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ways to increase sustainability

When it comes to playing a role in adapting ways to ensure a sustainable environment, how far have you come to increase sustainability?

How do you decide on what needs to be done.

Know this- every single one of us have the power to make a difference.

There is plenty of what can be done to increase sustainability.

Ensure you are doing all that is needed. We are making choices every day.

Choose ways in which you are helping your environment.

Decide on ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint on earth.

The world doesn’t need a lot to survive and prosper. But it does need the nudge to progress.

In this article I want to talk about how you can play a major role in ensuring the sustainability of the environment. This will ensure that we are doing what we can to make sure we leave this planet in a better state for our future generations as well as for the wild animals and plants.

So how are we going to do that- read on to know more:

The 3 R’s

what are 3R's

You must have heard about them already- reduce, reuse and recycle. If you adapt these three in your life, you are already doing a great job.

This trio has been circulating around for generations but I think its importance has more weightage today than ever.

Ensure that you understand how everything that we buy is actually leaving its own environment footprint.

Even the way it is produced- the way the raw materials are taken and then put together is making a major difference.

Ask yourself the basic question- do I really need this in life?

It is important to consider this factor. If you do need something, does it really have to be new? Adapt a policy where you are willing to use products which don’t need to be brand new.

This ensures you are environmentally focused. Opt for options which consider minimal packaging and shipping.

And lastly- recycle. This means you understand how important it is to make use of products again and again. It is essential to make use of raw materials and sources of manufacturing so that we don’t have to go through the environmental torture again.

Plastic-Free Practices Increase Sustainability

Now let’s talk about one of the major culprits when it comes to adapting a sustainable living-plastic.

It is one of the most harmful creations from mankind.

This is because plastic never goes away. It forever exists. And for as long as it exists, it gives problems.

Did you know that there are over billions of pounds of plastic found in the world’s oceans?

That number is scary as it is.

It is one of the main killers of the marine life. Every year we are losing a large percentage of our marine life due to the usage of plastics.

But every small step and initiative matters. You can do so much on your own.

Ensure you adapt practices which will keep plastic usage to a minimum.

This can be done by making simple, small choices. You should avoid single-use water bottles. Ensure that you avoid anything plastic when it is not necessary, like using straws.

Look for plastic waste replacements. Also avoid plastic packaging. This means make smart choices at grocery stores. Look for options where you don’t have to buy wrapped produce. Try adapting as much of local produce as possible.

Even when buying other items that aim to use a lot of plastic, opt for packaging options which don’t make use of the same.

Environmentally-friendly restaurants are now using bamboo straws- look around and increase your awareness to play your part.

Look at the Labels

check out the labels

This is one of the major things to understand. Read the labels of whatever you buy.

Here’s something interesting – from buying coffee to your clothes, from makeup to produce, everything you do comes with a choice that is either going to support the environment or it is going to impact it.

Look for options where companies are committed to sustainable production.

Make purchases which are environmentally- heightened.

This means opting to buy Fair Trade certified goods. Buying organic food which means you focus on keeping damaging pesticides out of the produce you get.

Also there are many products which aim to support the wildlife- make smart choices for a better, cleaner and greener planet.

Become Water-Conscious & Increase Sustainability

becoming water conscious

This is the major life source. Understand how water is one of the most important elements to our existence.

We need to understand its usage and plan our life accordingly.

Firstly I want to tell you about the myth surrounding bottled water.

This is in no way better than tap water.

In fact tap water if actually very safe and you can have it checked in your area and run even quality tests to ensure it is safe for the whole family.

Did you know how harmful it is to try to extract the water and then to have it bottled in these plastic bottles- again the use of plastic proves more harm than good.

The other thing we will focus on is how water conservation is also very crucial. You need to understand how our demand for these limited water sources continues to increase as the population continues to increase.

However the main concern is how we are in no way playing a part in actually preserving this water or controlling the wastage of water.

Some of the basic ways in which you can make a difference is by adapting and changing simple lifestyle habits.

Opt for short showers, or better, make use of water buckets. This ensures unnecessary water usage is halted. Learn about drip irrigation.

Also look into ways in which you can fix leaking faucets as it also leads to heavy water loss which can easily be combated.

One other major technique to look into is ‘xeriscaping’. This basically means making use of a landscaping practice in which you make use of simple native, drought-adapted plants.

The biggest advantage of this is that it helps you to make use of plants which don’t require extensive water. These are called the drought-adapted plants.

Drive Less for the Green Drive

So it can’t get any simpler than this. Adapt practices in which you don’t need to drive often. This means making use of ways in which you are burning less fuel to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Look for options where you can simply walk, bike even adapt car-pooling practices where possible. This will increase sustainability.

Look for community options where you can make use of car-free days. Also keep your car in optimal condition. This means you should adapt regular tune-ups and keep the tires inflated properly.

The major advantage of tuning-up is that this increases your fuel efficiency.

These simple practices are great in making a difference. Adapt them in your life to increase sustainability.

Adapting the Green-Infused Home

Just as we tune our car to ensure we are following the right practice when it comes to making a difference in this world and ensuring green is in focus, similarly there are ways in which you can adapt home practices and lifestyle choices that increases sustainability.

You need to learn ways in which you will have plenty of insulation and energy saving windows.

Make use of a programmable thermostat as this ensures there is effective heating and cooling in process. Also you need to realize ways in which you can ensure energy-saving lightbulbs are being used.

Having a green focused house may cost you a little but it definitely goes the long way. Adapt the best practices for longer security.

You can learn from your community ways in which sustainable practices can be adapted. This will allow you to set an example and encourage others to follow your lead.

The Meat Consumption Factor

Now here’s something you probably didn’t know of. The way you are consuming your meat is also playing a major role. Did you know that the increased meat production is actually responsible for many things including that of heavy use of water, increased pollution as well as playing a major role in increasing the greenhouse gas emissions.

All these factors play a key role in hurting the planet and yes much of this comes from the escalated meat production.

Did you know that a huge percentage of food wastage is also one of the leading causes of concern. When so many natural resources are going into producing it, it is a devastating fact that not all of it is consumed.

Make wise decisions. Adapt practices that ensure that food production is kept at the optimal level. Eat meat sparingly and when you do, ensure there is no wastage.

Conclusion- Save Earth with Increase Sustainability

increase sustainibility

So there you have it. Ensure that this planet is safe.

We have damaged it heavily as it is. It is time we adapt simple strategies and take on environment-focused decisions which will ensure our earth will survive.

We need to realize how in adapting simple changes in life, making smart choices will allow us to increase sustainability.

Remember- the survival of this planet rests in our hands. How are you playing your part?

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