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Farming has always been a risky business. But in the past few years, dealing with so many natural and artificial parameters ranging from climate change to the impact of pandemic COVID 19 has made us realize how critical it is for food security to grow our food in a controlled environment. Greenhouse farming is quite different as compared to usual crop cultivation, as it seeks to grow these profitable crops under ideal conditions. Many resources are available on how best to develop some of these crops, that can be cultivated in a greenhouse Dubai. Start today to reap the tons of profits that come with cultivating these crops.

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Here, we discuss the most profitable crops for greenhouse Dubai.

Technological Advancement in Greenhouse Dubai

Over the years, improvements and innovations in modern farming techniques and practices have evolved and given better yield due to favorable crop growing conditions. Commercial greenhouse Dubai projects are rapidly expanding in response to these growing challenges. You may be wondering how they are doing? Well, the results speak for themselves: yields in commercial greenhouse Dubai are increasing by 8-10 times as compared to the open field growing.

Farmers can now produce crops all round the year. Fresh local food is readily available for local markets. At the same time, resources like water and fertilizer (like urea fertilizer, plant fertilizer, or chemical fertilizers ) use are reduced by up to forty percent.

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For investors, commercial greenhouse projects mean fewer risks, lower production costs, and higher returns, thereby contributing to more sustainable farming and food security. Green house Dubai present an exciting future.

What is Greenhouse Dubai?

A greenhouse has walls and a roof made of transparent material, such as glass. In a greenhouse, plants grow in controlled climatic conditions. These structures can range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A miniature greenhouse is called a cold frame. The greenhouse interiors exposed to sunlight become warmer than the external temperature. Consequently, it protects its contents in cold weather.

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Many commercial glass hothouses and greenhouses are high-tech production facilities. They have various equipment installed, including screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting devices. A computer may control these devices to optimize conditions for plant growth. Diverse methods check the optimal temperature and comfort of greenhouses, such as air temperature, relative humidity, and vapor pressure deficit. This reduces production risk before cultivating a specific crop.

Greenhouse Dubai Principle of Operation

When solar radiation passes through the transparent roof and walls, they are absorbed by the floor, earth, and contents. Consequently, the temperature inside the greenhouse becomes warmer. Since the greenhouse is not open to the atmosphere, the warm air cannot escape via convection. Thus, there is a rise in the temperature inside the greenhouse. 

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Various studies point that the effect of infrared radiative cooling is not small. It can have economic implications in a heated greenhouse. On analysis of issues of near-infrared radiation in a greenhouse with screens of a high coefficient of reflection, it has been concluded that installation of such screens reduced heat demand by about 8%. Consequently, the application of dyes to transparent surfaces has been suggested. Composite less-reflective glass or cheaper anti-reflective coated simple glassless, although less effective, also produced savings.

Advantages of Greenhouse Dubai

There are several advantages to greenhouses. Particularly when you consider the growing population in Dubai and the need to grow more food to ensure food security. Greenhouses reduce the outer influences and, therefore, the risks. Greenhouses also optimize crop production by providing crops with the best conditions for growing, regardless of the climate and season, all-year-round – increasing yield per square meter while also optimizing the use of our natural resources such as water. Moreover, greenhouses also mean enabling food to grow closer to cities in a safer, cleaner, fresher ways, that too with fewer pesticides.

How to Determine Profitable Crops for Greenhouse Dubai

If you own a greenhouse in Dubai or plan on starting one, you’ll need to strategize to be profitable properly. One of the areas which you must consider includes growing profitable crops which can sell fast and fetch you a good income and profit.

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For the uninitiated , determining what crops are profitable and how they are determined can be confusing. However, there are essential factors when it comes to deciding crop profitability.

First, you’ll need to determine your expenses that will be classified as your crop production costs. These costs can be categorized under overhead or direct expense. 

You will have to maintain recording of all expenses. Post recording, your next step should be estimating such fees or expenses concerning market prices for such crops.

