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what is decomposition

In this day and age, it is important that we have a complete understanding of what is it that goes into living in this day and age. There are several factors that come into the forefront and it is of utmost importance to understand how the decay of living things happen as this will allow you to get a better understanding and feel of how gardening is made effective. What is decomposition and how it works is an essential element to understand and work with.

We will be looking into ways in which you can get a complete overview on how decomposition happens. A person may consider why the rotting effect needs to be talked of anyway but it is still of essential importance.

Let’s talk of what is the urban decay process, how it impacts the way in which plants, animals and other living things get disintegrated.

But these are completely natural processes in nature as they are essentially breaking down the organic elements, as well as recycling it and in turn again making it available for the nature again to be reused.

In this article we will be looking into ways in which you will be able to get a complete overview and understanding on what is decomposition and how it matters.

So let’s begin:

What is Decomposition?

what is decomposition?

So first of all what does decomposition mean? It is basically the process in which the nutrients will be recycling in a proper manner.

This is because there are various organism (plants or animals) will be taking it in and building it in the body.

Everything that happens is so that decomposition ensures that the decay is taking place so that there is a nudge in the experience.

You can also consider it as when the dead tissue will be breaking down and this is going to be converting into even simpler organic forms.

The thing is that there are different kinds of food sources for the different species of that take place at the base of the ecosystem.

Did you know that the special species which are known for taking the decomposition process accelerated is known as detritivores.

This is the process in which they are literally feeding on the dead or decaying organic matter.

It will make up for the specific decomposition process. Also they are known to be part of the detritivore community.

The Heroes of Recycling

There are so many different kinds of organisms our there which are going to be taking part in the decomposition process.

And it’s true that these are not well-known as well.

Some of these are also what you may consider as being unglamorous.

When we think of how well are they known, they are actually touching upon the unglamorous side.

It mainly includes insects which can be beetles. Also it relates to larvae as well as flies and maggots ( fly larvae).

And that’s not all.

Let me share more details on the other kinds of insects which work for this. They include woodlice, fungi as well as slime molds.

It includes other kinds as well slugs, snails, millipedes and even earthworms.

Also they are usually out of sight and will be doing their work in the hiding. This is why we consider them as heroes of recycling.

They are actually very tiny in size but they are committed to getting some major work done.

The handiwork isn’t really obvious but it gives the results in no time.

Also when talking about how does this work, it means that the dead plants and animals will be turning into forms which are useable.

You will notice that these will be happening in a certain manner.

Decomposition in Plants

how it happens in plants

This is basically relating to how does decomposition in plants happens. It is actually due to a material known as fungi.

What happens is that dead leaves will be falling onto the ground from trees. And these will then collapse to the ground.

After which they will be producing seeds which give out results.

In most cases, there is actually a layer of litter that forms onto the soil’s surface as well.

This liter layer is very important. It gives you a substantial amount in volume. This allows for it to get completely taken in and made into the soil surface effectively.

Also this is important to highlight when we look into and talk about.  And look at ways in which this layer will be ensuring a major look and allows for the proper decomposition to happen.

Another common kind of fungi which does amazing decomposition is the hyphae.

This is actually consisting of white thread-like filaments which ensure that there is a major work being done.

The hyphae is the major part which ensures that the proper nourishment is being taken in from the litter.

So when it does so, what do you think happens?

Well, it ensures that the fungi will now be growing and spreading across and this in turn breaks the structure of the dead plants completely.

Bacteria will also be playing a major role in this manner and it includes slugs, snails as well as springtails.

The way the decay process takes place is that it will be lead on by the smallest of insects including that of earthworms and other kinds.

The Decomposition of Wood

While we have highlighted and talked in great detail about how plants are decomposing, it is also important to touch on other living things which can get effectively decomposed where soil fertility also matters.

Such is wood. So when comparing how wood decomposes as compared to plants, there is actually a very fine and soft tissue of the plants which starts decomposing.

But what is decomposing in wood?

Well, it relates to how there are actually very fine fibers in trees. These are actually much tougher and they don’t decompose quickly.

In fact they take plenty of time. While fungi lead to the decay in strong manners, and this is going to be leading to major ways in which you can see great results.

Fungi is actually one of the leading ways to make sure that you are getting good results.

The fungi is responsible for actually taking care of and feeding into the cellulose as well as lignin. That itself will be giving a complete overview.

This process is what will be changing it into softer tissues.

And those will in turn begin to decompose when the complete fungal fruiting bodies begin to die.

Also you will notice that there are actually species of slime which also grow inside these dead logs and will be playing a major role in the decomposition process.

The Soil Organic Matter

getting the organic soil to work

So this means when the plant is residing and returning into the soil, there are various organic compounds which go through a certain change. Types of soil play a major role in this process.

This is what we call as decomposition.

The decomposition process is such that there will be a physical breakdown. It will then lead onto the biochemical transformation process in which the complex organic molecules of the dead material into even simpler organic as well as inorganic molecules.

The way the decaying happens is that the plant residues which are remaining will be contributing to the biological activity.

And a major biochemical transformation is taking place now. This is when the complex organic molecules of the dead materials will be contributing to an effective decomposition process through which you will be seeing great results in no time.

This process is also what we consider as being biological in nature.

The way it happens is that there are largely three factors which determine at what speed it happens.

Remember that the soil organism is key, as is the physical environment in which it is taking place, as of course the quality of the organic matter and maintaining it well matters.

All of these elements come together in giving results. It matters that they are synched in a proper manner as that will be yielding the perfect way of decomposing. Such is the way for you to realize how it will be implementing major change and allows for you to enjoy the harvesting mechanism.

When discussing gardening skills, ensure that you have a good hold onto how this happens.


People often ask what is decomposition and why do we need to know about it. Well, for one thing it is important. It suggests ways in which you can gain the most from your gardening dynamics.

It is definitely an important activity and in this article we will be talking about and looking at ways in which you can get great results in no time.

You just have to make sure that you are able to grasp how plants are able to gain a complete understanding on how it works and allows for you to gain a complete overview on its impact.

Decomposing means a release of nutrients back into the wild and when you know what kind of material and creatures are responsible for having that done, it will be be making a major difference.

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