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chicken coop

A Chicken Coop is more than a simple structure for shelter for your chicken when you decide to keep them at home.

Moreover, it is one of the most important things you will need in order for your chicken to survive.

The right coop will help your flock feel safe, comfortable, and also happy in the backyard.

On the other hand, a poorly built coop can stress them out and leave them vulnerable to predators and disease.

Thus, it can lead to unhealthy birds. poor egg production, and a sad end to your flock.

It is important not to underestimate how important a good chicken coop is.

Keep on reading as we discuss the benefits, tips, and plans for making a DIY coop for your chicken.

In case you have some basic woodworking skills and a lot of patience, then you can make a comfortable coop for them.

Let’s get started.

Benefits of a Chicken Coop

Some of the benefits of a chicken coop are as follows:

Protection from the Elements

Chickens are hardy creatures and can hold up well even in cold temperatures. However, the does not mean that you still want to keep them out in the open.

A sturdy chicken coop will provide them a safe place from frigid winter nights, dreary rainstorms, and hot summers.

Moreover, they will have a warm place to sleep in winter.

However, make sure that there is proper ventilation so that the air can flow through the structure and prevent humidity or moisture build-up.

Protection from Predators

Weather is not the only threat to your flock, natural predators are as well.

Hawks, foxes, and stray cats often like to pray on chickens while snakes, raccoons, and rodents will make off with the eggs.


A Chicken coop will give your birds an extra level of security from different predators.

Moreover, an elevated coop will keep the flock off the ground, thus making it harder for snakes and other small predators to get inside.

Plentiful Food and Water

As you know that all animals and birds need a reliable food source and water to survive.

For your flock, the cool is the source. Placing feeders and chicken watering systems can give them a safe, clean space to eat and drink.

Moreover, you can also monitor their eating habits and make sure everyone is getting enough food.

Other Benefits

Some of the other benefits are:

A Place to Sleep: Your chicken coop gives your flock a safe place to spend the night and you can also add roosting bars and other raised spaces.

It is important to note that chickens love to sleep in the air and a roosting perch gives them the comfort and security of resting.

However, make sure that the roosting bars are smooth with round edges to prevent splinters and give them an easy grip.

Safe Laying Space: In order to get nutritious farm-fresh eggs, you need to give your chicken a safe and comfortable place to do so.

This is one of the biggest reasons why a chicken coop is important. By placing nesting boxes you can give your hens a convenient, secure place to lay their eggs.

chicken coop 2

Pro Tip: Place one nesting box for every 4 hens. Raise the boxes a few inches above the ground and line them with dry, comfortable bedding.

Helps to Prevent Diseases: With regular cleaning and maintenance, your chicken coop can remain healthy for the flock to thrive.

Make sure to design a coop that is easy to clean regularly. Moreover, make sure to clean the corners of the coop or beneath the roosting bars and nesting area.

It is important to pay attention to the type of bedding you use. Dry needs are a huge part of preventing diseases, pests, and even unpleasant odors.

Learn more about Poultry Farms here.

Tips for Building a Chicken Coop

You might find making a coop a daunting task at first, however, if you have basic woodworking skills, then you can do it easily.

Follow the steps below carefully to make sure you build a good chicken coop.

Step 1: Take your Time and Think it Out

It is important to avoid rushing through the process.

Make sure you have a good plan, sketches, and have thought about all the variables like cist, size, portability, and ongoing maintenance.

Moreover, also consider the functionality of your coop.

Place the doors inwards, not outwards, otherwise, your birds might find their way out. Most importantly, it is important to decide on the number of birds you want in your coop.

Step 2: Look for Premade Plans

In case you are new to working with wood, and the world of do-it-yourself is new to you, you can also find a chicken coop plan book or online plan that goes well.

You might even get a good idea while pouring over such plans.

Step 3: Write your Ideas

It is important to write all the steps and make sketches of the coop you have in mind.

Moreover, make a list of materials and equipment you will need and flesh out the details.


Step 4: Size your Chicken Coop Properly

You may be planning on allowing your chicken to free-range, however, your chicken is healthy when they have a space to roost comfortably.

Cramped Cooops make for aggressive birds pecking at each other and make the spread of disease faster.

If your birds have access to an outdoor run, give them at least 2 to 3 square feet per bird inside the coop and about 4 square feet per bird in the run.

Thus, the bigger, the better.

However, if you coop your birds all winter, allow for 5 square feet per chicken.

Step 5: Roosting Space

Chicken love to roost on woodpiles, the tops of their waterers or feeders, and even on the roof of the coop.

PRovide roosting poles at least 2 to 3 feet off the ground. And make sure to plan for at least 6 to 10 inches of roosting space per chicken.

Step 6: Recycled Materials

You can save money by upcycling or taking used materials and making something great out of them.

Make sure to avoid using worn, rotting wood or low-quality materials that end up wearing out quickly.

Step 7: Movable vs. Stationary Coop

A movable coop is going to be smaller and lighter and you can move your birds to pasture them on grass.

In case of relocating your home, you can take this coop with you.

On the other hand, a wholly fixed coop is more sustainable and more expensive and makes sense if you have a large flock.

Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans

These free chicken coop plans will help your chickens in a nice and safe place where they can flourish.

Moreover, a good chicken coop will allow your chickens to make you happy and lay lots of eggs.

Building a coop is fairly easy and the plans below can help to make a chicken coop.

1# Urban Chicken Coop Plan

This one is free and will help you to build a small chicken coop that s perfect for your backyard.

It is a 6×3 raised coop with an outside area to keep your chicken happy and active.

2# The Palace Chicken Coop

You may find “the Palace” small in size, however, is big in style and function.

Moreover, it looks good in urban environments, however, will also do right at home in the country.

3# DIY Chicken Coop Plan

A design by Lady Goats, while you can build it yourself easily.

This small coop has a green roof and would fit into the smallest backyards.

chicken coop 1

4# Shed Chicken Coop

It looks like a basic shed and has two doors, one human-sized, and the other chicken-sized, a window, and a nesting box.

Moreover, this plan includes a shopping list that helps you to understand what you will need.

5# How to Build a Chicken Coop

You will be able to house 8 chickens with this free plan with extra room for storage and a hatchway.

Moreover, this plan includes a lot of details from all different sizes, details about measurements, a material list, nesting box plans, and information about installing ventilation.

6# Free Chicken Coop Plan

Downeast Thunder Farm has a stunning free chicken coop design that builds 4×8 chicken coops that includes a yard, run, clean outdoor, and electricity.

7# Portable Poultry Pen

This free chicken coop plan is very easy as it is made out of PVC pipes.

There are 3 different styles of PVC chicken coops available, a smaller, portable option that can easily fit in your backyard.

Learn more about Using Chicken Grit for Gardening here.

Final Thoughts

In case you are too concerned about reading the coop plants and be too technical, then you are not alone. However, with the help of the above plans, you can easily make chicken coops. Moreover, if you have basic woodworking skills then making a coop in your backyard is a simple and easy process.

From small to large coops, rustic barn-shaped coops to pretty cottage coops, these chicken houses offer tons of inspiration. Remember that no size or style, every coop needs basic elements like nesting boxes, a roosting bar, and a feeder and water to make sure that your flock stays healthy and happy.

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