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Your health requires you to make better decisions on the kind of food choices you are taking on. In today’s time, you will notice that people have very quick and easy access to food which is unhealthy. That makes it even harder for you to make the right decisions. But the good thing is, you still can. I want to emphasize the need to invest in organic production. When you are able to successfully grow your own food, you are able to essentially invest in a wholesome lifestyle and good health. Among options of various organic produce, to grow organic potatoes is definitely a winning choice.

Potatoes are considered as our staple food. You can say they are always a family favorite. They are healthy and the good thing is that they can go with almost anything. From baked potatoes to fried, there are endless options to how you can cook them.

But the question that rises- how to actually grow them?

In this article, I will be highlighting all that you need to know when it comes to ways to grow organic potatoes.

So let’s start:

Why Organic Potatoes Are Important?

importance of organic gardening

When it comes to living your best life, you need to invest in healthy choices. Potatoes are one of those major foods which have what we call ‘good carbohydrates‘. They are very valuable in being a great source of fiber in your diet.

They also play a major role when it comes to being highly rich in potassium. Among the range of vitamins, they are enriched with vitamin A, vitamin B as well as a range of various minerals. This includes the likes of iron, zinc, calcium and even different antioxidants.

So when you have so much nutritional value in them, why is it hard to see them being grown in a natural way?

I want to debunk all the myths relating to growing potatoes. As well as highlighting why store-bought potatoes are not always the optimal choice.

Why Commercially-Grown Potatoes Are Not Good?

One of the key things you should be knowing is that potatoes at your local stores are not healthy. Simply because they consist of a range of pesticides in them. These pesticides are basically major chemicals which make your food extremely harmful.  The potatoes are sprayed and it impacts the nutrients you will be finding in them. This process is actually done in the fields itself. It is when the fungicide spray is done in farming region.

Research has shown it impacts the health of the plants and herbs. It is best that you avoid buying such potatoes as they are very low in nutritional value. Also did you know that the remnants of these pesticides will actually remain on the potatoes for a long time, even after they have been plucked and packed out from the fields.

So these are basically the GMO potatoes that you should be avoiding. Now we will move onto the discussion of how you will start planting these organic plants.

The Organic Seed Potato

Organic potatoes are essential to your health. Their major advantage over store-bought potatoes is that they grow without synthetic fertilizers. This point in itself measures the healthy element of organic produce.  So we will now be talking about the organic seed potatoes- how these are planted and what major environmental factors need to come into play. This will be including moist soil as well as plenty of sunshine.

The first and initial step towards your organic produce is ensuring you have organic potato seeds. There are of many variety. But you need to keep a good check on those which grow well and will not suffer from insects and disease problems.

These seeds are actually quite useful and can be kept in the garden for a long time, even for years. They will not tarnish suddenly. You can actually plant those for next season as well. You can check out some of the best kinds of seeds on offer and how they can ensure your potato produce is strong and succulent.

Now let’s talk about how you need to head the soil preparation.

Organic Soil Preparation- Checking the Fertility of Land

organic soil preparation

Did you know the soil you plant on plays an essential part in how you carry your gardening tactics. So it is essential that you make sure your soil is in optimum condition. You should make good use of well-drained soil regions.

Now you would be wondering what that means?

This is basically soil which is heavy and rich in organic material. This is where the role of compost comes in. Composting generally means when you are able to recycle food and other kinds of organic waste. It consists of major environmental benefits. It is important to understand the major tactics with which composting is done.

When you are doing it right, you are basically improving the soil health as well as ensuring how to control the gas emissions including the nutrients.

But you have to make sure that the material which is decomposing is one which is completely organic. In case you don’t make use of composting tactics, you should then be using organic fertilizers. This allows for all the nutrients missing from the soil in its natural state to be compensated.

The fact of the matter is, you need the decomposing material in order to ensure your produce is complete, healthy and nutritious.

Planting Your Potatoes

Now let’s move into the discussion of planting your potatoes. You should know that your organic produce grow well when there is less acidic soil. So for the same it is advisable that you make use of  a soil pH tester, just to make sure you have a controlled amount of acid in the ground.

This will allow you to understand and make use of organic fertilizers in controlled portions. One thing is for certain- potato plants do need fertilizers. And they need it in controlled amounts as you have to make sure there is not much space for any insect attack or disease- related issues with the same.

When you add compost to it too, you will notice that the organic soil becomes even richer. While from experience it is understood that the first yields may not be as productive. It is with the second batch when you make use of a second application of fertilizers will you be finally noticing a better and improved yield.

The Process- How to Make the Most of It

planting healthy vegetables

Let’s now look into the mechanism and process by which you will be planting these potatoes. Before the planting process begins, you should first cut the potatoes into small and uniform pieces.

Make sure that there are at least 1-2 eyes buds in them. It is best that you do the cutting process within a day or two, and make sure you spray them with sulfur so that there are no chances of it being affected with any fungal diseases.

When it comes to the planting process, make sure you do so by keeping the seed plantation at least a foot apart. It is also essential that this plantation is done with 2-3 inches deep. That too done on raised beds and containers.

You need to make sure the potatoes are getting a good amount of moisture and there should be controlled watering so that they do not completely soak in and the stems are not completely destroyed.

Adapting Pest Control

ensuring pest control

This is yet another element to consider. You have to make sure that the plantation is healthy throughout the way. You should grow potatoes on light feedings. This means you can make use of mulch to improve the state of your soil.

In places you feel there are more concerns relating to insects and pests, it is best if you cover the plants with floating row covers. So these are basically materials of lightweight which allow for the good things to pass through like sunlight and drops of rain. But the cover restricts the movement of insects inside the plant bedding.

It is important that you make use of it and cover the produce when the plants are small in size.  In certain cases, you can make use of insecticides. This will allows for some of the most common insects like beetles, hoppers, mosquitos, to stay at bay. It is not good for the plants but it is essential.


To grow organic potatoes is not a very hard feat. You can adapt certain tactics and follow certain organic measures to allow for the plantation to be productive and yield good results. When it comes to your potatoes, you need to make sure that the soil is fertile. This will allow the potatoes to grow strong. Also you need to make sure you are not using any pesticides.

Allow for the organic produce to grow steadily and overtime, you will notice that your potatoes are growing in a complete healthy structure and framework. This article give you a complete overview on how you can grow organic potatoes in a constructive way.

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