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best kinds of homemade organic fertilizer

Gardening time is essentially one of the best things you can do for yourself. It is actually a major way in which you can bring calmness into your life. Many people suggest it to be so relaxing and fulfilling. And add into that the method of creating homemade organic fertilizer for your garden? Just imagine how you will feel extremely satisfied for having done so.

Are you ready to roll your sleeves and head out to plan your perfect garden? It doesn’t have to be so hard to plan. You can do it with complete ease.

One of the major ways in which you can attain amazing results is disposing off any use of chemicals. I for one, have never been a fan of chemicals. In fact I despise them in the environment. I try to go organic whenever I can. It is the best way really. You should also consider the same for use in your vegetable and flower gardens.

So this article will provide details on just that- ways to grow a beautiful garden with the help of organic, homebased fertilizers.

Let’s start:

How Do I Begin with Homebased Fertilizers?

The first step is realizing that you need three things to make sure your plants will survive. These are potassium, phosphorus and what we call nitrogen.

Before talking about how you have seen these at your nurseries, the fact is that you do have these kind of fertilizers which give the three elements. But with these elements, you will also be getting other kinds of harmful chemicals.

So it is better if you make the fertilizers yourself right at home. They can be made from things you can find anywhere. In fact you may be using things which you might otherwise just be throwing out.

Hence it is best if you utilize these elements in a far off better way. Check out some of these leading ways to create the most effective, homebased organic fertilizers which will serve you in the long run.

Coffee Grounds Homemade Organic Fertilizer

coffee grounds usage

So this kind is one of the most essential ones, which is also the easiest to make. Who doesn’t have coffee grounds which they are not using? These are essentially what is left around. So now you have a really good usage for them.

These coffee grounds are actually filled with good amounts of nitrogen. This is definitely something you need to help with increasing the acidity of the soil. This kind of fertilizer is especially good for when you are talking about roses, hydrangeas and even magnolias.

Tea Fertilizer

So here’s the thing- if you can have coffee fertilizers, you can very well have tea fertilizers too. Did you know that for a very long time, farmers have been making use of this amazing nutrient to their plants. It is also pretty simple to create your very own organic tea fertilizer. You can do so by mixing 1/4cup of epsom salt with two cups of urine. When you mix this with two cups of ash you took from your wood stove, then you fill gallon bucket up with this material, this includes the weeds you are pulling from your garden.

You fill the top of the bucket with this water and then allow the tea to steep for at least three days. After which you will drain it and dilute it with water. This becomes an amazing mixture to add into your soil.

Epsom Salt Fertilizer

adapting epsom fertilizer's

Since I have already mentioned how we can use epsom salt, the fact is this kind of salt goes really well with almost any kind of gardening purposes. You just have to follow a pretty straight-forward and simple recipe. You have to mix the epsom salt with water and it becomes a good fertilizer. Also it is quite inexpensive. Aside from that, this fertilizer works great as it also contains good amounts of magnesium as well as sulfur. This is something you can use from a huge variety of gardening, from growing roses to planting the most succulent tomatoes. Feed your indoor and outdoor plants in the best way. You simply can’t go wrong with this kind of fertilizer, which is also so simple and basic to make.

Seaweed Homemade Organic Fertilizer

So this one is something you should ne making use of, provided you are actually living very close to a sea. For ages, many farmers living close to the coastal area have discovered the endless benefits of having a fertilizer arise from the goodness of the sea minerals.

Did you know that seaweed actually contains a superfood mineral ‘mannitol’? This is something which helps the soil to absorb all the nutrients more strongly and grow nice and strong. Also there are majorly two kinds- the fresh and the dried seaweed kind. If you are not living close to a sea, there are actually some great dried seaweed option you can purchase from organic stores.

To make your own kind, all you would be needing is to make use of eight cups of this chopped seaweed. You will fill a five gallon bucket halfway though, with water. Then you will make use of rainwater and add the seaweed into it.

It is best to let it steep for a few weeks and then let it strain. You will be able to store the same then for a few weeks and make use of it as you deem best.

Gelatin Fertilizer

using gelatin as organic fertilizer

Now this may come as a surprise to many of you but you can also make gelatin fertilizers, These are as effective as any kind. Gelatin actually serves as a major source of nitrogen. This is the mega nutrient your plant needs at all times. You need nitrogen fertilizer for producing big and healthy plants. So to create your very own recipe, all you need to adapt is making use of hot water and adding three cups of cold water to it.

You will then be pouring this mixture into the soil which is surrounding your plants and then you see the magic work. Remember it is strong, so you need to this just once every month.

Banana Peel Fertilizer

using banana peels

You must know already that banana has what we call potassium. It is extremely helpful and essential when it comes to growing plants in a healthy and strong way. Bananas are also really good when it comes to their usage in ensuring your gardening grows in a sturdy environment. Bananas also contains calcium and phosphorous. These are the best kind of nutrients which will help in fertilizing your flowering plants.

How you can do so is by simply burying the banana peels in the soil. When you do so, they will start to decompose in a certain way. For you to ensure that you are making use of bananas in the best state, you can freeze overripe bananas.

This you will then bury next to the plants. You can also make a spray which consists of banana peels with water in them. You will let this strain for three days straight to ensure all the nutrients are in the best state to be absorbed.

Egg Shell Homemade Organic Fertilizer

Egg shells are amazing. We have eggs everyday in breakfast. But did you know that egg shells contain a whole lot of calcium. This calcium is extremely good in the sense that they help with the cellular growth of plants.

Calcium is extremely important for plants. If there is calcium deficiency, it can lead to issues with the growth of your plants. In fact your tomatoes will not grow properly either. So use of egg shells. You can make use of egg shells by crushing them and putting them right into the soil.

Or you can make use of it in a spray. All you have to do so is make a spray with 20 egg shells and about a gallon of water. However you will have to boil the egg shells in the water and leave them overnight.

Bone Meal Fertilizer

This is basically the way in which you can ensure your garden is getting the best of organic fertilizer. Creating a bone meal fertilizer does not come easy but that doesn’t mean it is something you cannot attain. One simple way of creating it is by boiling chicken bones. Also you should ensure that these bones are completely cleaned. Once properly boiled, let them be in the bowl and keep them in it overnight.

This will make them soft and after a while you can blend them in a blender. When you add this solution into the plants, it will ensure you have blooming plants.

Grass Clippings Tea Homemade Organic Fertilizer

grass clippings usage

When you have a set of fresh grass clippings the next time you are mowing the lawn. Then you should keep those aside, you should make use of them now. You can put them in a gallon of water and cover the mixture. You should leave it and let it sit for almost 5 days. Once done, you can make use of this kind of fertilizer by diluting it with fertilizer tea. Once done so, you can pour it into the soil. This is a major nutrient mix which you can utilize.

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