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Pest control Dubai is a factor of high economic importance in agriculture. Pest is an entity that disturbs or disrupts the expected growth of a plant or reduces the yield of the plant. Particularly, they play a significant role in the yield and profit of any crop-producing enterprise. Additionally, they have harmful effects on crop growth and yield.

Pest Control Dubai – Physical Methods

The physical methods are one of the natural and older methods of pest control. As the name suggests, it is a non-chemical pest control method. In this method, you will do the physical detection of pest presence and execute different ways of their removal from the farm. These methods are ideal for pest control. Generally used for macro pests such as rodents, these methods involve hunting, setting traps, alarms, security men, and other scary and combative techniques to get rid of these pests.

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Consequently, crops and consumer are not harmed when these methods are deployed. Particularly, these techniques have been highly effective in controlling macro pests like giant rats, rabbits, grasscutters, and other rodents. These methods are less expensive and require less labor.

Pest Control Dubai – Chemical Methods

These methods involve the usage of chemical substances to get rid of pests from the farm. The chemicals are highly poisonous and toxic compounds. The chemicals used for pest control are called pesticides or insecticides. Subsequently, these chemicals mixed with water at the recommended rate before spraying on the foliage or leaves of the plants on different days before harvesting.

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These methods are commonly used to control micro pests like aphids, armyworms, etc. It is challenging to detect the physical presence of these pests. However, you can easily observe their destructive effects as they reproduce and multiply. 

There are disadvantages of chemical pest control methods are as follows:

  •  The crops retain the chemical compounds. Consequently, it impacts the health of the consumer.
  •  The cost of chemicals is high. Therefore, it adds up to the cost of production.
  •  It is labor-intensive.

Pest Control Dubai – Cultural Methods

You can classify cultural pest control methods as natural methods of pest control. They involve the usage of various methodologies targeted at providing an unfavorable condition for the pests.

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Land preparation is a good example. Other examples are weeding, seed treatment. These are one of the easiest methods of pest control in agriculture. They are cost-effective, and they do not threaten the health of both the consumer and the environment.

Pest Control Dubai – Biological Methods

Biological methods are the most technical pest control method in agriculture. They involve using the pest’s natural enemy to prey on them, such as using a chicken to control the population of grasshoppers and nematodes. It is also a combination of different methods of pest control to achieve a pest-free farm. These methods can also be called integrated pest management. It is technical and requires expertise.

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To achieve a better yield in crop production, the farmer must devise effective methods of pest control. Irrespective of the cropping season, pests are ubiquitous. However, you cannot eradicate the pest from the farm; however, they can be kept or managed below the economic damage level.

Amount of Pesticide Usage

More than 835 pesticides have been registered in the UAE.  The insecticide products have the most significant share of use at about 50%. An average amount of pesticides used in the UAE is about 10 kg per hectare per year. This  usage is much higher than the corresponding values reported in India, the USA, and Europe but comparable to those reported in Japan.

The number of pesticide poisoning, as reported by two leading hospitals in Al Ain, UAE, in 1999 reached 246 cases of adults and 298 cases of children. None of these pesticides exposure was fatal, and less than 10% of the cases needed hospitalization. However, residents may not have reported many poisoning problems to the hospitals, and thus, the data might be skewed. This study also focused on the potential leaching of used pesticides to UAE groundwaters.

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Research has discovered that 3 out of 11 pesticides widely used in the UAE can leach to groundwater due to their solubility that exceeded the US EPA threshold values. Five pesticides can leach due to their low vapor pressure, and four pesticides possibly leach to groundwater due to their weak absorption in the soil.

The pesticide Metalaxyl exceeded all threshold values set for leaching. Consequently, it indicates a high potential to reach groundwater. The high field dissipation rates of cymoxanil and dimethoate may prevent a substantial amount of these pesticides from reaching the groundwater.

Pest Control Dubai – Regulations

From a regulatory perspective, pesticides are among the most regulated chemical products in UAE. There is a ban in the UAE on all pesticides that pose a high risks to human health and the environment. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has already imposed strict restrictions on the number of pesticides imported and used and the number of their residues in the environment.

A strict management program for pesticide application in the UAE is lacking. Recommendations have been presented in relation to the selective use and application of pesticides.

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Pest Control Dubai – Perimeter Weeding

Perimeter weeding allows you to have a clean area of about 3 meters away from the boundaries of your farm. The weeds are hosts of most insect pests. Consequently, when there is little or no weed on your farm, there would be little or no insect infestation. Thus , when you implement this strategy, you can adopt a perimeter weeding of 3 meters away from the boundaries of the crops.

This effectively means that you must weed your farm boundaries at 3 meters away from the first row of crops. This is similar to a biological control of insect pests and weeds. It has been observed that insects find it difficult to cross through a bare floor or neatly weeded plot because it is not their usual route. Therefore, they stay within the bush, leaving your crop healthy.

Conventional Land Preparation

Land preparation is one of the best ways to control insect pests. Although, there are many methods of land preparation. However, the conventional land preparation method is most effective for pest control. Most insect eggs, larvae, and pupa originate from the soil.

Particularly, when the soil is adequately prepared using this land preparation method, you can eliminate the insect pests or reduce their population drastically. The conventional land preparation method exposes the insect pest eggs, larvae, pupa, nymph to unfavorable conditions through the action of the plough and harrow on the soil. 

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Application of Organic Manure

The usage of organic manure is excellent, especially when planting a perennial crop like plantain, cocoa, or cashew. However, you cannot add all manure. You must know the difference between waste and manure. Manure is characterized by full decomposition, whereas waste is fresh manure. You must not apply fresh manure to crops because they can host insect pests. Well-decomposed manure works best as a nutrient supplement for the soil. The main characteristics of decomposed manure is characterized by its deep dark color and loose particles. Moreover, it is not marshy or wet. 

Pest Control Dubai – Crops Spacing

Crop Spacing is the distance between the crops. Apart from providing an optimum feeding area, good crop spacing helps in controlling insect pests. The rapid spread of insect pests can be prevented by optimum crop spacing. Optimum spacing requirements have been defined for crop’s allowance for their metabolic activities, good feeding from the soil, and protection. You must practice the best spacing for your crops and get the crops protected from rapid insect damage. 

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 Insect pests do not invade the farm overnight or in a large numbers. The establishment of one insect gives the opportunity and the room for others through reproduction. If you monitor your crops closely, you will be able to control the pest by merely handpicking and crushing it.

If you do not do it, this pest would continue to destroy our crops, and you would not notice it. The use of pesticides from any insect pest control market across the globe may not be sufficient to control this pest because it comes up during the inactive period of the pesticides.


Diseases and pests are known enemies of farmers. This is due to their harmful effects in crop production. Aside from poor management practices, pests and diseases have the potential to reduce yield and make a profitable farm enterprise run at loss. Pest control or pest management is a very important aspect of crop production. It is quite impossible to get rid of pest and disease completely from a farm.

However, they can be controlled and kept at a reasonable level so that they have little or no impact on the crop yield. Insects have the ability to reduce the quality and quantity of any crop, thereby reducing the farm profit and overall performance of the crop. The use of pesticides as a strategy to control insect pests should not always be the best option because, as a farmer, you must be conscious of the environment and health of your consumers. 

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