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the impact of dairy farming

When it comes to keeping your agricultural scope in focus, there are so many ways in which you can attain sustainable farming .

Did you know there are so many variations and the scope is massive when it comes to how you can attain agricultural goals. One of the major branches which is highly efficient and impactful is dairy farming.

A lot of countries depend on it and require a lot of work and precision to keep it sustainable and productive.

Now, this article will be talking in detail and focusing specifically on dairy farming.

This is one of the major branches of agriculture that takes into focus the long-term production of milk.

Milk is one of the major food consumptions and it is a universal concept. Milking dairy animals is done in large amounts everyday.

Did you know that almost one billion live in dairy farms across the world. A major element of the global food structure, it is hard to ignore it.

So we will now talk in great detail on how dairy farming works, its major objectives, how its done across the world and its significance.

Let’s begin:

What is Dairy Farming?

the impact of dairy farming

This is the kind of animal farming which aims to focus on long-term milk production. It is done on a large scale.

Basically done for human consumption, there are two major ways in which it takes place- through large farms or dairy plants.

Either one is customized to attain the perfect ambience for the livestock, coupled with excellent agricultural techniques and best technology advancement.

Now when we talk about dairy animals, any animal which falls into the category of milk production in large amounts is considered a dairy asset. However the most common kind in this regard is definitely the cattle.

The cattle is one such species which is utilized for milk production for a variety of reasons.

Now I want to talk about the background and significance of dairy farms before moving into its major objective.

The History of Dairy Plants : How Milk Consumption Escalated

For the major part of history, this kind of dairy farming has been one of the major branches of agricultural farming for years.

The way dairy cows are bred to produce huge amount of quality milk has progressed in ample ways, adapting technological innovation to ensure that this is done in the most efficient as well as humane way possible.

These cows though have to be artificially inseminated when they are in three months of giving birth. This is a vital element of the dairy farming procedure.

However, whatever the breed of the cow, it is also a fact that dairy cows can only yield and give high milk quantities for an average of 3-4years.

After this time, most of these cows are then slaughtered and the meat is used as food consumption, again sold in huge bulk amount.

How Much Milk is Consumed Worldwide?

Now this is something important to note.

Did you know that milk consumption has been steadily increasing through the years. While we have strong vegan advocates who present strong cases on how milk consumption is a artificial and superficial methodology emphasizing and building on its false claims of being healthy and wholesome.

The fact of the matter is milk consumption which means, the demand for dairy farming has been on a smooth rise since its initial beginnings.

Do you know that 270 million cows are producing milk worldwide. While EU has the largest amount of milk producing cows, the number isn’t any smaller for North America, Australia or New Zealand either.

Even countries which are not considered as high milk-yielding markets are also now producing huge amounts of milk with the number of cows being easily over 6-7million.

One of the major things which have come out of this major industry is that there has been high intensity in dairy farming tactics which has resulted in welfare problems arising when it comes to the well-being of these cows.

When it comes to ensuring higher milk yield, quality standards are being imposed worldwide which means indoor housing, health problems emphasis and early separation of the calves should be addressed and proper action should be taken in this regard.

I will now talk about and highlight the scope of this kind of agricultural segment:

The Scope of Dairy Farming

how dairy farming happens

One of the major things which ensures quality control is being applied, is that the farming practice is done in a safe environment with all the quality measures are being implemented.  Having quality milk is essential.

This can only be done when you have healthy animals in a healthy environment.

Adapting sustainable management techniques means you are keeping the social, economic as well as environmental tactics in focus and order.

For this to happen, there are a few things which you need to ensure for quality measurement. This includes elements like:

  • ensuring housing is done in effective design and management which includes quality ventilation, good levels of humidity, and there is no over-crowding
  • avoid tethering which means the cows should not be kept in confinement of tie-stalls and metal bars, as this limits their ability to socialize and exercise
  • to ensure quality production of milk, these milking cows should have plenty of space and the opportunity to graze by their own free-will
  • the diet of the cows is also essential.  They need to have large amounts of fiber in the body and this can only be attained when the farmers emphasize o their nutrient-dense diets.
  • emphasis should be on having a strong organic system which allows cows to go for pasturing in grazing season, which leads to increased milk yield.

Now, lets look into ways in which we can make it into an effective dairy farming system.

Killer Ways to Adapt Effective Dairy Farming

One thing which is certain is, is that dairy farming is one of the essential elements of agricultural sustainability.

You need it as one of the key players in attaining goals of productivity and great yield. There are few objectives which dairy farmers should emphasize on to ensure quality and effective practices are taken into account. These suggested measures ensure that the dairy farming will be yielding the desired outcome.

I will now talk about them one by one.

Let’s begin:

The Health of the Livestock

monitoring health of the livestock

This means that your animals which are producing quality milk, are being kept in great condition. You should choose breeds which are suitable to your local farming setup.  Since the ambience and environment is different from one country or region to another, it is important that your livestock’s comfort is kept at optimal level.

You should also adapt a practice in which cow’s health is at optimal level. You do so by getting them vaccinated and ensuring they are not suffering from any diseases. A few outlines you need to follow in this manner are:

  • the herd should have a strong resistance to diseases
  • focus on ways to prevent the formation of diseases on the farm
  • adapt and strategize ways to keep an effective herd health management system in focus
  • limit the use of chemical use in farming practices
  • allow them to graze only on organic food– free from any pesticides

Emphasize Hygiene Practice in Milking

The essence of a dairy plant lies in perfected milking methods. If this isn’t done right, you will not be getting the results you wish to attain.

Your consumers will want to have milk which is of the highest quality and you can ensure that when you have limited and very few microbial and physical contamination of the milk produced. These measures lead towards the essence of adapting smart agriculture which will be the need of the world of the future.

One major part of this process is known as milking management. This means you ensure that there is a consistency being followed to adapt quality, safety measures. Three things you need to ensure quality milk production:

  • the milking pattern should ensure that the cows are not harmed in any way
  • ensure that the milking mechanism is done so in the most hygienic conditions
  • once the milking is done, it is handled in the most proper manner

Target Animal Welfare

Now it comes down to ensuring the animal’s well-being is kept in mind. The livestock should be handled in the best way. You need to ensure that their ambience, and living spaces are well-looked after. It is important that you follow this list of things to adhere to:

  • livestock is not suffering from thirst or hunger
  • they are free from any pain or disease
  • not suffering from any fear
  • also not being subjected to any discomfort
  • they are in the circle of normal behavior patterns

Become Socially Responsible

getting the best quality milk

This means you need to ensure that your dairy farming goals are in line with becoming economically sustainable. The environment and its progress needs to remain in focus. It is the key to ensuring good dairy farming practices are being implemented.

It is essential to understand that in a dairy plant, all the resources must be adapted and implemented to ensure they give the best results for all concerned parties.

Our every move is directly relating to how we leave our carbon footprint. We are all socially responsible for every thing we do on this planet. It is essential that we adapt quality agricultural practices which are efficient and productive.

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