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why use organic fertilizer

If we have said it once, we have said it plenty of times. Organic fertilizer is the holy grail to making your garden stand out. There are so many great ways in which you can ensure your garden is getting all the nutrients that it needs. And one way is adapting the ways of organic grooming. So why use organic fertilizer? This is the main question.

Be it any kind of plantation and cropping, the choice is yours on how you make your garden look. It is extremely advantageous to your plant. And did we mention that it is actually plentiful and is extremely affordable. You should make use of the organic products in the best possible way. It is really good for your overall health. The soil and plants should be synched together in a way that ensures your soil is healthy and is keeping your plants healthy as well.

In this article I am going to be talking in detail about ways in which you need organic fertilizers. It is essential in understanding the use of good fertilizers and how they make a strong impact in your gardening activities.

So without further ado, let’s begin:

Organic Fertilizers- The Long-term Benefits

use of organic fertilizers

The one thing y0u should know about organic fertilizers is that they work on the soil. Their aim is to make your soil strong and nutritious. What it does is break down the soil and provide the nutritious benefits. The main aim is to make your soil strong and sturdy. The way they differ from synthetic fertilizers  is the latter is one which gives results quickly. But the issue is that it is still all chemically-induced. When you overfeed the plant, it will damage your plants. This means your plants may likely burn.

Also organic fertilizers are really good when it comes to improving the plants. Especially if you are creating homemade fertilizers. The are proven to make the soil texture better. As this allows you to hold onto the water better. This leads to an increase in the bacterial activity in the soil.

Hence this makes it even a more wiser choice. It will make your plants stronger and also help them to stay strong. Synthetic are those which actually deplete the soil making it unproductive. So while it may seem more effort needs to be put into this, the fact of the matter is organic fertilizer is definitely the wiser choice in the manner.

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Why Use Organic Fertilizers?

You should know that the nutrients in fertilizers actually come from many sources. You are spoiled for choice but are you picking the right kind?

The nutrients in organically derived fertilizers are actually what you get from living matter. It includes those that you get from animal waste, as well as microbes and plants. It doesn’t have much science to it but it is definitely relating to forming a good compost which will be providing complete nutrition to your plants. This is through your soil. And how productive it is. Ensure you are creating the right kind of mix!

Soil- A Living Organism

effectiveness of soil

Before moving further, lets get one thing straight- the most important element in the whole discussion is the soil. You need to be coherent and consistent on understanding what is the role of soil in this whole mechanism.

It is actually the key to having a very healthy garden. We call it as a breathing ecosystem.

The major part of the soil consist of the minerals within as well as water and air. So to make it extremely fertile and productive, it is essential that you give it the right kind of nutrients. These are very essential for the plants. It is actually what feeds on these microorganisms. This is what makes your soil extremely productive and nutritious.

Water is another major and important ingredient. It is basically the essential to what makes your soil super healthy. It is actually a complete meal.

When we are talking about a good, healthy soil system, what we mean is that it should be having beneficial bacteria as well within it. This is what makes the fertility come forth. A good soil system is what attracts other organisms as well, be it earthworms or even insects. You need it all to make it a healthy soil system.

Releasing Nutrients Slowly

So why is it we should be definitely talking about getting our soil the organic fertilizers. These are basically the kind of nutrients which ensure you have everything well in control. The good thing about organic fertilizer is that it is essentially deriving from all the organic sources. It is what allows nutrients to slowly release and this is what plants need to ensure they are getting a well-balanced diet.

It is through a huge range of vital micronutrients and minerals that you can attain great results. This is what is important in stimulating the consistent growth as well as for strong root development.

Why though people sometimes prefer synthetic fertilizers over this? It is mainly because they are able to release the nutrients really fast. It is what leads to strong growth and this can even go in the excessiveness.

How this actually plays a negative role is that it will actually be releasing the nutrients so quickly, that the growth will be rapid and this would mean you are fertilizing on a high rate. This means you also have to cut the lawn in the same rate.

Organic Means No Burning

When it comes to your lawn, the one thing you aim to attain is lush green grass. This is only possible when your lawn is luscious with healthy grass. It is what you get when you don’t have any chemicals involved in the process.

The chemicals from synthetic fertilizer will definitely be burning your garden. This is because you want the quick action. But that can come at a price. Why use organic fertilizer relates to staying safe from the brown, dead grass that comes with inorganic fertilizers. When you analyze both kinds, you will notice that the nutrients from the organic fertilizers are those which do not hole onto the groundwater. This means they are essentially good when not contaminating the waterways.

Why Use Organic Fertilizer- Simply Because Its Safe

So here is your major reason for using what is organic. It is basically very easy to apply as compared to other inorganic, synthetic fertilizers.

It is so much easier to adapt and use. When you spray it on leaves, you will get amazing results in no time. In whatever way that you utilize them, you will notice how they are adding so many benefits into your garden.

This means you are not just getting convenience but it is definitely more suitable to your gardens and planation methods.

Get a Sustainable Environment

This is what is the main agenda should be. Attaining a sustainable agricultural framework is what you need to aim for. And synthetic fertilizers isn’t what will get that to you. In fact according to recent research, it was found that making use of inorganic fertilizers are actually really harmful as they can actually even run into the waterways. And when this happens, it will actually harm the marine life drastically. It also impacts the water quality. This makes a horrible impact on the soil structure too.

Aim for Reduction in Pesticides

aim for reduction in pesticides

One of the other major reasons as to why use organic fertilizer is that it will actually reduce the need for pesticides. Also when you use organic sources, you will not need to invest separately in nitrogen as well as potassium. As making use of all those nutrients in organic structure does not require you to look at these elements in a separate framework.

Some Side Factors to Consider

So while I have talked about how organic fertilizer and how it is essentially one of the major ways in which you can ensure you are getting the right amount of nutrients, there are still a few things you have to think through before making the decision.

One thing is finding the right kind of organic fertilizer. As if you keep on changing, the results are inconsistent and this will mean your garden will be not having perfect results all the time.

Also the kind of pop of color you want is not easily visible and accessible when using organic fertilizers as it releases the nutrients low. Also when choosing organic, you will notice the results are not consistent. And this is basically a long process which will take time. It is not a one time event. So to see the results, you will have to show patience.


Why use organic fertilizer? Because it is simply the best. It is what will make your garden completely healthy and nutritious. Using organic fertilizers allows you to have a strong and sustainable garden. This is why you should be considering a strong and sustainable methodology on making use of these amazing natural fertilizers which will give great results.

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