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what are perennial plants

Perennial plants are called as such because they are able to live easily for more than two years, They differ from annuals and biennials in a number of ways.

Such plants are those that do not have what we call as any woody growth, such as that coming from trees and shrubs.

But the good thing about these plants is that it is very easy to grow them in your garden and you can easily bask in how they will add to the sheer beauty of summer to it.

Did you know that similar to clockwork, these perennial flowers have the ability to actually bloom and pop out with fresh buds as well as refreshing colors and also have bold aromas.

The good thing about them is they are actually of low-maintenance. Once you have done the initial planting, it becomes to maintain it properly and ensure it looks great.

In this article we will be looking into the best perennials you can plant all year long:

Leading Perennials to Plant

types of perennial plants

When planting anything, a few things to consider are what is the zone in which they exist, how much is the sunlight requirement and what are the leading blooming times to know of.

These will ensure that your perennials are made equally.

While some can be short-lived, others are such which will be blooming fully.

They are actually making up for great ground covers. They have borders and garden pollinators also.

Now let’s look into some of the leading choices for perennial plants:


This is what we consider to be bringing into a tropical look to your garden.  It is of actually very low-maintenance foliage.

And you will be getting it so in a range of green shades which also consist of white and purple flowers. These bloom in summer as well as fall.

People actually consider these to be shade-loving plants but the fact is that they actually have very light colored leaves.

And this allows for a lot of sunlight to pass through them. Allowing them to thrive.

But the good thing is that they can survive for many years. However that too comes when you give them complete and good care.

Shasta Daisy

blooming in spring

This basically relates to when you want to grow plants in sets or clumps. They are also short-lived but are really good as space fillers.

You will usually notice bright bursts of white as well as yellow. They can spread distinctly and ensure your plants and garden simply stands out.

Also as a bonus, you can even cut the flowers at the stems and these will become a major vase filler. You can also decorate it as a centerpiece.

And these will be re-growing in no time at all.


This is the kind of plant which starts blooming just one year after its plantation.  It has what we call lupine-like flowers.

And they are of the color blue, purple with hints of green.

The best thing about them is that they are disease and even pest-free.

So this makes them as the ideal choice for growing smoothly for years without getting impacted in any way.

And the best thing is, when properly taken care of, they will be able to grow up to four feet in height. This will be filling out properly shrubs.


This is what we consider as the perfect perennial. They are really goo as they can actually survive in various and fluctuating temperatures.

Also what people often do is irregular watering. But these kinds of perennial plants are those which will be able to survive irregular watering also. They are also considered to be a good way to adapt organic fertilizers.

Also they will be coming in a range of colors and sizes. Choose a kind which is suiting to your landscape and gardening requirements.

But the thing is the buds will be blooming for one day only, however the stems can easily grow different kinds of flowers quite easily.


This is the kind of plant which easily grows in nature. It is of the wild kind but it also comes with spiky flowers.

It makes them as a major distinctive look. They have a short life and also come with stems which can grow very long.

These can even go as tall as five feet. And they have a range of flowers like red, white as well as yellow and even purple blooms.

They most likely resemble pea flowers but are not the same thing as those.


This starts off in early spring and is able to fully bloom through the rest of the months. It is actually what we consider as being a low-growing phlox and comes with its own ground cover.

During the summer months, it is able to actually stand three to five feet in height.

It has a major colorful backdrop and is considerable very effective in creating a major framework for growers.

And when talking about phlox, it isn’t the height but what matters is how you will be able to see such star-shaped flowers which ensure that there is a strong fragrance that comes from them.

Also no to very little TLC is needed to ensure that the plants are blooming quite effectively. A quick tip to know and understand is that they come into the categories of 2 and 9. This means they will be preferring to have a full sun. But they can only tolerate little shade.

Also the blooming phase lasts from spring to summer.


This is a kind of perennial which has been popular for many ages. It is also really popular in garden settings.

They have what we consider very large flower heads which are able to blend elegance effectively with beauty and grace.

They consist of pink, lavender as well as blue and white flowers. These completely stand out and make the flowers and plants look completely beautiful.

Also you have to ensure that the plants have a good many 50 years of survival. And that can happen when you plant them in spring and they bloom throughout the whole season.

These kinds of plants can effectively survive through the fall frost. They have a sturdy structure.



This is what we consider as being the hardy and versatile perennial. One of the best things about this kind of plant is that it is pest-resistant.

You can grow it quickly. Also it is a very effective pollinator. There are many ways in which they can cover the ground area.

They fill the open meadows and are super effective in ensuring that your garden’s landscape has a beautiful and massive covering.

One tip to ensure your yarrow grows flowers beautifully is to make sure you are cutting the deadheads as soon as they appear.

This leads to a strong growth of the plants and flowers effectively.


This is a beautiful star-shaped flower which just adds so much color to your gardens and plants. They come in actual clusters and gardeners also love planting them.

It all depends on the size of the space you have.

You have to choose between a low-growing sedum which is actually a really good ground covering option.

Or you can opt to make use of upright sedum.

These are coming in a whole kind of variety but there are usually two very popular ones.

They give really good results and brighten your environment. When choosing what kinds to plant, look for one which is going to suit the size of your space.

Also they should be giving really good variety. You can look into succulent-like leaves which come with pink, red or even yellow flowers.

There are low-growing sedum which is able to tolerate partial shade.

They bloom in summer to fall and look distinctive and varied.


This is the kind of perennial plants which are absolutely beauty and look great with green contrasting with hints of yellow.

People think its also a weed which can grow quickly. This will be able to overtake the whole garden and if not treated well, they can spread quite massively.

However when you are able to tame them, you will notice how in one season, they will be effectively blooming and making your garden stand out.


This is one kind which makes a major planting mass. It comes in a range of colors including that of pinks and purples. But its most common kind are oranges and yellows.

They fall under the daisy family. You can consider them as being trouble-free blooms.

But they do not have the same qualities as those of.

The thing with these flowers is that they will be growing very fast. These flowers will be growing very fast.

You can consider them as being self-sow seeds which are able to get attracted through the whole season.

These flowers look epic, as they attract butterflies and are able to survive long with or without water.


beautiful perennial plants

Perennial plants are common. Many people consider planting them. They come in a range of look. In this article we looked into and spoke of all the different kinds of perennial plants.

We also looked into ways in which you can grow them and get amazing results effectively.

It all comes down to knowing what kind of plants will be standing out and making your garden look green and ravishing.

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