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using eggshells fertilizers

Your garden definitely is a haven for you to get creative and enjoy various things you can grow there. There are a range of ways in which you can make sure that your garden is up to speed and is looking great as you try to make your garden look outstanding. Here’s a little something you probably didn’t know- you can make use of your eggshells fertilizers. This is basically your used eggshells which you will wash after using.

You will then keep them in a basket and let them dry, after which you will have to make use of them for your garden by completely crushing them into tiny little pieces.

As it turns out, these eggshells are super great when it comes to providing nutrients for your garden. So the next time you are making breakfast, don’t throw these shells right out the window but keep them with you. They are an inexpensive fertilizer and in this article, I am going to be talking about how it is to be used for the flourishing of your garden.

So let’s start:

Using Eggshells Fertilizer in Garden

making use of eggshells as fertilizer

Your garden, much like anything else, needs plenty of superfood to grow strong and thrive in different conditions. One such element which you can include in its diet is calcium. This is a major food source for a healthy garden. It helps in controlling the acidity of the soil.  It consists of a range of nutrients and has plenty of calcium power to remain strong.

When we talk about creating fertilizers from eggshells, you will be needing plenty of those and not just a few to make a difference. This means that the pulverization process requires roughly about 150 eggshells. This will then create the eggshell powder. It is super helpful in making your garden strong and sturdy.

Eggshells makeup for great calcium creators and are known to be great homemade, organic fertilizers. It is considered as a major dietary supplement for many kinds of plants and vegetation growth. Some people even consider making calcium water from these pulverized eggshells. This strained water is then super useful in adding into your plants and that includes your houseplants.

Make Use of Clean Eggshells

Now when we are talking about using eggshells, understand that you will have to first properly clean them up. It is important there is no residual on them, otherwise you can not crush them properly for calcium usage. The eggshell powder is very important calcium supplement. It allows for your garden’s soil to be nutritious and healthy.

Many people get confused as to how should they be making use of these eggshells. You have to pulverize them by drying them out completely by making use of a mortar and pestle. Or you can also use a coffee grinder for the same. Then once you have shredded it into a million pieces, you will be able to store it into an airtight container.

The good news is – these eggshells will last forever. I now want to talk about using these crushed shells in the form of eggshell fertilizers as tea.

Steeping Shells

using eggs for calcium

This is also very effective for your garden and allows for your garden to become very productive. All you have to do is boil water and then add the clean eggshells into them. Now you have to let it sit overnight and then strain that water. After which you will be pouring this concentrated calcium water directly into the soil.

This is very useful for your soil as it gives a major nudge of calcium and potassium. You should be doing this often as it will definitely make your soil extra nutritious and really helpful in planting different kinds of plants and crops. Many people create the steep and some might even just take on the calcium water and keep it stored in bottles, using them as needed. The good thing is there is no expiration date on it. Which means you can create a whole bunch and make use of it as needed and how often you will be needing it.

Now let’s move onto the many, endless benefits of eggshells fertilizers:

Benefits of Eggshell Fertilizers

it holds many benefits

When it comes to gaining the most of your fertilizers, you need to make sure you are adapting ways in which these crushed eggshells will last for long. Let’s now look into some of the major benefits of using this simple, affordable tactic to make your garden flourish and look great in no time!

The fact is plants will be needing calcium to thrive and be strong. Calcium makes the plants develop even better cellular structures. So this means the plants which have a calcium deficient will be wilting. Plants with good amount of calcium have a strong body. They stand up straight and are able to take in various nutrients from the soil in no time.

Usage as soil booster

Eggshells fertilizers are becoming quite common. Ever since the word got out how super useful they can be. So while you need elements like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to make your plants stand out and look and feel healthy. But you also need calcium in the same way. As we need calcium, for our healthy bones, plants also need it for making the cell walls strong.

It is basically consisting of calcium carbonate and this is a main ingredient which provides a rush of minerals into your soil. But do know this- it take a long time for this home-made fertilizer to be absorbed completely into the soil. So you need to create the eggshells mixture way in advance to ensure you are getting complete benefit from it.

Also if you are mixing the finely crushed shells with other organic matter, you will be able to plant and make sure a range of crops will be growing sufficiently. This makes for polyculture gardening too as you have a range of nutrients which ensure that the plants and seeds will be able to survive.

Acting as Pesticide

use pulverized eggshells as pesticide

This would be interesting for you but eggshells can also act as pesticides. They have a distinctive smell, making them a natural and organic pest control, keeping a range of rodents and pests away from your property. Just make sure you are spreading the material in a proper manner, which ensures that the pests will not be coming into your garden from various sides.

Crushing Shells to Perfection

Now this requires for you to focus and commit to getting the work done. You have to make sure that you have cleaned the eggshells and you will have to dry them completely out. You will have to wait the adequate time before you start planting these. Many people prefer to use a blender to make the eggshells into powder form. However you can also get the proper job done if you are simply chopping the pieces into very small pieces and mixing it up. You just have to make sure that before you start crushing the eggshells, they are completely dried out and clean from within.

Making Use of it … As Mulch

As if you needed any more reasons to come on the bandwagon to make use of this amazing superfood for the plants and gardening. Eggshells are also great when we make use of them as mulch. This is basically a major superfood which allows for the plants to grow strong and sturdy. So mulch basically means you will be making a layer of material which is then applied to the surface of the soil.

This is really benefitting to your garden and plants as it provides plenty of soil moisture, it also helps with the fertility of the soil, allowing the planted vegetables, crops and fruits to grow in a very healthy manner.

You can basically make them part of your compost pile which means these will be decomposing in the same manner as all the organic material in the compost. It will then be providing results and ensuring your garden is in full bloom.


In today’s day and age, you have to commit completely to growing a beautiful garden which has all the nutrients to flourish completely. While there are a range of different kinds of fertilizers which act as the best kind of superfood for your soil. Did you know that eggshells can also serve the same purpose?

Eggshells fertilizers are actually very affordable and very nutritious. They are so easy to prepare and get your garden looking amazing in no time. You can make use of eggshells in a number of ways but mainly people use it in the crushed form or make use of calcium water which provides amazing results to your soil. This is because calcium is an extremely important element that your gardens and plants will be needing. In this article I covered all the important aspects relating to eggshells as a fertilizer. Why is it important, how to prepare it and the endless benefits it will be providing your garden.

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