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understanding natural polycultures

We aim to create gardens and lands which provide us great sustainability. When we talk about looking into the monoculture garden. It basically relates to farms of one kind only. You are growing one kind of grain in that land. This can be either corn or wheat or anything else. However when we talk about polycultures, it means we are growing more than one useful plant. And these too, we will be growing at the very same time. This will yield results. It is also essential for our sustainable environment.

When you look at this from an ecological perspective, it becomes clear that this method is put into practice to ensure that the natural cycle is well-accounted for. As the time is progressing, we need to analyze and understand ways in which we will be able to present natural systems in the most effective ways.

This will be including focus on pest damage as well as soil conservation. With the rise in pollution and our shortcomings to managing our environment in a proper manner.

So let’s begin:

What are Natural Polycultures?

planting more than one type of crop

It all comes down to understanding the importance of planting plants in a productive manner. When we are talking about creating natural systems, we have to also understand the benefits we attain from it. As well as we look into ways in which it will be increasing crop yields.

While the trend of monocultures has been a stable and consistent one for several years, it is also now adapted in home and market gardens where you will be utilizing allotments for growing only specific kinds of crops at one time.

This has been the traditional way of growing for several years. However polycultures is a whole new regime which is getting positive feedback for providing many benefits. Just imagine, if you are growing several kinds of crops together, you are essentially adapting diversity. There is also a nutritional range which comes into focus. And it allows for your crop diversification to become extremely benefitting.

You should also look into and understand how when you are adapting diverse spread of crops, you will be also enhancing the nutritional range. This means there will be several crops growing together which makes up for productive diversity. Even forest gardens are considered as being the ultimate source of sustenance.

Now let’s  look into ways in which you will be enhancing the usage of this approach.

Adapting Polyculture System in Farms

When we are talking about adapting monocultures, as a farmer there are various things to consider and put into effect.  One major disadvantage that you suffer with this system is how monoculture which means just one species of plant, you will be emphasizing on the use of chemical fertilizers. And when there is extreme use of fertilizers in that sense, it will be impacting the environment in a number of negative ways.

It is quite natural jhow when you oversaturate the use of one kind of organism, it will definitely be creating immense pressure on the environment to ensure you are using pathogens and pests. This is needed for the checks and balances on any of the species that are being shared in the field.

Monocultures are also increasing the use of pesticides. This is one of the major elements put into practice when focusing on industrial farming. Considering the sheer pressure it puts onto human economic factors, you will be also needing to adapt the polyculture system so to ensure an effective ecosystem. It is becoming essential to adapt diversity of the natural world. Polycultures ensure that having an impressive productivity of the natural ecosystems is readily attained. It is becoming need of the hour. And you would need to adapt the specifics to ensure it is done appropriately.

Polycultures- How to do it appropriately

emphasizing on multicultural cropping system

Many countries around the world have been effectively adapting the need to make use of a variety of polycultural cropping systems. While for some it is still not easy to handle and relatively new, but in most cases, you will be able to enhance the crop yield and growth when adapting polyculture growing tactics.

Now when we talk about adapting multi-grain cropping system, some of the major crops which can be planted includes organic potatoes, peanuts, millets and different kinds of beans. This list focuses on and emphasizes on the need for synergistic combinations. It is interesting to note that there are so many combinations you can make use of and adapt.

Many countries are emphasizing how this type of agriculture is very productive as it will be addressing the human subsistence needs on a very high level. It is becoming need of the hour to now ensure food security. With the advancement of time, nothing is for certain.

You will have to look into ways in which diversity and quality of the food available goes hand in hand. This will be giving you nutritional security and strong economic resilience. Both go hand in hand to ensure that the agricultural stance is maintained.

Healthy Polycultures- Healthy Yield

Now, let’s look into how does the polyculture system come into play. These systems will be providing a healthy dose of trees. This makes polyculture systems similar to agroforestry systems. It ensures that the dynamics are looked into and adapted properly to ensure great yields.

Your irrigation system and cultivated land will also be thanking you for it. The usage of three-dimensional polycultural system is going to serve you in the long run. It allows for the cultivated area to provide yields which go on for years. In fact when you are adapting tree plantation, you are essentially ensuring that your farms will be yielding several plants and crops which serve you in the long run.

In several countries, the agriculture scenario is readily becoming mechanized. And this means there is a high variety of traditional crops. Also it ensures that the yield and crop growth is maintained.

Emphasis on Organic Fertilizers

adapting organic fertilizers

Another major element that comes into play here is that there will be a surge in the use of organic fertilizers. Using organic fertilizers makes complete sense as you will be able to adapt the benefits from forest agriculture. This is in tune with getting endless benefits to ensuring your farming is up to the mark and readily adaptable in yielding results .

The good news is that now many farmers as well as thinkers and even policy-makers of different countries are ensuring that these growth strategies and mechanism is adapted full circle. Only when we are able to come to a full understanding on how this is giving us plenty of results, will the sustainable environment is going to be a full-fledged dream.

Forest landscape restoration is also one of the leading methods which you can ensure growing several crops. Did you know that forest gardens are definitely going to yield a diverse form of polyculture. This is an extensive use of vertical as well as horizontal growing space.

Adapting Polycultures

Emphasizing on making use of machinery as well as economies of scale, there is so much to learn and adapt from the state of the art technologies.

Sounds overwhelming sometimes doesn’t it?

But as it turns out, it is definitely something major to invest in and gain insights from. There are so many significant advantages from using a polyculture framework. And it will be emphasizing on the following:

  • biodiversity- it is extremely important that we look into and stress on the need for a biodiverse environment.
  • nutrient cycling- this is essentially another important element when it comes to understanding how polycultures work.
  • soil and water conservation- as it turns out, polycultures also emphasizes how soil and water conservation is essential. It makes use of various mechanisms to put this into complete practice .
  • Those who have been adapting polyculture system will be helping to control pests and diseases and it also leads to more productivity of the lands as per growing each crop alone. The benefits are endless to the same. It all comes down to ensuring your crop growth and yield is up to the mark and at par to other crop and yielding mechanism.


natural polycultures ensure stronger yields

With the passage of time, it is now completely understood how crop yields and the mechanism to ensure you can adapt strong plantation methods is put into practice. In this article I shared how you will be making use of polycultures to get the best of results. Monocultures are not as adaptable and effective as compared to multi-cropping. Ensure that you are getting the most of it. Understand the dynamics of polycultures and ensure how you can use it in vast fields. In today’s time, it has become essentially important to understand and visualize the need for crop yielding and growth. The natural polycultures framework is very effective in this manner. Adapt the essential ways to ensure your productivity is coming at par to fruitful results. Organic farming is only productive when done in the right manner. This gives a peek into some diverse and productive ways.


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