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what are white fungus balls in soil

Time and again, we have spoken at great lengths on how important it is to have good healthy soil. This means you are looking at ways in which you will be keeping the soil fresh. But sometimes you may notice something like white fungus balls in soil.

This is something which is important for the way you plant anything.

Houseplant care is important to consider.

And aside from giving sunlight and also through regular watering, you will notice that the plants need to have a really good base otherwise they will suffer from many issues too.

It all comes down to looking at the challenges and making smart decisions on how to combat the way these plants are growing.

In this article I want to share everything that there is about white fungus balls. It is important to know how they form, the kind of impact they leave and how you can control it.

So let’s begin:

What are White Fungus Balls in Soil?

how they form

The major question that remains is that white fungus balls are actually slime mold. This means that they are harmless.

However these should not be left in your garden for too long.

They appear in a range of textures and sizes. And in most cases they will be forming in white egg clusters too. The puffy balls may look different but they are actually suggesting major breeding environment that you need to look after.

So how do they form?

These are basically organic matter which is decomposing.

And mostly this happens in places where there is moist.

Not just that, it will also be growing very fast in the surroundings which are favoring them.

You will notice that the fungus balls also work really well as they thrive quite strongly in organic matter.

This, with the moisture makes the whole setting very effective to attract and allows you to understand the impact it can have.

Many consider it to be part of fungal colonies. That means that the white balls will be ranging in various clusters and suggest the presence of fungi.

Knowing of the same works well and allows you to have a good handle on the living conditions in which they thrive so strongly.

But overall, their presence is not a cause of concern.

Now let’s look into why it even happens?

Causes for White Fungus Balls in Soil

There can be several reasons as to why they even appear.

Many consider them as fungi, or molds. Some call them as bacterial colonies.

Whatever name you give them, with the right temperature and having too much moisture can cause them to be a nuisance to your plants.

So here are some ways in which they can exist and create issues for your planting techniques:

Decomposition of Organic Matter 

This is the leading cause as to why it is even happening.

Just like you will notice that there is something white which starts to grow when you throw a piece of bread, it will basically be decomposing .

And this is actually a natural process.

But it will not be hurting your plants in any way.

The white fungi will continuously grow in the moist soil.

And not just that, it will also die out if you notice that the soil itself is completely drying out.

For you to ensure that the fungus is not spreading, make sure that there is no plant which is being left behind.

This means there should be no organic matter in its vicinity.

What about the Size?

the variation in sizes

When we look at these white fungus balls in soil, there sizes may also vary.

How do we recognize which ones are more problematic?

They might appear as golfball-like fungus balls.

These suggest that the fungal growths are massive.

Some appear even in the size of sparrow’s eggs.

That means these are very small.

But they can still suggest problems for your settings.

You need to know of why they are appearing in that manner.

They actually have root-like structures and these are protruding out through the spherical body.

In most cases they will easily be drying out and when kept in the open air, there are several problems that come with the same as well.

Why Are They a Problem for Plants?

So you might be wondering that if these are basically consisting of decomposed organic matter, and are not even a big harm to plants, why should we bother with them anyway?

The thing is it really is just organic matter which is decomposing.

But there are certain slimy stalks which grow upwards from it.

This also consists of a rather bad odor which is going to be attracting flies and other insects to the garden.

And overtime it becomes a nuisance- leading to you make use of certain pesticides.

That will cause even more harm to your plants.

In case you are identifying a smelly and stinky stalk- it means you have encountered these white balls.

And there are several methods which you will make use of that eliminates the stinkhorns even fungicides.

So it is best if you make use of moist mulched areas. These are used in your garden far more frequently. And will allow you to see how your garden is effectively standing up.

How to Get Rid of White Fungus Balls in Soil

removing the white fungus balls safely

There are so many ways in which these balls will be affecting your soil.

You have to understand how it works.

Making use of drastic measures means you will be able to remove them.

For one thing, you can start removing the balls one by one.

This you can easily do by wearing gloves and picking them from the soil.

Also some of these balls are actually growing beneath the soil.

And in such cases, it is best if you take a deeper look and remove those effectively.

You can also look at ways in which you will be replacing the part of the soil which is getting affected.

And that means that the white fungus balls should not be spreading too deep.

Having loose soil means that you will be replacing it with fresh soil.

And that will in turn lead to even a stronger management of the same.

Also look at the roots of the fungus and have them removed also. This is done effectively by actually shuffling through the soil.

It allows you to detect the fungus and removes them in a strong manner. You will notice that even a small part of the fungus can very well grow in such a manner.

You just have to make sure you have a good handle on how you will manage the same as it allows you to make a proper analysis on how it will should be managed.


the appearance of white fungus balls

This article was an understanding of what are white fungus balls in soil. Knowing and understanding how they are formed will allow you to have a better handle on how this impacts your gardening skills.

In this article I have spoken in great detail on how you will be managing the condition well and seeing that the results are standing out.

Having  a good knowledge base makes all the difference and allows you to handle this plant condition well.

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