Creating a Bird-Friendly Backyard: The Basics to Know

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When you are aiming to create the perfect backyard for yourself, know that it is important that you are making sure to create a bird friendly backyard. This is one which comes up a safe feeding and cozy environment.

Keep your feathered friends happy and healthy. And that can happen when you are making use of really clean bird feeders. And that too should come with fresh birdseed.

It is also essential that you create a natural yard that is coming free of pesticides. That is because they impact and will create issues to your yard.

You have to ensure the surroundings are such that are keeping the whole space safe for the birds to stay at.

For this to happen, you can follow simple tips which will be yielding great results in the long run. See the thing is, it is not possible that you adapt strategies which will be allowing you to see full results.

But you have to start off somewhere. In this article, I am going to be giving you quick and sure-shot ways in which you will be getting a bird friendly backyard.

Let’s begin:

Attracting Backyard Birds

So when we talk of ways in which you can ensure your backyard is safe, you have to do plenty of planning as well as spend time to get results.

When it comes to making your space appealing and standing out, there are quite a few things to keep in mind.

One is to enable that birds are able to move around safely. When you follow these tips, it will be ensuring that the birds are staying safe in the yard.

You have to dedicate a space where you are putting up a feeder that is giving you complete results. Learn these simple yet major tactics that will allow it to be a really rewarding experience for you.

Some essentials to follow include:

Cleaning the Feeders Regularly

It is very important that you keep these dirty feeders clean.


Because not doing so can result in the spread of diseases. And you should be emptying the feeders once every two weeks.

Also when you think the weather is humid. That will make the food go moldy.

Hence make sure you are adapting ways in which you are cleaning it out completely and thoroughly.

That is done with making use of dish soap as well as boiling water.

You have to make use of a dilute bleach solution and then apply it. Rinsing the feeder well afterwards will give you great results.

Once you have properly rinse it, then you have to allow it to get completely dry. After which you will have to place in some fresh seeds.

That will be allowing you to enjoy this creation effectively.

Monitoring For Diseases

While I have mentioned this earlier already, but it is important that you keep a lookout for any bird diseases that can easily happen.

If you are able to notice, check out if the bird are not looking too ill.

This means you have to watch out for crusty eyes, whatever abnormal growths may be happening on the body.

When that is happening , you will have to take down the feeders. That is important because they are the vessel to diseases.

So it is absolutely important that they are kept clean.

You have to also keep an eye out for any kind of bird epidemics in the area. And remain aware of the kind of steps to be taken for the same.

Saying No to Pesticides

So this is one of the important things I want to highlight. You have to understand that birding as well as gardening.

While it is true that at some point you will have to face issues where you will find menacing insects and pests in your garden.

But you have to know that making use of pesticides is not just killing them, but it also affect and hurt pollinators.

And these pollinators are important for the survival of nectar-producing plants.

So when you trying to kill off other insects, you will also be impacting these important ones.

So while there are several kinds of lawn fertilizers you can make use of. You have to consider organic fertilizers.

Building your own compost is definitely going to be crucial in this regard.

It is essential that you get this done in the right manner. That will be extremely important when it comes to yielding a solid setting.

When there is poor plant growth, it will mean that there are fewer bugs for the birds to munch on as well as the soil erosion will be leading to the decline of plants growth.

So you have to adapt some natural ways in which you will be able to kill the weeds. And get a major lookout that allows the birds to remain safe in your garden.

Also when you are able to reduce the overall use of these kinds of harsh pesticides in the yards, it will definitely be helping humans as well.

You just have to make sure you are opting for a healthy-lawn option. One which is keeping all of these nuisance out of the yard for a long time.

Using Bird Safe Windows

When it comes to bird friendly backyards, one thing to know is how important it is to use windows which are keeping the birds safe and not at risk of danger.

Since there are plenty of trees and the sky itself which birds fly forward to. It is essential that you make their window collisions to a minimum.

This means you have to ensure that you are keeping them at a safe distance. You have to make sure that the you will deck these windows with something like anti-collision stickers. You can make use of bird tape as well as films.

These are all amazing and great ways in which you can ensure that you are taking care of the condition in a proper manner.

Many such accidents can happen. So it is best that you make the ambience safe and keep the window hazards at bay. Only then will you be able to control how it looks and the way it makes your area safe and secure for your feathered little friends.

It is definitely going to be making a difference.

The Kitty Factor

This is probably something people don’t realize. If you have cats as pets. It is best that you keep them indoors. That is of course if you are also wishing to make it a bird friendly backyard.

That also is important to realize how you can make use of these factors and ensure that you are keeping all of these aspects together.

Feeders and roaming cats are actually a legal combination.

So if you have a cat which stays mostly outdoors, or you attract plenty of stray cats, it is important that you make sure the birds are safe.

Besides, vets suggest that keeping your cats inside will allow them to live longer and healthier lives.

Hence keeping them secure matters and in this simple manner it will be leading to getting a complete control on how you can manage it well.

Growing Beneficial Plants

When it comes to ensuring that your bird friendly backyard is looking great, you cam also add on succulents and other beneficial plants and tress to it..

These birds will heavily rely on berries as well as seeds, nectar and they get attracted to plants that carry food.

You can also grow native plants as well as shrubs as these will be attracting and bringing forth a wider variety of birds into your garden as well.

See birds need native trees for sheltering and nesting.

So it is important that you have amazing garden settings. That includes winter shelters.

You just have to make sure that you are making use of plant nurseries that consist of a range of plants and flowers.

That will be bringing forth an amazing garden. You will be amazed to learn how it is possible to create an amazing bird friendly backyard.

Gardening is amazing, when you are able to add and bring such great faun and flora into the picture.


There are many aspects to gardening.

It is definitely soothing and allows you to bring forth a great ambience.

Especially when it comes to allowing birds of various kinds to come into the mix.

You have to just be sure that you are bringing all of these elements together.

Only then can you ensure it is going to be making the whole setting extremely defining.

In this article I have spoken and given major tips on how you can ensure that a bird friendly backyard is possible.

That means adapting ways in which you will be getting a complete overview.

Sometimes it is not easy to bring these things together.

But when it is done right, you will see how great it will make your ambience.

Just adapt these simple strategies to see great results come through.

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