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getting the best succulent soil mix

When we talk about ways in which you want to cultivate the best plant, you need to make sure you are going to mimic the natural environment from which it usually exists.

This is definitely the  most important thing to know.

See having plants in their natural environments is essential.

And when we talk about wild succulents, there are several things which need to go in the thought process.

While there are plants which can easily survive in small and rocky settings, others need to have a good hold on having gritty soils.

A succulent soil mix should be one which imitates the natural environment in the best way.

It should not be one which gets completely sagged in case of heavy rains but also is not one to completely dry out.

There are several elements that play a role in determining how the soil will be staying productive and wet.

So elements like quantity of water added, as well as the right amount of sunlight and airflow is also going to be making a difference.

In this article we will be looking into all of these elements to make an informed decision on ways to make your very own fertile succulent soil mix.

So let’s begin:

Making Your Own Succulent Soil Mix

how to make your succulent soil mix

Now let’s look into what it takes to make your own succulent potting mix.

You need to look into ways in which your local garden center is also one which is able to provide all the necessary elements needed to ensure you are planting it in the right manner.

This is definitely one of the easiest and most effective ways to seeing results.

Also you need to look into and plan properly what kind of plants will you be potting and the kind of results you can see with it.

Here I am going to be listing some of the best succulent plants which are effective.

You have to figure out the rooting phase for them.

If you wish to get the most out of your plants, you have to make sure you are planting in significant amounts the following choices:

These are all very effective and the plantation method is one which is definitely going to be yielding great results.

So now that I have shared the kind of succulent plants which can survive, I am going to be looking into what is the best way for you to ensure you have a succulent mix ready.

This is a guide towards making your own effective mix and what are the key elements to determine in it.

The Requirements for Best Succulent Soil Mix

The good news when creating your own succulent mix is that the process is very easy to follow and also not very expensive.

You should also know that there is no ideal potting soil dynamics to it.

However whether your soil is for a cactus breed or any other succulent soil mix, make sure that you are utilizing a well-draining soil mix.

The two major troublemakers when creating the perfect soil mix for succulents is that either there is excess water or there is too much wet soil to work with.

Both of these can be troubling for you.

Hence keen measurements is very important as you don’t want the soil to retain too much of water.

When you aim for a gritty mix, you are essentially looking into how quality sought soil is going to be growing the succulent plants.

What Constitutes a Good Potting Soil Mixture?

the ingredients for a potting soil mix

When talking about what is a good mix for succulents, make sure you understand that this mixture should be having large and porous materials.

This means it should be having the elements needed to be able to breathe much air through it.

These elements are easy to find.

You can look for them in any good garden center or even your local feed store.

What matters is that you make a well-informed decision and have a soil base which is fertile and is the best form to be able to grow thriving succulents in.

The Best Soil for Succulent Pots

When we talk about what is the best way to choose potting soils, make sure you are using ingredients which are not retaining a lot of water.

This is a common mistake and you should steer clear of such gardening dynamics.

It is the same as when you are looking at options for indoor planting.

One ingredient to steer clear of is the peat moss. This is going to be holding onto too much water.

So what option you have?

How about making use of coco coir instead of peat moss.

This is because it is coming from shredded coconut husks and it is a more natural fiber. Also it is able to slowly decompose as compared to other kinds.

When choosing the kind of base soil that will work for you, choose succulent soils which work well when potting a hardy jade plant.

These are excellent sources of stable and fertile soils.

You will be amazed to see how well they work with cactus as well as other leading succulent plants which are going to grow sturdy and strong.

Having a good base soil makes all the difference in the world. It allows for your plants to grow well and ensures the potting soil you choose is light and airy.

Also as we talked about it earlier, having porous soil is also a great way of ensuring that your soil is succulent-friendly and survives well in harsh climates.

There might be cheaper succulent pot mix which don’t work well.

This is because they can be very dense and heavy and when you don’t have good soil drainage, it will not be working well for the succulents.

So what are the leading elements which makes your soil stand out and how to ensure you have the right materials to create the most effective kind.

Coarse Sand

using good coarse sand

So the kind that you even find in sandboxes will be making a major difference. It is a very good soil amendment and works really well for you.

Also make sure you are not making use of construction sand as this will be containing skin irritating substances which last for a very long time.

You should make sure the soil you are purchasing is one which is not of the extremely fine kind. This will be retaining too much water.

And when that happens the fine sand will not be retaining the water properly. And this will lead to it draining more freely.

In case you are not able to find coarse sand, make sure that you have something like poultry grit available.

This works in the same way and is very effective in giving results.

It is mostly found in feed stores and helps in making your succulent dirt better and tighter. You know it is also made from calcium clay.

Adapting Pumice and Pine Bark

So when talking about making use of solid material, make sure you have lightweight organic soil amendments like natural pumice nearby.

It is essentially going to be preventing soil compaction and also helps in improving the drainage.

Also there is much debate on what is pine bark and how to use it when it comes to ensuring your soil components are effectively being used.

There are actually certain factors which come into play and you have to consider when making such decisions.

They are:

  • Will the succulents you are planting growing indoors or are they outdoors plants?
  • What growing location will you be choosing?
  • Have you made a thorough check on the kind of existing conditions?
  • Affirm what are the types of succulent plants you wish to grow and why?

Knowing these gives you a complete overview on the current condition of plantation and allows for you to make an informed decision on what to plant and how.

DIY Succulent Tools

And lastly, when you have decided to go the organic way, you need to make sure you are using large containers which are going to be holding the succulent soil properly.

This also means you can easily toss the mix around it properly.

Here are some quick tips to know and follow regarding the same:

  • Make use of a large tote which comes with a lid
  • This is the best kind of container for adapting succulent pot mixing
  • You should be mixing your soil with a trowel and a garden fork
  • Sometimes it is best to let it sit out to ensure that proper mixing is done


making your succulents last

Succulents are sturdy plants. They need a good gritty soil mix to survive.

In this article I explained how succulent soil mix is something which you need to think over.

There are some excellent ways in which you can create your own mix.

Just make sure you are following some guidelines on the materials you use.

And once you have that in order, you have really good soil mix.

The kind which will allow your succulents to thrive and remain fresh.


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