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100% Organic And Original Products

We are committed to providing our customers top quality products which are 100% original and organic. We ensure all our offerings are produced from natural and organic materials. This means you will not have any traces of chemical additives.

Adapting authentic production practices, we make sure there is complete purity, freshness, as well as longer shelf life.
You can be assured that our agricultural soil conditioners are organic fertilizers, which are definitely the better alternative than other options.

This is because when you are using organic elements, you are making use of ingredients which are offering micro and macro nutrients. It will allow for your crops and plants to better utilize the nutrients with a high yield of vitamins and amino acids. All of this will make up for better plant growth and production. And a stronger control on plant diseases.

Our Products

The Best Organic
Products in the GCC

At AAAKSC we adapt the best organic practices to create a product line of the best products which are essentially giving you a range of benefits. Some of the leading advantages of using organic fertilizers are:


Solid Soil Structure

Using the organic fertilizer your soil holds onto water and nutrients in a better way.


Ensuring Sustainable Environment

When you make use of our fertilizers, they will be playing a part in environment growth. These fertilizers are really effective as they will not be running off into the waterways and ensure that marine life is not impacted in harsh ways.


Rich in Organic Matter

This means your soil will be able to ensure that the nutrients are completely absorbed and the carbon, nitrogen and potassium are feeding microbes in an efficient manner.


Cost Neutral

When you are using our products, you will not need to make use of pesticides and this means that your nitrogen, phosphorus needs become limited. These reductions will allow you to attain ample results from our organic offerings. When you use our AAAKSC products, you will get great results which are long-lasting and highly effective.

Going the Organic Way

How it is Better than the Alternatives

Whenever you adapt organic means of gardening and plantation, you are ensuring your plants are getting the essential amounts of nutrients and soil conditioners. Since these organic fertilizers contain plant or animal-based materials, they are completely natural.

This means it comes as a byproduct or end product of naturally occurring processes. This includes animal manure and composted organic materials.