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General features of our products.

Al Ardh Al-Khadra is an organic agricultural soil conditioners manufacturer founded by Dr. Khader Abou Foul and established in 2010. Based at Ajman, UAE, we are a Sole Proprietorship organization.

The products offered by us are processed in a hygienic condition, under the strict surveillance of our professionals. For processing these products, our experts make use of high-grade ingredients that are sourced from vendors of high repute.

Owing to their purity, freshness and longer shelf life, all the products are extensively used in the agricultural industry. Further, to retain the optimum quality and nutritional value of our range, we provide it in high-quality packaging material.

Our products are very effective, working, beside organic soil-conditioners, as organic pesticides and control wide range of plant diseases in a short time.

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Our Vision:

To work on providing a clean environment free of harmful environmental pollutants and provide a secure life for present and future generations.

Our Goals:

-Promote environmental security, food security, bio-security and water security.

-To preserve the environment worldwide and reduce pollution.

-To minimize the usage of chemical carcinogenic fertilizers and pesticides worldwide.

-To provide firm faith to mankind and the provision of a safe life, free from harmful compounds which cause serious diseases.

-To increase the environmental awareness among current and future generations and make them return to the exploitation of nature and the treasures of a safe life.

It pleases us to convey that Al Ardh Al-Khadra factory holds the below mentioned certificated and awards:

-AgraMe finalist award 2014-Certified by Tawthiq for usage in organic farming according to EU regulations No. EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008.

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