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using loamy soil

When you are thinking of gardening, the first thing you need to look into is how will your gardening be complete and with what kind of soil. This article is going to discuss what is loamy soil.

There are some essential elements you have to understand when talking about your soil. Sand, clay and silt are actually the three major kinds of soils.

While someone may prefer one kind, another may need the other. It all depends on your needs and how will they be met.

But when we we look into using loam soil- people wonder why is that preferred. Simply put- it is when you are having the perfect blend of all three.

Loamy soil is gaining popularity in recent years. It is popular because it is consisting of all the three main kinds of soils. It allows for the perfect balance.

Let’s see how you can make use of it to gain maximum advantage:

What is Loam?

loam soil consists of best composition of different soils

So the first question that arises is what is meant by loam anyway. It is the creation of the perfect balance between sand, silt as as well clay soil.

The main thing to consider here is that you will be using the equal amount of all three to ensure there is perfect texture.

You need that perfect texture to ensure that the plants will be growing in a healthy manner.

When you get into the kick of gardening, new gardeners are taught how if they work with loamy soil, it would be benefiting their garden in great ways.


Well, for one thing the loamy soil is really good in retaining water. It has what people consider the right kind of ‘soil composition‘ ensuring that you are getting the perfect combination of all the nutrients needed to make your soil sturdy.

When talking about loamy soil, it is essentially the way which is combining all of these particles and keeping it sturdy retaining good moisture in the process.

Now I want to talk about what are the major characteristics of loam soil:

Composition of Loam Soil

Loam soil is one of the best kinds out there. Plainly put it makes your soil very productive. You need to look into what is the best composition which will make your loam be able to hold onto nutrients and have a really solid texture.

Here’s what your loam soil must essentially be consisting of:


The particles of sand are actually the largest. This sandy soils is something which is not able to absorb the moisture properly, but they are really good in providing aeration. This benefits your plants as it will providing them oxygen in a really good manner.


These are particles that are actually medium-sized. They will be absorbing moisture in a much better way. Also the sand and clay will be getting mixed effectively.


These are what we consider the smallest soil particles. Clay-rich soil is the most effective for your gardening tactics. These are actually quite impermeable and compact. But clay is something which does not stay intact for long.

Now I want to talk to you about the benefits of using loam:

Benefits of Loamy Soil

many benefits of loamy soil

Having Loamy soil is not something you need to worry about handling. It is something which facilitates the plant growth in a number of ways. Some of the key ways you need to look into its impact is:


This is basically relating to the particle sizes in loam are actually very loosely-packed soil. This will be allowing the oxygen to flow into the plant roots.

Nutrient Retention

When looking into the clay in loam, it is basically consisting of nutrients clinging to the soil. The good thing is that it will not be completely washed out by water. It is what we call creating an ideal habitat which is going to be providing microorganisms ways to flourish.

Moisture Retention

Water drains through the loam in an ideal manner. It is actually slow enough for plants to be able to access the moisture, but it is fast enough as it will be preventing the soil which is becoming way too soggy.

Now lets look into how you will be making loam in your garden.

Ways to Make Loam for Garden

To see if your garden soil is going to be loamy enough, you need to check out the state of the soil. You will be looking into how the damp soil is feeling.

You can do this by squeezing it tightly into a ball and see the feeling of it.

How do you know the soil is loamy enough? Well if its loamy soil, it will be remaining in that shape of a delicate ball.

And it will be soft enough that when you touch it, it will be crumbling as you poke it.

If the garden soil is not passing the test like this, that it means it is consisting of unbalanced mixture of sand, silt and clay.

This can mean that the soil is too heavy and will be needing the mixtures to come in rightful balances.

When you are mixing organic material into the soil, it will be attracting organisms which make the quality of the loamy soil go higher.

So how do we do that?

Here’s looking into creating the perfect loamy soil for your garden:

  • Apply organic matter in a two- inch spread on the topsoil. The best time to be doing so is in late autumn. It is when your harvest is actually finishing.
  • The organic material you will be using consists of compost, animal manure as well as dried leaves and even clippings.
  • Then you will be wetting that layer of organic material. And this is basically when it is completely water logged.
  • In spring, you will be working the organic material and this is placed within the depth of seven inches. It is what we call the optimal depth as it makes the soil even more effective.

Now some people wonder if it is possible to actually get ready-made loam soil, without having to go through the hassle of creating it at home.

Read on to know more on that:

Purchasing Your Loamy Soil

buying readymade soil

Sometimes it seems like the wiser choice to just purchase your loamy soil.

For one thing it will save plenty of time. And for another, it is fast and quite easy for your garden.

But here’s the thing- it can be super pricey. You will also notice there is no standard to quality soil control.

Hence it comes as little doubtful to be completely certain on what kind of soil composition will you be getting and if it is really the best kind to use.

You see, there are different companies that sell soil. Some suggest theirs to be the best kind but there can very well be a difference in the same.

Fill dirt is actually a kind of soil which is known to be used for balancing and creating the best kind of excavation sites.

It all comes down to how you will be utilizing it in the most perfect manner.  It is best that you ask the company some questions to clarify any doubts before actually buying from them.

So you need to know that buying poor soil is not something that will work for you in the long term. You need to make sure your soil companies are well-equipped to provide the best kind of soil.

The Best Kind of Loamy Soil

When talking about loamy soil, you need to make sure you have the best components in hand. This means you need to add sand in the heavy clay soil so to ensure that it works well.

Instead of focusing on just one kind of soil, you should be aiming to create the best composition.

When talking about compositions, your soil should be consisting of compost of moss, goat, chicken, cow manure as well as dried leaves and even shredded bark clippings.

Creating the optimal loam is actually a continuous process actually. This means that you will have to look into ways in which you will be updating the nutrients in the soil every now and then.

This is because the water actually takes away nutrients and you have to keep on improving the texture whenever you make use of it.

It can actually take a lot of time but that is the key for you to ensure that your soil is in its optimal health, providing the perfect return to your yields in the best possible manner.


best kind of soil for gardening

Loamy soil is one of the essential elements which will be yielding you great return in terms of gardening. It is actually the most optimal use of your soil capabilities.

You will definitely be getting a great return on your soil. All you need to do is make sure your loamy soil is consisting of the best composition of all kinds of soil.

That will be yielding the best return to your gardening capabilities.

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