Heat Stress on Plants

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heat stress on plants

As the name suggests, heat stress on plants directly impacts their growth. It is basically relating to how high temperatures would lead to a plant wilting.

This is basically a sign that the plant is suffering from water loss.

If there is nothing done about it, the condition will only get worse with time.

So you shouldn’t be ignoring it completely.

In fact it is essential that you look at the ways it is making the plants health worse.

Before it eventually dries up and makes the plant all crunchy, you should be noticing how to make sure the leaves are kept in good condition.

The major sign of heat stress on plants is noticeable when the leaves will begin to drop.

However the condition can get far worse with time if you don’t make the condition better.

In this article, we will learn of and understand the leading ways on how to care for plants and see results in no time.

So let’s start:

What Causes Heat Stress in Plants?


causes of heat stress in plant

So as soon as the temperatures begin to soar above 85 degrees, it means your plants are suffering from major stress.

And that means the weather is extremely hot for them to survive under.

Not just that, there will be severe damage to how the plants function.

So much so that it impacts their development in major ways.

This isn’t to say that there is going to lead to droopy leaves only.

The heat leads to them having stunted growth.

And with that leaf drop, leaf scald as well as failure to flower means that there is a failure to produce seeds also.

All of these things accumulate and lead to the condition getting worse with time.

Heat stress happens during the high daytime temperatures.

At nighttime temperatures, it is basically going to be much cooler and better.

This is due to the exposure control and will also lead to better management and balance of the temperature.

Protecting from Sun Damage

protecting from sun damage

So now we know the main culprit is the heat.

And the major nemesis for heat creation is the sun.

But exactly how do we combat its effect?

Here’s something you should know: plants may also suffer from what we call as sunburn.

This is the burnt foliage which actually leads to tan or white leaves.

Did you know that since the sun is harshest during midday, it is essential that you provide the plants some kind of shade so as to protect them from the heat at this time.

So how do we do that?

I want to share some leading steps and ways to make a difference:

  • Make sure you are putting the heat sensitive plants in garden beds which are receiving afternoon shade.
  • This is done for houses including sheds, fences, among others.
  • Also you should be planting the garden beds in places which have dappled afternoon light.
  • You should also make use of ways where you are planting shorter, heat sensitive crops under the shade of taller and heat-loving crops. For instance you are planning salad greens under climbing squash. This really makes a difference.
  • If you notice how plants are in containers, you should be moving them in covered porch as well as in shaded area in the afternoon. This really keeps them protected.

How to Care for Plants in Hot Weather

how heat stress effects plants

This is essential for you to understand how you can care for plants in the scorching weather.

So to help and keep plants save from major heat waves, it helps if you are keeping them moist.

How to do that?

You should be making use of some major tactics that allow your plants and flowers to grow strong.

There are some leading ways in which container plants work.

Hot weather can lead to the withering of plants.

There are some potted plants which will be needing some strong irrigation elements. This means highlighting how mulching plants will be helping in the conservation of the plants.

It works when you are able to lock in the moisture effectively.

This is something that comes in basic gardening skills. You have to ensure that placing water granules in pots is something which is super effective.


It actually works in great ways in actually soaking up the excess water.

In times of dryness, you will notice that it actually slowly releases some of the water back into the soil.

Not just that, moving potted plants to shadier locations suggests that you will be needing to protect it in great ways.

What is Bolting?

It is important to point out how bolting affects plants.

This is what we consider as a premature flowering of plants before the harvesting actually begins.

Not just that. there will be some other effects on  plants due to high temperature.

These will actually lead to bolting even for the cool-season vegetables.

Usually in a heat wave, there will be some major impacts that happen to weather plants. This includes cilantro, broccoli, as well as cauliflower and even lettuce and spinach.

You should be aiming to look at not just the quality flavor. But also see how heat wave actually impacts the harvesting in major waves.

So this is why you need to ensure how certain plants are to be kept safe.

Watering Plants the Right Way

When we look at and try to understand how watering works, you have to keep certain things in mind.

One is to understand the recommendations on what is the ideal timing for watering.

It really depends on whether you need to aim for deep watering. Or if shallow watering can actually yield results also.

Morning watering is usually common. This is especially needed during the high heat environment.

Wilted plants are those which are in a wilted state often.

For them, you need to recognize ways to ensure that the plants are strong and are standing in a healthy state for a long term.

So how do we see and analyze the roots and what they need:

  • Shallow rooted plants are those which quickly dry out.
  • They will be wilting even faster than ever .
  • You will also look into what are the tap-rooted plants and how can you draw the water which actually goes deeper into the soil.
  • Also did you know that tap-rooted plants are those which will be drawing water faster from deeper soil
  • Some young plants are those which don’t have very deep root development. In such cases, it is best if you are establishing plants which have a large network of roots.
  • Having so allows you to draw moisture in large ways from the soil. This stands strong for many such plants and you need to create a proper manner of giving enough moisture to plants. So that heat stress does not get them to wilt so strongly.


Heat stress on plants is real. It can lead to several concerns.

You have to determine what is causing it.

Knowing so allows you to create a strong network which gives complete moisture to plants.

Heat wave can be extremely harmful to plants.

There are some of the leading ways in which it will be leading your plant network to gain complete care.

This article provides you a complete overview on how to care for your plants and ensure they are getting complete care. Knowing so makes it a major element in ensuring your plants and flowers are going to bloom and not wilt soon.

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