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what are natural mosquito repellants

Summers come with certain issues too. The warm weather attracts many pests including mosquitos. Are you looking for natural mosquito repellent?

Mosquitos are a huge nuisance to our living. These pesky bugs aside from being very annoying, also pose huge health risks.

Did you know that humans attract mosquitos in a number of ways, including by the food and scents that release an aroma binding them in.

The carbon dioxide attracts the insects; that actually gets emitted from the breath and there are also certain compounds in the sweat which actually also attract these bugs.

Also did you know that mosquitos are also attracted to warm bodies. This is why summers is the peak season for them to come into your backyards and make as pesky and irritating as they can be.

Mosquitos also carry with them various kinds of diseases. These are known to cause many dangers to the body and your well-being. This blog is going to give you insights on how you can actually combat and keep yourself protected from mosquitos through the use of natural plant repellents.

So let’s begin:

Use of Mosquito Repellents

adapting natural repellents

You must be knowing of the different kinds of chemical sprays out there which cause more harm than good.

These may repel the mosquitos for a while but it actually harms your environment and the surroundings in the process too. So it is better for you to search for alternatives as they will give environmental-friendly results

One of the major and effective ways to keep these frisky pests away while ensuring your garden is in good hands, us by making use of plant repellants.

Yes you heard that right- now you can make use of certain plants which can act as mosquito repellants and will not harm the environment, ensuring everything looks good.

Since the chemicals can easily release into the air and become harmful for the environment around, it is best if you make use of these natural alternatives for better and longer results.

By simply adding just a few plants here and there, you can ensure that you are making use of the best, nature-friendly repellants.

Now I will talk about the kinds of plants you can make use of for this very purpose:

Using Natural Mosquito Repellent

Some plants are known to be the best kind of mosquito repellants. This is because they have an amazing natural, soothing scent.

This scent may seem really good to us but it is actually repulsive to the mosquitos. Now when it comes to getting this kind of soothing scent, know that there are over 15 types of plants which can give these out.

But there are a few techniques you can master to ensure that they are working right.

This includes keeping these plants in closets or closed spaces. This ensures the scent is collected and is in high concentration.

Some of the best areas in which you can keep them include the windows, doors, seating areas as well as dining places and even walkaways.

Also did you know that some plants work great of you actually rub their leaves onto your skin directly. But you should pay heed- this technique doesn’t work for all kinds of plants.

It is important as part of smart agriculture to adapt better gardening tactics using organic means.

You should speak to a dermatologist or botanist to know which plants are okay to be rubbed against the skin and which aren’t. You can also make use of pots to move these plants around without much concern.

But of course since you want them placed where mosquitos are, your best bet is to place them in backyards and gardens. Now let’s talk about all these plants specifically:

Basil-Natural mosquito repellent

making use of basil

This is a plant which does more than become a really good addition to your tasty salads and sauces.

Basils are also really good when it comes to acting as mosquito repellants. They are also useful when it comes to serving as a toxic element to mosquito larvae.

So it is best to put them near standing water as it actually deters mosquitos, not allowing them to lay eggs.

You can get basil from any supermarket. And the good thing is they can be used and placed as mosquito repellants for long periods of time.

Bee Balm

Now this may come as a surprise to you but bee balms are one of the best ways to keep those pesky insects off your garden.

Among the different kinds, wild bergamot and horsemint are actually really good. See Bee balm is essential when it comes to bringing the pollinators into your yard.

The plant is very effective when it comes to attracting bees and butterflies, even hummingbirds into the garden. It is readily available and you can use it in jellies, teas as well as garnishing for different salads and dishes.


Have you heard of citronella? Apparently it is one of the most common and useful elements when it comes keeping those mosquitos away.

The way you can make use of citronella is by actually buying scented candles that have strong smell and incense.

This strong scent falls even strongly on the mosquitos; they will repel as it aims to masks all the smells that the mosquitos are drawn to.

It is specifically true to the scent of carbon dioxide. Another really good advantage of using this plant is that it is easily maintained. You can place it in planters or you can actually keep it in the gardens.

The plant is low-maintenance, hence you don’t need to do much when it comes to keeping it healthy and thriving. There are also different variations to the same plant so it isn’t hard for you to find one near your place.

Just keep in mind that you have to ensure that it is watered timely and kept in good, healthy condition.

Lavender as a Natural Mosquito Repellent

lavender as mosquito repellent

It is actually one of the basics and most commonly used plants to keep you relaxed. Aside from its highly calming properties, lavender is a great mosquito repellent.

It is really good when it comes to keeping your mind calm and helps in many ways to drive off the mosquitos.

Many people now also use as an ingredient for tea as it naturally keeps the pests away. Not just mosquitos, but it is also useful in driving away other kinds of critters and insects too.

Lavender is also used in different kinds of perfumes and oil diffusers.

The best thing is that you can make use of it in various forms as it is has such amazing properties. And as we are attracted to the smell, interestingly it repels mosquitos so it is a complete win-win equation here.

Lemon Balm

This is one of the most well-known ingredients that actually help to reduce your stress levels and alleviate any stomach issues you may be suffering from.

Also did you know that it is also an invasive species- this means you can also make use of it by directly planting it in your garden.

The plant tastes great and come into soups as well as other dishes.

You can actually have it added to your final dishes, simmering on the stove. The smell itself will drive the mosquitos crazy and avert them. Make use of it today!


This is a plant know to have good levels of citral. The citral is an oil in mosquito repellants.

While it also tastes really good and works well in soups and other dishes, the lemongrass usage as a mosquito repellant has been gaining momentum steadily in many parts of the world.

But there are some things you should be aware of. For instance, lemongrass is not a good element when it comes to pregnant women and new moms. Their usage should be in control so you can’t use it as a repellant in places where women are in a vulnerable state.


This is yet another kind of plant which is highly effective when it comes to making your garden stand out and look distinctive. It provides an amazing edge and feel to the whole look.

Did you know that they are also good for vegetable gardens?

Another thing is that they give very strong fragrance.

It is a major ingredient for salads and soups. Marigolds consist of a special ingredient which consists of pyrethrum.  This is a special kind of compound for nature’s insecticide.

It has proven to be quite effective for different kinds of insects including mosquitos. You can also purchase certain sprays which have high concentrations of  marigold.


rose mary as repellant

This is one of the most well-known and useful herbs when it comes to seasoning. However this herb is also effective when it comes to using it for your vegetables.

You know the best way it works is that you can toss in rosemary over a fire and the released fumes becomes such a strong insect repellent.

Over the years, the usage of rosemary has significantly increased. You can make use of it throughout the year as it continues to gain momentum.

Know this- any kind of herbs or plants you use, due to being completely natural, there is no harm and no disadvantage to using them. The organic nature of such repellents is definitely worth your time,

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