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planting year round herbs indoors

Having the opportunity to grow your own herbs is something that provides a major nudge to your organic goals. It is something that ensures there is freshness and your herbs are growing in way that there is minimal to no use of chemicals in it. You can save quite a few when you adapt ways to grow year round herbs right in your backyard.

Sounds overwhelming?

Don’t worry. It is something which seems to be a lot of hard work but it is definitely attainable.

In this article I am going to be sharing all there is to know when it comes to understanding the dynamics of having a thriving garden which makes use of only the freshest of ingredients. You want to make sure that your gardening is adaptable to the best practices as you imply organic fertilizers into the mix, ensuring your yield is 100% organic and clean.

So how do we do that? How can we attain that?

Read on to know more on this:

Why Should I Grow My Own Herbs?

First of all, let’s get our heads around the fact why we should be investing in the notion that our own herbs are better than store or farm bought? Well for starters when you have your own garden of herbs you are essentially investing in playing a part in the sustainability of the agriculture.

It allows you to feel assured that the herbs you are making use of in your cooking are fresh. Interestingly when it comes to utilizing your garden, you can do it so in two ways- either by adapting an indoor garden or creating an outdoor one. It is not hard to grow herbs productively.

You just have to adapt certain tactics that will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of gardening in the most effective way. One thing you should be certain about is that these herbs can very well be grown indoors as well as outdoors.

So this may comes a surprise but you can actually even grown herbs outdoors during the winter time. How this works is that gardeners can very well transplant their crops of herbs into the pots during summer. And these will be then put inside the houses during the winter time to conceal them from the harsh weather conditions.

But when it comes to planting the most thriving kinds, you should aim to grow herbs which are actually cold-hardy.

In this article I am going to be looking into some of the best indoor herbs to grow:

Year Round Herbs to Grow – Indoors

When you have a sunny windowsill, all you need is to make sure you are growing your dream indoor garden. There are several kinds of herbs which you can grow and it is great when you can ensure that the year round you have the best herbs to grow and utilize.

The harvest goes on through the whole year and allows for you to enjoy some of the best vegetables and gardening, that too if you are making use of containers and pots.

Now let’s get into the details of some of the best indoor herbs can be planted:


growing basil

One of the most common kinds is what we call basil. It actually comes from seeds and you place it in pots. For this it is also essential that you get lots of sun and also make use of ample supply of water. This makes sure that the soil is essentially moist and you will be having plants which are perfect in growth and are naturally health.

One tip to make sure your basil is growing properly- try to pinch the tops as this will ensure that your plants are growing in a healthy form.

You can also add the fresh basil into pizza and pasta sauces and make use of it in even salads.


The bay is what we call a perennial method of making use of gardening methods. For this you have to make sure you place the pot in an east facing window. This is because you need a partial sun to shine its light upon it. It also suggested that you actually thin the plant when it feels it is getting a little over crowded. You need to adapt air circulation as this assures that the plant is growing in a healthy manner.

Bay leaves are great as their flavor is used  in making stews, soups as well as sauces of various kinds. The fresh smelling wreath adds onto the flavors.


This is actually quite a delicate and even considered as an annual plant which gets its name from adapting from a French cuisine. You can make sure you are planting the chervil seeds in spring or even in late summer. So that to ensure they grow properly.

It is a plant which needs little light but will also be needing temperatures between 65 and 70. When that happens, it assures that the plantation is done properly and the plants will be thriving in whatever condition they are in.

You can make use of these leaves and add them into different kinds of plants as well as soups. It brings a great natural taste as well.


This is yet another kind of plant which has been gaining momentum. It is actually even onion-prone as it comes nicely in a container. If you are already growing one in your garden, you can just easily move it inside and this will not make much of a difference.

All you need to do is dig in a clump from the herb bed and replant your pot. In winters you just need to move plant indoors and keep it edged on the side of a window. You should be able to mince the leaves and when you sprinkle them on soups and salads, you will notice the extremely amazing smell and texture coming into formation.

Oregano- Year Round Herbs

Who would have thought that the Italian specialty is onw which has been in use for a very long time. Like different kinds of ground cover plants, this is actually a Mediterranean herb which is not so hard to grow and when it does, it has the tendency to easily spread around.

Once you have actually gone through the process of plantation, your plant will stand out and look great. The good thing about oregano is that it does not require a lot of water. And does not need to be kept in a very moist condition. So it becomes easy in taking care of it and its soil. You should also be doing regular trimming. As this keeps your plants healthy and full.


growing parsley

This is yet another kind of herb which is used a lot in cooking. Instead of you getting store bought, how about investing in your own kind right at home.

It is not as difficult. You just need to start off from the seeds. You need to be digging up clumps from your garden at the end of the season. When we talk of parsley, you will be needing to grow these plants and have them places either at the east or the west side of the window,

With all if these plants, it is essential that you make sure there is plenty of sun exposure but this also comes in calculated amounts. So that you do not burn out your plants completely.

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growing rosemary

One of my favorites is definitely the rosemary plant. It is actually made use of when you utilize moist soil mix which goes deep within the roots.

It is needed because you can ensure that there is a proper stems system which makes it an essential herb that adds onto the flavoring and zest of what you are cooking.

Also who wouldn’t want their garden to be smelling all fresh and rosy? Well this herb can also act as a natural air freshener, much thanks to the pungent smell it comes with. The uses are endless. You just need to know how to make the most of it.


an important indoor plant

When it comes to planting thyme indoors, the process is not as difficult. All you have to do is make use of a digging technique in which you take the outdoor plat and are able to repot the whole thing again.

Thyme is that herb which likes the sun. It also needs some good solid soil which will keep it moist and also helps in harvesting sprigs as when needed.


When it comes to planting some indoor herbs, there are definitely quite a few solid practices that serve you in the long run. Growing your own herbs is not as difficult, in fact it is one of the healthiest practices you can adapt especially when you know how to get it done. In this article I shared some of the best year round herbs which are indoor. And allow for you to enjoy organic gardening at its best.

Learn why you need to ensure you are playing your part in a sustainable and chemical-free environment.


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