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Before we talk of and cover what is pollen allergy, it is important to identify and know what pollen itself is.

This is basically a very fine powder.

It comes from trees, flowers as well as grass and other elements which makes it very common to catch.

Also it is one of the leading causes of allergies.

Hence you should be knowing more so about it in detail before understanding how it comes into use.

Even in the Middle East and places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi- people may suffer due to such similar allergies.

And most often, they even don’t know what the causes are for it.

This is why knowing more about it and having some backhand knowledge can serve you in major ways.

So let me now start off and share what are the leading types, and the condition it can lead to.

Let’s begin:

What is Pollen Allergy?

what is pollen allergy?

Pollen is what we consider as a very fine powder.

It comes mainly from trees, flowers as well as grasses and weeds.

Usually you need to have a a good understanding on what it comes from.

For one thing, it actually impacts your immune system really strongly.

You will notice how it actually works really well against harmful intruders.

So how does the immunity work in this way.

It actually will be producing certain chemicals which are really good.

They create what we call histamine and this works really well.

Because it will be fighting off any kinds of viruses and bacteria too.

Not just that, there is also the allergic reaction you need to understand.

It comes due to a certain pollen and we consider it being as an allergen.

How the allergen reaction works? It will basically relate to how it leads to irritating symptoms .

And you will notice continuous sneezing, as well as having a stuffy nose and even watery eyes.

There are certain symptoms which are long-term. This means they will remain strong and will lead to several problems for you if not combatting them in a timely manner.

Pollen energy is also something which can happen very strongly.

For such symptoms, it is best if you get the treatment through medications as well as allergy shots.

Both of these work and lead to the relieve of symptoms.

Types of Pollen Allergies

types of pollen allergies

It is important that you identify and highlight the different kinds of allergies that can trigger major allergic reactions.

Most of these are again coming from and highlighting a range of plant species.

They are mostly originating from different kinds of plant species. I will share now the most common ones:

Birch Pollen Allergy 

This is the kind of allergy which actually originates from birch pollen. It is usually originating from airborne allergens.

And this usually takes place in spring.

Whereas when the birch pollen is releasing, it will actually be consisting of very small grains of pollen which will be releasing into the air.

They usually get scattered by the wind.

And there is plenty of such grains that will fly out in the wind.

You will not be able to handle it well and identify as to why it is even happening.

Oak Pollen Allergy

This one actually is quite similar to birch pollen allergy.

However how this works is that you will notice that there is pollen which is going into the air.

But when it comes to the kind of allergic reaction you get from either.

It is important that you compare and look at ways in which this pollen and the ones from other trees is going to be extremely different.

For one thing- this one actually stays out longer in the air.

Also it is going to lead to extremely high and severe allergic reactions.

That means you will consistently be getting affected by them.

So it is best that you handle it properly and see that it is not leading to major reaction problems.

But what is important to know is that it is still a kind of pollen that will be yielding problems for the body if not combated in a timely manner.

Grass Pollen Allergy

Another kind of pollen which is going to be affecting your health is what we consider as grass pollen.

This is actually what leads to and causes severe pollen allergies in the body.

It is also more so commonly happening in the summer and spring months.

But for its major effects to take place, this usually happens only with two kinds of grass majorly.

These are the perennial rye and Bermuda grass.

They will definitely be leading to major triggering of allergies.

You just have to know what kinds are these.

It allows you to have a good view of the kind of allergies that can exist and happen.

Knowing the various kinds will lead to even more concerns if you do not manage it properly.

There are so many kinds that will cause you to suffer from pollen allergies.

Ragweed Allergy Problems

which seasons pollen happens?

Now let’s look into and highlight what are the kinds of problems that can happen if you suffer from the ragweed pollen.

This is basically yet again another kind of pollen allergy which will only get worse as did you know that just one ragweed plant can actually create more than a billion grains of pollen or pollen grains.

It is usually more so active during the fall months.

And looking at the location, it can get worse if there is no proper treatment for the same.

They are the most active during the fall months.

The pollen continues to spread and it will continue to do so and will get even more spread out in November.

Also there is the wind-driven pollen which actually travels for hundreds of miles.

Not just that it will also be able to effectively survive in mild winters.

Pollen Allergy Symptoms

what are pollen allergy symptoms

There are several kinds of symptoms you have to look out for which will lead to even more concerns if you don’t take quick action.

Let me now share some of the leading signs that something is not right:

  • You will feel nasal congestion
  • There is plenty of sinus pressure which continues to increase
  • Facial pain is also common
  • Runny nose can happen and will continuously cause concerns
  • Sore throat is common
  • Coughing continuously can lead to concerns
  • You will notice swollen and bluish skin
  • There is decreased sense of taste or smell even
  • Suffering from major asthmatic concerns


the impact of pollen

Pollen allergy is quite common.

It can happen to anyone at any time.

But usually the allergies are far too common in people who have allergies to pollen. This can be long-lasting and will cause major concerns and problems.

You just have to know what are the kinds of plants that can cause problems in the body.

In this article I have shared and spoken of ways in which pollen allergy happens.

We also looked into the major kinds and types of pollen allergy that can happen.

This allows you to know of and make sure you are able to handle the condition properly,

There are so many concerns that you need to understand and that allows you to have a good handle on your allergies.

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