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water conservation tips that work

When it comes making the most of your gardening tactics, there are a few essential things you need to follow which ensure that your water consumption is kept at proper levels. You want to have a thriving garden but that does mean it must come at the cost of you having to impact water wastage. A thriving garden is one which is built on the basis of strong water conservation tips.

In this article, I am going to be sharing details on the same. You need to consider some effective ways in which you have to reduce water bills and also protect the community and how it is utilizing it’s water supply. There are a few simple and easy tactics you just need to follow. These will be definitely bringing in the results that you need.

So let’s move on and talk about ways in which you can ensure your garden and landscape is fertile and looked after. While the usage of water is not in any way is abused.

Easy Ways to Conserve Water

adapting water conservation mechanism

As it turns out, when you talk about saving water, it does not mean that you need to adapt an immediate and extremely drastic call to action. You just need to act smart. And make smart choices. There are just a few simple techniques which will make your water conservation plans more effective.

Now I want to get into the details of and provide you simple, basic ways which are the best and more effective water conservation tips you will hear.

Sounds intriguing?

Let’s start:

Installing Automatic Devices

In today’s day and time, it is becoming easier than ever to make use of inexpensive and very advanced devices which can make your workload less.

There are several kinds of irrigation system controllers which will be shutting off on its own when there has been a specified amount of rain already.

These can be easily obtained and they work great. These kinds of tools are also very critical when you need to protect your garden from accidental overwatering.

Focus on Leakage Issues

Another thing which you need to look into is how good are your outdoor faucets?

Well this is a major element that determines how much water is wasting endlessly. Did you know that even having a small diameter leak on the hose means you are actually wasting 6000 gallons of water in one year.

And the scary thing is- usually it isn’t subjected to just one leak- there can be multiple problems to overcome. Also the problem with having outdoor leaks is you are not well-aware of how many are there. So this can go unnoticed and it means there is a major water crisis- dynamics of which you are not well-aware of yourself.

So the best thing is to first get a complete leak inspection done in the area. And then focus effort and time on the maintenance.

And remember- it is not a on time thing. You need to focus on it at regular time intervals.

Mulch Works!

retaining moisture with mulch

Now this may be coming as a surprise to you but you can do so much with a thick layer of mulch. This means you are keeping the root zone cool. And it also aims to keep the moisture locked in the soil.  There are various kinds of organic mulches which work great. This includes wood chips and shredded bark.

All of these are major elements to getting your organic matter in soil sorted. When we talk about mulches, there are certain kinds which are actually much better to use and easier in application as compared to others.

The Ultimate Watering Technique

So as it turns out, sometimes you need to adapt just simple common sense ideas to make major differences. When it comes to ensuring your garden is well-watered and moisture, you need to do one thing- water the soil and not the leaves. This means that your water should be coming at the root zone level. Only then is the evaporation kept at a minimum.

There are also other advantages of making use of this technique. It will allow you to ensure that there is a proper control of fungal diseases. This also prevents sun scalding.

Having such a professional irrigation system will serve you in the long run.

Don’t Overwater

This means you should not be wasting water at all. Overwatering is a major reason as to why your garden may get all drenched. It will lose its fertility. And all the plants quickly die out as well.

Remember- if you are overwatering, you are not doing your plants a favor. In fact you are ideally making them worse. When there is too much water in the soil, it actually will stress your plants’ root systems.

And when it does that, it will be giving a rise to several other, relating problems. This includes issues like rot and fungal diseases as well as bacterial problems.

So in such cases, it is best that you get the advice of professional landscape professionals to create a better watering system- one which is utilizing a decent amount of water in keeping your landscape fertile and healthy.

Recycle- All the Time!

adapt recycling habits

Since you were very young, you must be hearing how recycling is important. It plays the same level of importance to your watering habits too.  There are so many ways in which you are just dumping water down the drain.

Before you throw that glass of water, or you dispose of a bucket of unused water for bathing, just think- is there a way I can make use of this water in a better way. Be it your landscape, garden or even indoor plants, clean water is usable on them. Don’t dump. Make wise choices.

Fertilizers 0f a Different Kind

So this is something which you will be interested to know. Organic fertilizers are an extremely helpful way in thriving your garden. You need to make use of home-made fertilizers and not synthetic fertilizers. They will give you amazing results in no time. These provide major nutrition boosts to your existing garden.

You can adapt the use of organic plant food. It helps your gardening tactics in a large number of ways. Not only improves the soil structure but also works great in retaining water. Use if often and see the mind of health nudge it will give to your garden in no time!

Heard of Grass cycling?

This is something quite interesting. And I am sure it is one of the water conservation tips you didn’t hear of before as well. It relates to when you are mowing your lawn. All you need to do is when you are mowing, just leave the grass clippings on the lawn. And when you do that, it will be adding plenty of moisture and even nutrients into your garden.

This helps to eliminate much of the work required, ensuring your lawn is healthy and has plenty of moisture. It is not usable in indoor gardening but its implications makes it really good for year-round usage.

Major Tip- Water Less

This is as simple as it can get. You don’t need to be watering continuously to ensure your garden and landscape is thriving. That is the wrong mindset.

All you need to look into is how much water makes your plants look and do fine. So this can be done through creating a trial chart. Just cut on watering by a few minutes everyday and notice the graph and changes on a weekly basis.

In many such practices, farmers are amazed to learn that the plants still look pretty much the same. So this means, you are using excessive water for no good reason. Maybe the job is possible even in less water.

Identify the Water Thirsty Plants

limit plantation of water thirsty plants

When you are planning your gardening ambitions- look into your existing environment. The kind of place you live in and the kind of environment it has plays a major role on how much water you will be needing.

If you are living in dry lands, then don’t opt for planation of types which need a lot of water. That is just you wasting very precious resources.

The key is to plant in clay, potted plants. And make use of locally grown seeds. This makes for a sustainable agricultural environment. Opt for growth of plants and herbs which are essentially benefitting the whole environment.


So there you have it. When it comes to having a sustainable landscape and a thriving garden, you do not need to depend on completely exhausting your water resources. In fact overwatering can have its own problems. Aim to keep it under control. And for you to do that, I have given you some major water conservation tips which work great.

It all comes down to understanding your gardening needs and adapting much techniques to ensure everything is well-taken care of. Remember you need to play your role in saving this planet. And it starts by adapting smart gardening techniques.


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