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make backyards greener

There is so much potential when it comes to make backyards greener. You want to allow the greens to look greener and stand out.

It is isn’t that hard really.

When it comes to planting the green essentials, know that you can make use of certain tips and tricks which will essentially make your backyard look more tempting and vibrant.

Gardening in Dubai has been one of the most trending topics. Despite its dry climatic stance, there are various botanists who have pointed out how important it is to keep your surroundings happening and catchy.

This article is all about some simple tips and tricks which allow you to make your garden stand out and look vibrant. These are tried and tested ways and will help you no doubt.

Let’s now look into them in detail:

The Integration of Plants

understanding integration of plants

As you already would know, having vegetables and herbs in the flower garden is extremely essential. Gardeners tell you to use a variation of plants in the beds as to ensure a strong and concrete bed is made to create a strong border line.

This ensures your garden looks great while maintaining the integration of it.

You should learn to make use of snip springs. This is done so to ensure the greenery is done in a flavorsome level.

One essential herb in Dubai which you can add into your gardens is the mint.

Mint holds many benefits. It has an amazing fragrance that keeps your flowers and other plants and herbs in the garden fresh.

Also it is very easy to grow and its vigorous, making it a special addition to your whole backyard. Mints don’t need special soil to grow. They can be grown anywhere and your backyard has a good chance to gloom with mints in it.

The Feel of Textures

It will not come as a surprise but do you know having a multitude of textures in your backyard gives it an ultimate feeling of being full and delightful.

Gardening in Dubai has many different elements but one thing you will notice in big gardens is how people make use of foliage texture. This means the attention on colors, different structures and the way these are all brought together matters.

Focus on styles which stand out and if your backyard is small, it is fine if you add some elements of vertical stance. This gives the feel of varied and in-depth spaces to otherwise small and tight spaces.

Using Potted Shrubs to Make Backyards Greener

using potted plants

You must know about container gardens already. This is essential for not just garden spaces but backyards too with no fertile soil in wide spaces.

Creating agricultural spaces in Dubai is not as hard. Your stoned or tiled backyard can also be a great home choice for potted plants and herbs. Understand what are the top pot friendly produce to use containers.

This makes use of little space but you can still gain advantage of the lush greenery by ensuring that the fertile soil is coming inside a pot.

Look into the options in your local nurseries. See what kind of simple shrubs and plants can be made use of.

Also it is is helpful if you brush up on your knowledge on agriculture and gardening and think of different ways in which potted plants and shrubs are actually really good for you.

The Entrance Focus

This may seem a little unnecessary but let me tell you this- it is completely important to your backyard beauty. Sure you don’t have botanical gardens to look after, but you still have space to look good.

You need to create an entrance which is welcoming you to the lush greenery. Learn how you can embed that kind of feel and environment in whatever space is available to you.

Conifers aren’t a bad choice and are quite easy to setup as well. They are tall and wide and give such a major feel of amazing depth and lushness.

The Right Kind of Furniture

To make your backyards greener, you don’t necessarily have to go all the way green. It is all about creating an illusion of a lush garden space.

And what is a major thing that lush and beautiful gardens have?

The right kind of furniture.

You need to look into ways to create small and pretty vignettes which allow you to escape from the reality and indulge in create spaces of wideness and beauty.

Use decorative measures to stand out.

This will allow you to enjoy even the little bit of agricultural corner you have managed to setup. Remember it is not about the number of plants and furniture you have to compliment it.

It is all about how you are making use of your aesthetic skills to give such pleasing spaces a strong feel and stance.

Purchase Those Fragrant Herbs

getting fragrant herbs

Did you know there are over thousand types of herbs?

Some are great and some smell great. If you ask me, opt for the ones that have such strong fragrances.

This allows to create a strong and consistent structure to your gardening spaces.

You can plant them even in window boxes if you want.

The point is they are natural, easy to plant and look and smell amazing. This also wards off any unpleasant smells around you.

The Act of Creating Height

As I have mentioned this one already. Implement ways in which you can actually give a heightened look to your landscape.

This is usually done through plants that stand tall but don’t be afraid to explore your creativity even more.

You can also make use of pillars to add depth to your backyard. This is attainable when you analyze who much space does your garden have and how you can ensure it looks even better and bigger with some more elements that infuse the garden with lushness and heights of beauty.

Effect of Curves

It is absolutely possible if you want to create an impact that there are curves to a garden. This means you can make use of certain structural elements that add angles and curves into how your backyard looks.

Sometimes it may not have the edge or the depth but it is amazing what curves can do for you. Look into your local stores and see what kind of options you can avail to give a misty veil or curved bends to small and limited backyard spaces.

Simplicity to Make Backyards Greener

Sometimes all it comes down on how you are applying different methods in make backyards greener.

In some cases, you don’t even need to go all out to make an impact.

It is simply how you analyze your space to ensure it stands out.

We are living extremely busy and hectic routines. You want to look into options which are simple, straightforward and are great in making an impact.

A famous gardener who was responsible for creating amazing green spaces from the vast wide lands of huge farmhouses to modest, small apartment buildings said that you can still ensure elegance in simplicity.

All you need to do is make use of small containers and pots and ensure what you are planting is easy to maintain and has rapid growth.

Golden sun-loving succulent is an ideal option for Dubai and any other place in the UAE.


Because it is able to bear the very high temperatures and does not need ample of water for maintenance.

It can easily survive and can add elements of beauty and charm to the whole ambience.

Hit on Those Shady Spots

Another suggestion I want to give you is play on the shady spots. There can be many in your backyard.

It is key to knowing which ones these are and make use of shade plants which actually work great in brightening small spaces.

Ask your gardener what kind of plants have big and wavy leaves and even wide margins. These all are amazing when it comes to acting like the lights in the woods.

They make a really good and strong impact and are essentially the most effective element to make those dull shady spots bright and beaming.

Making Those Edges Soft

Just as we don’t want to see those shady spots, we can also make use of arching grass to create soft looks for the edges.

Also since you don’t really have that wide and varied spaces to create those wide garden spaces, it comes as no surprise that you also want to hide out the outlines with a green effect.

Again, you need to widen your own scope of knowledge to hit onto the nurseries and understand what kind of plants are available to give a camouflage touch to those garden spaces making it look more spacious and in-depth than it really is.

To Sum Up

adapting wide garden spaces

Not every one of us has that option to create wide garden spaces. Gardening in Dubai is a challenging task but mostly because not everyone has a garden to work with.

But the good news is- you can create those amazing green spaces right from the comfort of your backyard.

This article was all about ways to make backyards greener with a few simple tips and tricks that have served many in the right manner.

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