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understanding drought problems

If you ever heard of the term that there is a shortage of rain and this is impacting the crops and fields, then you must likely have a good handle on what is a drought. Drought problems are a specific period in which you will be suffering from very dry weather for long duration of time. This causes major issues to cultivation and farming. Many people consider drought and climate change to go hand in hand.

When you are suffering from a drought overload, it means that the dry weather is not only damaging crops and there is major water supply shortage.

It also emphasizes that you will be likely facing a situation where this concerns of sustainable agriculture concerns. Conditions aside from climate change, that can cause you to suffer from a long period of drought include having to see a change in sea level temperatures as well as there is significant change in the landscape formation.

In this article, I want to talk to you about and cover all the major segments which pertain and relate to how droughts form and their major implications.

So let’s begin:

What is a Drought?

droughts are natural disasters

This is basically one of the most common natural disasters. But it causes major harm to attaining your livelihood. While hurricanes, wildfires are known to cause major harm as they rush through. The thing with droughts is that they are just a dry spell.

It differs in the sense that it does not suddenly come and go. It actually stays and lingers on for a long time . The extreme weather can make it even unbearable. Which is why some suggest to adapt conservation of water sooner so as to protect your gardens, fields and any cultivation land way beforehand , before the onset of disaster.

In scientific terms, drought basically means where there is lack of precipitation. This means you there is shortage of rain, snow or even sleet. As it turns out these droughts are actually natural  but these will get easily triggered by facing such harsh. dry conditions.

There are a range of economic damages and problems that regions have to face when they are suffering from drought- induced problems. This includes issues and concerns which pertain to livestock, crops as well as various fisheries.

Now let’s look into the different types which cause drought problems and sustenance issues.

Types of Droughts

there are various forms of droughts

When looking into the kinds of droughts you will be suffering from, they can be identified in ways in which they will be making an impact. This includes:

Metrological Drought

This is basically pertaining to facing a major parched and cracked earth which happens when a region is suffering from rainfall shortage for a very long period of time. This makes the earth even drier and causes it to immensely suffer.

Agricultural Drought

Cultivating crops is the main livelihood of many parts of the world. However water scarcity can cause various problems. It is when you are not able to meet the needs of the crops as well as the livestock. And when this happens, you are subjected to what we call an agricultural drought.

Hydrological Drought

This is the kind which takes place when you will be facing a very long duration of lack of rainfall. This means that the surface of water bodies will be getting completely depleted. And it includes the likes of water bodies like rivers, reservoirs as well as streams and any groundwater supplies, that may be existing.

From what we know, there was a time when people would be easily confused and wouldn’t really get to know how to go about managing these dry periods. It was assumed to be one reason for all. However research has managed to ensure that a drought can happen because of different reasons.

When we get a better understanding of its reasons, the results are better too. You gain a definite analysis and can ensure that the proper measurements are being taken to control its negative impact.

When Does a Drought Begin?

This is one of those dubious questions, people often wonder about. But don’t really get a straight answer to. However it is quite interesting to know that it is quite hard to determine when does a drought actually take place.

As it turns out, it can be several weeks, even months or can even take up to years for it to pass for people to understand that they are in the presence of a drought.

And when it comes to understanding as to when will the end of a drought taking place, it can be so in the same way as it actually began- at a very subtle, and gradual timeframe. The fact of the matter is that these droughts are dry spells that can last for a long tome. In fact some droughts have been said to stay on for more than 10 years even.

This means that you will be able to see through the records of rainfall that the dry spell is lasting far too longer than usual. As it turns out, the moisture in soils will continue to lessen and it will be completely dried out until there is nothing left there anymore.

So now that you have a good understanding on what are the types of droughts you can face, I want to discuss the causes of droughts:

Causes of Droughts

how dryness comes over

There are some major reasons as to why you will be suffering from a certain onset of drought. This will be including but it is not limited to :

Natural Causes

Here is the simplest understanding to why this is happening. Droughts are not manmade. This means their onset can be happening due to any natural causing phenomenon. These can include but are not limited to getting triggered by any weather pattern changes, including that of fluctuations in moisture level as well as the level of heat in the land and air.

Imbalanced Ocean and Land Temperatures

This is yet another leading cause. When you are having ocean temperatures which are not in control and include the likes of you facing major shifts in dry and wet conditions on the land. Then that means that these simple changes can create major ripple effects.

Drought problems are persistent in this regard. These fluctuating temperatures destabilize the earth and lead to major complications which make the surfaces of the land even hotter. This leads to even higher levels of evaporation of moisture. This in turn impacts and causes for drought formation.

Unpredictable Weather Patterns

Much thanks to global warming and how climate change is impacting planet earth, there is some major shifts as to how rainfall around the world is getting distributed. The anomaly that the surface of the land or sea is facing, is leading to an unpredictable pattern of air circulation. This is changing and continuously changes how precipitation is falling onto earth.

This in turn also impacts how crops will be growing, vegetation will occur and how the mechanism of planting various gardens will continue to change.

Impact of Supply and Demand of Water Crisis

This is one major way which impacts and creates droughts. How it happens is when there is a region which continues to grow in a rapid motion, then there is a high demand for water. But this in turn cannot match the supply which is needed.

This causes for the drought formation. There are several factors which come into motion in regards to this. It will be including but is not limiting to certain weather conditions, fluctuating temperatures. Or even uncertain air patterns which you cannot understand or hold onto. Sometimes the condition can even worsen. And this is when there is excessive irrigation from  which droughts formation becomes even more common.

Soil Moisture Levels

Did you know that root zones are of different levels? In the same way, soil also holds different moisture levels. Soil moisture is something which can get highly impacted when there is massive evaporation of water. What happens is that the surface temperature will continue to rise. And when it does, you will be needing more water. And when this is not readily available, there will be a severe drought impacting the region. Hence water conservation is yet another important element you should be looking into and understanding when discussing the impact of droughts.


Droughts are a state of a natural disaster. They occur when you are facing a crisis when the evaporation is at high levels. And when this happens, the surface temperature will continue to increase. There is water deficiency which leads to a heavy impact on your soil sustainability and fertility. This will be directly impacting your vegetation and gardening as well as crop fields and cultivation.

In this article, I gave you a complete overview to understand how does droughts happen and how drought problems impact your land and the level of cultivation. Having a good knowledge of these basics will allow you to get a complete understanding of the condition. It will also be allowing you to plan in advance and make necessary arrangements if needed.

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