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Turbo consist of a group of medical and natural herbs that have an effective impact in the treatment of many diseases that infect humans and have been exploited in agricultural field to control plants nematode infection.



What are the components of the turbo?

Turbo consist of a group of medical and natural herbs that have an effective impact in the treatment of many diseases that infect humans and have been exploited in agricultural field to control plants nematode infection.

Does the Turbo have positive impact in the agricultural field?

Experiments and observations that have been applied in many private farms and agricultural experiments stations, within the United Arab Emirates or in some other countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Qatar and Arab Republic of Egypt indicated that the Turbo has effective impact as soil-conditioner and helps to control plant parasitic nematodes like root-knot and golden nematodes.

Does the Turbo have its own characteristics which distinguish it from other products?

Turbo is the first compound is considered at the global level as organic soil-conditioner and organic nematocide with many of the following features:

  1. Organic and natural 100% from the plants sources, environment-friendly and free of any chemical laboratory of the Ministry of Environment and Water in the UAE.
  2. Works to adjust the pH of the soil and the solution for up to 5.1 in a short period, making micro and macro elements available in the soil.
  3. Contains organic matter up to 92%, also contains micro and macro elements necessary for the growth of plants and trees.
  4. Assist in an effective and quick to control all stages of plant parasitic nematodes.
  5. Save water irrigation by about 25-30%.
  6. Contains amino acids and vitamins which are necessary for plant growth.

Is a Turbo increase the production?

Certainly the ideal contents of the turbo from micro, macro elements, amino acids and vitamins increase the production by a rate 20-30%.

How Turbo can be used?

The best way to get positive results follows the application rates according to the following table:



Cucumber, Pepper, Potato, Tomato, Eggplants, Squash…etc

500 gm/100L

Fruits and Citrus Trees,

30 gm/year of tree old

Fooder plants (Rodes & alfalfa)

500 gm/100L

Ornamental plants

500 gm/100L

Our Products are Organic soil-conditioner, Fertilizers and Pesticides

TURBO as Nematocide (Twice within 15 days, then one time each 15 days) :

Cucumber, Tomato, Squash, Eggplant ,Melon ,Watermelon,

Pumpkin, Potato , Chills ,Beans, Broad beans , Legumes ,Okra , Lettuce ,Alfalfa , Rhodes grass,……..etc

Root-Knot nematode ( Meloidogyne spp) and all types of parasitic nematodes



500 gm/100L
Fruit trees (Guava, Fig, Citrus, grapes , …etc) and


ornamental plants


Parasitic nematodes

25-30 gm/ year of tree old

1000gm/ 100 L


2-5 gm/ small plant

Shake continuously to be homogenized

Before planting:

After processing the soil, add Turbo at the rate 5g/plant/hole of vegetables and ornamental plants, also it can be mixed with the potting soil at a rate of 5 g/kg, then plant and irrigation with water.

After planting:

Dissolve one kilogram per 200 liters of water and stir constantly, add 250 ml per after germination by about 15-20 days. Or add 5 g/liter/plant, especially in ornamental plants and small spaces. The treatment must repeat once every 21 days. Also, for the fruit trees add Turbo at a rate of 25 grams for each year of age of the tree so that no more than 100 grams at a time and repeat treatment once every 21 days.

Can Turbo be mixed with other compounds?

If necessary, Turbo can be mixed with chemical fertilizers, organic and chemicals pesticides. Due Turbo contents from micro and macro elements, vitamins and organic matter it can save the use of other products by more than 35%. Also, it works as effective nematocides.

Is the product registered in UAE?

Turbo registered at the Ministry of Environment and Water, United Arab Emirates under No. 31/2010 as organic soil-conditioner from organic plant sources. It is used in many of the farms, government departments, villas and places.

How can a Turbo be get?

The product can be obtained from all agricultural companies or by calling the following numbers. We welcome any kinds of technical consultations.

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