Bone Meal Fertilizer: How It Benefits Your Plants

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effective use of bone meal fertilizer

When it comes to your plants and their proper growth, you know there is a lot that can be done. Gardening is an interesting and exciting way to unleash your creativity. There are so many ways in which you can ensure that your gardening experience is going well. From among the various kinds of fertilizers you adapt, bone meal fertilizer is essentially one which also does wonders.

With how things are progressing, remember there are amazing things you can still do. Gardening is thriving with a few add-ons. Let’s look into how bone meal fertilizer is one of the leading and essential garden superfoods you can make use of.

There are so many ideas and tips which you can make use of to ensure that your plants are growing and thriving in right direction. To achieve your lush garden is not always that hard. But to ensure that you do, it always works to make use of different kinds of fertilizers.

In this article we will be talking specifically about how does bone meal measure against others. And how using it actually holds a lot of advantages for your plants and garden overall.

So let’s begin:

What is Bone Meal Fertilizer?

If you are a newbie when it comes to gardening and plants, you should first get a good understanding of what are basically fertilizers.

These are actually the chemical substances which you need in order to ensure that your crops are growing in the right way. It actually leads to increased productivity. This is one of the major ways in which farmers are actually increasing their crop yield.

Did you know that these fertilizers actually contain so many of those essential nutrients which otherwise you would not be getting. This includes super elements like nitrogen, potassium and even phosphorus. It is with the help of fertilizers that you can give a major boost to the fertility of the soil.

So how does bone meal rank up to this?

As the name suggests, it is basically a powder-like substance which is made when you are actually creating minced powder of ground-up animal bones. This is usually beef bones but it doesn’t always have to be. You can make use of powder or meal as we call it of any slaughtered animal. How it happens is that the bon meal will be steamed and how it is available and useful to the plants is increased.

How is Bone Meal Fertilizer Prepared?

preparation of bone meal fertilizer

Also did you know that the bone meals is actually made from beef bones itself? Also it is actually a very safe and reliable process in which all safety measures are followed and acted upon.

This method of creating fertilizers first came into the picture in about 1840. It was something led on by in Europe in the early 19th century. This is because there was large scale production and international trade when the bone meal fertilizer was realized as a major element to use in agricultural development.

Its importance and usage came into the picture and it has been used and applied ever since then. This kind of fertilizer is made when you are cooking or steaming the animal bones. These are then ground and refined to a very fine powder which is readily accepted by the plants and is very easy to go within the soil.

Let’s now talk about its many benefits:

Advantages of Using Bone Meal

When it comes to opting for bone meal fertilizer over others, there are a number of ways in which it will definitely be the better choice to make use of. Let’s look into what these are:

Calcium Rich

Simply put, bone fertilizer has abundance of calcium. This makes it really good and strong for the bones. It also makes it one of the leading fertilizers which is completely packed with a range of minerals and nutrients. It also helps to keep the cell walls of the plants in a firm and upright position, allowing them to consume all the superfood properly and grow in a great manner.

Phosphorus Rich

When talking about all the essential nutrients and elements, phosphorus is definitely one of the major kinds you don’t want to miss out on. It is actually a key nutrient. And the good news is, it is found in abundance in bone meal fertilizer. How it plays a major role is that it allows for the photosynthesis process to work properly. This means the way the fertilizer moves onto the plant and through the energy transfer, you ensure the plant is working in mint condition.

No Need of Further Applications

It is important to note that you don’t to apply this kind of fertilizer time and again. The best thing about bone meal fertilizer is that if works its magic in a slow way. But that means it acts as the perfect solution in the long-run. You only need to apply it once and it will do wonders. As the bone powder works in precise manner, you will be able to feed your plant consistently in the long run.

Organic At Its Best

adapting the organic ways

Know this, it is one of the best organic gardening applications you can make use of. It is actually highly effective. It is not only free from any chemicals, the way it works is that it will adapt the natural decomposition process. This feeds on the microbes in the soil. And when it does, you will notice that there is an overall quality improvement. And this in turn improves the quality of your plants and how they produce and prosper.

So now that you know all the major advantages, I also want to talk about some of the drawbacks that also exist when using this kind of fertilizer.

Disadvantages of Bone Meal Fertilizer

So while you may now have endless and very solid reasons for using this kind of fertilizer. Turns out, there are some risks and problems you should be taking into consideration as well. Let’s talk about what these are:

Not Suited for Vegans

The first one is pretty major and straightforward. It is something you will not opt to make use of if you are a vegetarian. Despite its many benefits, being a vegan limits you to the kind of fertilizer and compost you use. When you are not comfortable consuming meat, it seems pretty reasonable you are also not comfortable with using the bone powder. So skipping it altogether becomes the wise choice.

It Will Likely Attract Animals

Another thing to note is that this kind of fertilizer will quickly attract wild animals to your soil and garden. This is because of the smell of bones. It will make animals want to dig up your gardens. It is also true for dogs who are known to dig around.

Also did you know that is also not good for the pets. As if your dog is digging up the bones, they will naturally try to ingest a lot of it And this can lead to digestive problems and concerns for you.

Not Suited for Soil pH Levels

Did you know that under some recent studies, it was found that phosphorus actually isn’t really as good as you may deem it to be. It is actually more so useful for the acidic soils which come in pH levels of 7 or below that. Those coming under alkaline levels will not be able to gain much from this kind of fertilizer.

Moderation is the Key

Sometimes you need to focus on how moderation is more effective. As we have already talked about how the way this fertilizer works, is that it realizes little energy slowly but surely. So it is important that you don’t use too much fertilizer all at once. In fact it is best that you adapt moderation tactics. If you don’t use caution, it is likely that your plants may get burned.

When to Apply Bone Meal Fertilizer

application in its effectiveness

Now let’s come to the last and most important element of this article. When is the best time to make use of this kind of fertilizer in your garden. When deciding when to use it, you can adapt a simple soil test. This allows you to make an informed decision if this fertilizer is good for your soil or no.

Once you know that it becomes simpler. You don’t need to apply it often. And it usually goes that you make use of 10 pounds for every square feet.

A few important things to remember is that you should be making use of simple bone meal fertilizer. First when applying, you should know how that the soil should be wet. Also the powder should be mixed properly. This will ensure that there are no clumps or deposits to it.

Did you know that it usually takes about four months for it to break down properly? This is how it will be able to provide all the nutrients which ensure that your plant is growing properly and has all the essential elements needed for its proper growth.

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