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growing marigolds

When you think marigolds, it is common that you my get a certain kind in your mind. But the thing is there is a huge variety of the same. Growing marigolds is not as uncommon.

You can even consider it as being one of the favorites of many. Because there is so much offer tremendous selection for you to utilize.

The amazing thing is that you will be enjoying the aroma of the same.

It completely stands out and allows you to have a beautiful living space that is going to give your settings the kind of boost you need.

You should be knowing that there is nothing more easier to grow than to be able to create a marigold garden.

You will enjoy the sheer colors and stylings of gold, copper as well as brass. Which bring on the factor of summer and autumn gardens.

In this article, we will be covering all that you need to know when it comes to creating amazing marigold gardens.

Let’s begin:

What Are Marigolds?

what are marigolds?

So when we talk of marigolds, these are actually daisy or even carnation like flowerheads.

They form in what we call singly clusters.

Not only do these look distinctive but are also one of the common kinds.

The thing is when we talk of marigolds, there is not much fuss that goes into creating these kinds.

They bring such sunshine and beauty to your settings.

Some of the major species that they can easily attract are butterflies, insects as well as ladybugs. You will be amazed to see the kind of soil they can fertile.

And the best thing is that they will be blooming from late spring to fall.

That makes them a major choice and allows you to enjoy these gorgeous orange creations for long durations.

Types of Marigold

You will be amazed to know that there are actually 50 species of marigolds.

And some of the most common ones are:

The American marigolds which are actually quite tall. And the manage to gold the marigold upright.

Also these come with such amazing large flowers.  They are able to stand tall and can easily withstand drought-like conditions also.

French marigolds are actually smaller in size. They are also bushier and you can consider them as being compact.

You will also be amazed to know just how elegant and eye-catching they can be.

They actually consist of demure flowers.

Signet marigolds are those that come in very petite form. They are well-adapted to spaces which are dry and hot.

You will notice that they rarely reach about a foot in height also.

Lastly, a really popular choice is what we consider as pot marigolds or English marigolds. These are of a beautiful and bright plant. Not only do they consist of bright flowers.

But they also come with a tangy peppery taste- this actually grows alongside a range of herbs in the kitchen gardens.

Growing Marigolds

ways to make marigolds grow well

So when we talk of those bright orange petals of marigold, you will be amazed to know just how they thrive in full sunshine.

And this is because they can easily withstand the hot summers.

There are actually several African and signet marigolds which actually are able to withstand the drought tolerant too.

However the French marigolds can actually easily manage the wet conditions.

The one thing you have to make sure of is that you are planting them in shade and very cool areas.

Remember that marigolds are actually prone to withstanding hard weather conditions.

However in case you subject them to powdery mildew, they will not be able to bloom properly and that can impose a major issue for you.

Planting Marigolds

Did you know that young French and signet marigolds which you will be planting from spring till midsummer.

However when we look at ways in which you have to plant them, it is best if you take on the tall African marigolds.

These are really good in the sense that they are actually slower to mature and will be giving that great setting.

Also make sure you start planting them indoors. And this is about 4-6 weeks apart.

You will notice how marigolds will be sprouting in a week and they will actually be able to bloom in about 8 weeks.

How to Plant Marigolds?

So among all kinds, you should look at ways in which the seed will be planter.

They are actually purchased when they are very young plants.

After which they will be blooming significantly.

One of the main things you should be looking at is the way you will be sowing seeds.

Moisten the soil and then you will be sowing the seeds. These are actually 1 inch apart. But they are not going to make your setting feel like it stands different.

When you are planting in containers, you should be making use of a simple process that withstands the way it stands correctly.

Adapting soil-based potting mix is what will you be analyzing and understanding.

You can also adapt slow-acting granular fertilizer which is used in planting time.

Making use of diluted liquid fertilizer is also going to allow you to ensure that this is what you adapt and use in containers.

Just make sure that you are not making it too crowded.

The Essence of Growing Marigolds

how to grow marigolds

When you are essentially looking at ways in which you will be growing a bushy setting, you are going to make sure the plants are becoming leggy and it encourages blooming at a great rate.

Known this- Marigolds will not need deadheading.

But in case you notice that they are not blooming properly, you will have to see how you can easily remove the dying blossoms.

This is important and you will notice how the double flowerheads will actually help in suppressing the weeds effectively.

Make sure you are also adding a layer of mulch between these plants.

That not only keeps the soil moist. But it also allows you to make use of a major setting.

Deadheading Marigolds

So this is basically relating to when you are going to remove the faded flowers.

You do so by pinching off the flower head.

In some cases, you have to make sure that you will be making use of flowering season.

These are actually marigolds.

It is actually quite a very simple process.

When you are blossoming to go bad.

You will have to pinch and cut stems back to the nearest set of leaves.

If you are deadheading annuals, or you wish to fertilize them. These are actually heavy feeders.

They will be responding well.

You will be making sure that the ways in which harvesting it in effective ways.

Leaves need to strip well. Overly pungent odor which will allow you to have proper and long-lasting floral arrangements.

These are actually going to be leading you to have proper, edible flowers that look great and stand out.

They will be irritating the skin, however it is important to know how they will be ingesting them.


the beauty of marigold

Growing marigolds is essentially important. It is actually done so with a huge variety of marigold.

However when it comes to how you will plant it, these are important to know of.

You should be knowing as to how it adds to your ambience and allows you to create a very interesting ambience which is defining.

All of these are essential aspects which will make your garden bloom in undeniable ways.


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