls the irrigation of the garden.

Now let’s talk about how is soil preparation and making plant food comes into play.

Soil Preparation for Watering Garden Beds

One thing you should know and work around is how to prepare the soil in advance.

This is essentially important for preparing the garden beds for summers.

When it comes to summer preps, know that you will have to loosen and create soil depth to about 6-8 inches.

You can make use of a tiller as well to speed up the process and ensure that the soil will be pulverized in the right manner.

When it comes to adding compost, know that you can add about 4″ of compost on an annual basis to the soil to ensure it is well-maintained.

Another thing gardeners mention about getting the garden beds in an optimal condition is that you should make use of base fertilizers.

This ensures that your soil is loose for longer durations. All you have to do is sprinkle some evenly throughout the soil bed.

Reaching for the Roots- Adapt Proper Watering Tactics

I want to now talk about a very important element to this whole discussion.

When you are watering your plants, flowers and gardens, water with the concrete frame of mind that it will essentially reach the roots.

Otherwise it is all a complete waste of time.

Irrigation water means the water has to reach inside and deep within the soil.

The saturation of water should  be such that it is reaching inside the root zone.

Remember- it is better to water the garden bed less frequently but water in a completely saturated way as it is essential that the water reaches deep inside the root system.

This is  far better than watering often but not watering enough.

Experienced gardeners will tell you one thing- watering needs to hit deep within the soil to make an effect.

Otherwise you will have a shallow root system. This will mean that the larger area beneath the soil is not being taken care of properly.

Having a large and complicated root system means that you need to ensure that the larger area is covered properly when you water plenty and for longer durations.

One tactic you can follow is to water your garden in a slow manner. In here we mean essentially the garden bed and not the complete lawn.

Inch of Water Dynamics

adapting water dynamics

So the question arises how long should you be watering your garden beds?

Well this basically relates to how much water is to be applied for an inch of water. You can make use of a wide mouth jar to mark how much is one inch level.

You can also make use of a rain gauge and even turn on the sprinklers. This will allow you to determine how much water is collecting.

This is what we call irrigation by volume.

It will allow you to understand and estimate the time frame for how long sprinklers will be running in your garden.

You can also go old school and make use of your shovel to ensure how deep is the water going when you make a small slice into the soil layer. You will try to determine how much water is being absorbed and at what rate.

The key is to understand and work out what makes for moist soil level.

But be careful- here you need to identify the difference between moist soil and soggy soil.

Moist soil means you have air spaces which allow you to have sufficient water to make use of for your garden beds.

You need to ensure that water is being utilized in the optimal way. You can do so by ensuring that proper dripper system or irrigation is being used for this mechanism.



Creating a beautiful garden bed is just half of the task. You need to ensure watering garden beds is done in the best manner to gain maximum irrigation benefit.

It is best you make use of the best practices and this article aimed to provide you just the same. You should try to water early in the morning or noon.

You should understand how moisture absorption by the root zone is essential in maintaining a proper and healthy garden bed.

Proper soil preparation is also essential and key in maintaining a proper garden bed. This whole blog post provided the complete picture on ways to maintaining a strong and healthy garden bed.

Watering garden beds is not essentially a very hard task.

All you need to know is how watering garden beds allows you to have a solid water space that will ensure your garden survives strongly.

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