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There is no denying the fact that we love our pets. They are absolutely notorious but also completely lovable. You will like to snuffle with them and will enjoy taking them on walks. And you will love them in every way. But when caring for them, make sure you are looking at several factors like poisonous plants for pets.

They do love to walk on grass and smell plants. But some of these can be extremely harmful for you.

You have to make sure that the pets are not being harmed.

In this article I am going to be sharing some of the leading poisonous plants for pets.

Identifying them and understanding the kind of concerns and problems they can create.

Knowing so allows you to have a good control and management of the condition in proper manner.


Let’s know more:

What are Poisonous Plants for Pets?

Some plants can simply give you pup diarrhea.

This will lead to major poisonous plants and will be causing several serious issues and concerns.

There are actually many kinds which will lead to many problems.

I am going to be sharing some of the major common poisonous plants which will cause several concerns.

You have to know of these kinds and how they make an impact:

Sago Palms 

sago palm


Sago palms basically consist of stiff fronds. They are actually more like tiny palm trees. And they can easily live indoors or even outdoors.

But the thing is most of the sago palms are actually toxic to pets.

And there can be several symptoms through which they have to go through. This includes vomiting, diarrhea, as well as having several seizures and also feeling lover failure.

This is why you have to make sure that the plants are well looked after.

The leaves and the barks will be causing several harm to the pet.

There are also several seeds and nuts which can lead to major concerns.


This is basically what we consider as heart-shaped leaves. It has long vines and is one of the popular houseplants.

Why are they dangerous?

Because they consist of what we call as insoluble calcium oxalate crystals.

These will be irritating the dog’s mouths and the lips too.

If your cat or dog is going to swallow it, it will be pawing at its mouth.

This can several lead to drooling and even retching.

That is why you have to make sure that you are keeping and steering your pets clear of such plants.

They can lead to many problems and will lead to quite a few problems if not managed in a proper manner.

Weeping Fig

weeping fig

This is yet another really common poisonous plant.

It is actually a common one which is cultivated in a tree native to Asia.

These are mainly grown outdoors.

And come in what we call as a glossy foliage as well as a graceful arching habit.

Some of its common names are Indian rubber plant, rubber tree as well as Benjamin’s fig.

This is one of the most common plants which are toxic to your dogs and cats.

You will be looking as to how these plants will be destroying the proteins in dogs.

They will be causing irritation to your skin.

And when exposed to the sun.

Some of the major symptoms like agitation, diarrhea, drooling and loss of appetite, mouth pain as well as consistent vomiting.

There are also certain skin symptoms that can happen which includes blistering, inflammation as well as other skin irregularities.

Many pets will have to suffer from toxic mildness which lead to ingestion problems.

Snake Plant

snake plants

This is known as snake plant, because of its physical appearance. It actually comes like a spear like variegated leaves.

And there is also its upright appearance which makes it look like snake plants.

Definitely it adds major dramatic appeal to any room.

Many also consider it as being mother-in-law’s tongue or the good luck plant.

But the thing is it can prove to be extremely poisonous plant.

The reason being that it has major toxic elements which includes saponin.

You should be knowing these properly and identify them to make a complete overview on what are the kinds of plants your pets should be kept away from.

Elephant’s Ear

elephant ear

This is one of the major kinds which can prove to be extremely problematic.

You will be interested to know that there are several kinds of garden plants that go by the name elephant’s ear.

This is actually consisting of really large and bold leaves.

They actually measure up to 3 feet long.

And in the tropical season, they were mainly popularized.

Many come in a range of forms and colors.

This includes the exotic feels that it brings with it to the landscape.

But the problem is they can be very poisonous too.

This is especially true to the way it is for cats and dogs.

The problem is that the toxicity is on the high end.

It consists of what we call as oxalate crystals. Which are actually concentrated in the bulbs.

Some of its major symptoms are burning sensation of the mouth and throat.

As well as drooling and vomiting too.

In major and extreme cases, it can also lead to major ingestion problems.

You will see there is difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

Also convulsions and organ damage can cause several problems. It can even lead towards death.

Jade Plants

Now lets look at what jade plants are. These are introduced as the houseplants which are actually succulent when grown.

They come with their own fleshy leaves.

And also have sturdy tree-like appearance that will lead them to becoming of an exotic appeal.

But the thing is these can also serve to be harmful to dogs and cats.

And there is definitely a part of the plant which if not ingested properly can lead to several concerns.

You have to see and understand how the toxic property of the plants plays a role in this. Much like poison ivy.

Your pets will have to go through several horrible symptoms.

This includes vomiting, depression, there is lack of coordination. And even feeling lethargy and having a loss of appetite.

These can be quite worrisome and problematic for your pooches.

So it is best if you have a good handle on them and ensure that there is proper care on how it will be yielding results.


We absolutely love our pets. But there are certain poisonous plants for pets that you should be knowing of.

This means having a good control over how they are going to impact your health.

In this article I have highlighted and spoken of some of the leading kinds which can be very big trouble.

You should be knowing what these are and how they impact your body.

This allows you to ensure that your pets health is in focus and you are keeping a check on them.

Adapting certain elements will allow you to bring it to a complete focus.

That is why it make a huge impression on your skills as a pet owner.

Their health is what matters the most and you need to ensure that you have it all in focus and care.

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