When you have fully worked out, you’ll get your profit margin. 

So, whether you like to grow a single crop variety in your greenhouse or multiple crops ? 

It all depends on your needs.

Most Profitable Greenhouse Dubai Crops

Plants are grown for several reasons. Some are cultivated for food, while others are grown for medicinal or aesthetic gratification. There are several greenhouse crops that guarantee profitability. Your greenhouse helps you shield the crops from various pests and unfavorable weather conditions mostly with the help of smart monitoring system.

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Crops include tomatoes, herbs, strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms, hops, lettuce, and spinach among others. 

  • Strawberries

Consider strawberries as a possible addition when looking for a lucrative crop to include or grow in your greenhouse. You may be surprised about it due to its low in-season prices. However, off-season prices are pretty high. Your greenhouse allows you to cultivate strawberries in a controlled environment. Efficient irrigation is one of the condition required to grow well. Strawberries sell fast and fetch you good profits if you do this well.

  • Tomatoes

You can consider tomatoes to grow in your greenhouse?  Tomatoes are high-yield crops when the correct conditions are satisfied. The variety does not matter. As long as you do it in the correct fashion you can fetch a lot of profit. Red beefsteak, green beefsteak, and cherry tomatoes are few of the most popular varieties. 

  • Herbs

Grocery stores and restaurants are always in need of herbs.

Consequently, it creates significant demand and offers you an opportunity to be profitable by filling such a demand. You can grow a variety of herbs including basil, chamomile, oregano, chives, parsley, cilantro, and dill in your greenhouse. The good thing about herbs that make them highly profitable is that you can sell them fresh and dried, thereby eliminating problems caused from spoilage. Farmers can prepare, dry, and properly package them for sale.

  • Spinach

The spinach is classified under leafy greens and they grows quickly when ideal conditions are provided. Greenhouse Dubai offer thesae ideal conditions and you can make lot of money selling fresh spinach.

  • Peppers

There is always a huge demand for Spices. and they translates to profitability. Peppers are spices to consider planting. As long as you can overcome growing challenges, you can earn a lot. You can consider growing bell pepper, mini sweet pepper, cubanelle pepper, and banana pepper. Others include cherry, poblano, jalapeno, and Fresno peppers.

  • Lettuce

Lettuce is a crucial salad or food ingredient which is profitable to grow in a greenhouse. It are available in several varieties with varying appearances of colors. They are best when sold fresh at local sales and will fetch you a good profit.

  • Gourmet Mushrooms

In a greenhouse, you can grow Gourmet mushrooms in a controlled environment. It’s medicinal uses have made it among the most profitable crops to grow. Before you finalize on growing gourmet mushrooms, you need to consider the demand and the market. Gourmet mushrooms will readily sell only when there’s awareness. So, you need to research the market and sell them when they’re ready or almost ready.

How to Profit from Greenhouse Dubai

However, having the interest alone is not enough. You’ll need to find out what conditions are best for its growth. When it comes to growing plants for a profit, it isn’t something new but an age-old practice that remains relevant today. This highlights the importance of agriculture and reveals it’s potential for anyone to benefit.

Certain plants are in high demand across the world. You can easily convert your gardening skills into a money-making venture by focusing on certain cash crops. Some of these may be new to you, while others may not. In any case, you can earn a lot by simply taking advantage of the demand to cultivate and sell them. You can take advantage of the potentials to start your own plant cultivation business. There are lots of benefits to interested persons.


The GCC countries and UAE are famous for their arid  conditions. Consequently, setting up good nurseries, and their upkeep is a priority for growers. Several companies have successfully helped them do just that. They have given minute attention to every detail over the past many years. At the same time, boom irrigation and micro-sprinklers  deliver uniform droplets of water ideal for germination. These are primarily sprinkler irrigation systems. Essentially, greenhouses take up only a small portion of the farmland. They can be simple or complex depending on clients’ needs.

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