Liquid Fertilizers: And How To Use Them

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understanding use of liquid fertilizers

There are many ways in which you can make sure your garden is blooming. Grooming a garden matters when you are doing it right.

This means you have to look into ways in which you will be making the best use of your gardening tactics to gain results.

Using liquid fertilizers is becoming common now. It is basically what we call a major booster drink that we give to plants to make them grow strong and sturdy.

Just like us, plants also need something nutritious to survive and grow well. They may not be getting these things the very same way to ensure sustainability but they are still needed.

In this article I want to look into the details of how liquid fertilizers are quite efficient. They are actually formulated in a special way so to make sure your plants are getting what they deserve.

So let’s see how it all happens:

How Good Are Liquid Fertilizers?

adapting liquid fertilizers

Some gardeners swear by this practice. It is very quick and effective. You will have to look into how nourishing your gardens work when you are going to make use of effective ways to make sure the potted plants are yielding complete results.

They go to work almost as soon as you make use of them. This means they have the tendency to boost a major superlative growth. Also they will be ensuring that there is a strong growth. This will lead towards having a very well-balanced plant.

These are a major booster to the health of plants. This means you will be lookin into ways in which it will be yielding sustainable growth.

It actually acts as a strong delivery system which will be giving plants nutrients. And ensuring that the leaves and foliar feed is getting properly into the soil as well as the plant’s root system.

Best Liquid Fertilizers

Now I want to talk in detail on what are the best kind of liquid fertilizers out there. You want to make your plants thrive and for that, your plant food options will have to clearly stand out.

So here you can see some of the best alternatives that you can make use of which will allow your plants and gardens to bloom in full spectrum:

Compost Tea

This is probably one of the best kinds which will ensure that your garden is getting all the major nutrients needed.

And for the same, we will have to look into how composting can actually provide a major boost. It is still one of the best and most effective ways of getting results.

You can simply compost fruits and vegetables scraps from your kitchen. It is all about putting in the organic effort which will be making your garden’s nutrient boost getting a complete result.

Homemade compost has major benefits as it will be a great feed for your plants. Adding compost to water and then leaving it for a while will allow the plants and your soil to completely absorb the nutrients.

But how does compost tea even bring long-term results and how to make the perfect mix.

Well, here’s looking into creating a compost which will essentially be giving you results:

Making Your Own Compost Tea

making compost tea

  • First you have to make a really good compost. This is from using all the organic material you can find in your home.
  • Then you have to sift this mix so to remove the large stones in it, including any non-compost elements as well as twigs
  • After this you will have to fill a container with one-thirds of this compost
  • After which you will then top the rest of the container with water
  • Make sure you are using rainwater
  • Stir the mixture well
  • You should be leaving the mix for a week or two
  • Also you can strain the fluid and make use of the same on your plants right away

You can simply put this mix in a watering can and make use of this com[post tea to make sure you are providing your plants with a really strong base.

Also you should be considering as to how you will be placing this compost tea. Sometimes it can be simply done by putting it in a plant sprayer. This you will be giving your plants every now and then to give them a quick boost.

Using Wormery Liquid Fertilizer

This is actually a variation of the compost tea solution. This basically relates to when you are making use of a special composting worms formula.

One of the best ways kitchen waste you may not be aware of is having kitchen wormery. This relates to when special worms will be actually breaking and aerating this compost.

They do it pretty quickly.

The compost is then enriched with what we call worm castings. In other words, it is worm poo and it is an amazing great soil amender.

Wormeries have been gaining major momentum through the years. Home-made wormeries are actually the best kinds’ to make use of. It is also very effective in helping you to drain the excess fluids.

This fluid is easy to water down also. And you make use of food for the plants as well.

Fish Waste Usage

A wormery is also something which will be making use of fish which will be used to fertilize the water.

The water is actually properly fertilized by the fish. This is also made use of growing the plants without soil.

Their waste works great and will be aiming at making your aquarium and can be made use of ensuring that an eco-friendly fertilizer is made use of.

Best Plant-Based Fertilizers

analyzing best plant-based fertilizers

Now that you have understood how plant based liquid fertilizers are actually super great. They aim for plant material to properly decompose.

This means you will be aiming to create a nutrient rich brew. This will be giving nutrients the kind of boost needed to ensure the plants are growing strong and sturdy.

So here is looking at some of the best kind of food nutrients:

  • Looking into the general purpose weed
  • Nitrogen rich nettle
  • Nitrogen rich in grass clippings
  • Seaweed based
  • Balanced comfrey tea
  • Great for tomatoes
  • Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food

Comfrey leaves will be decomposing in water as it will be making for a liquid feed which consists of high nutrition levels.

This is also very effective in terms of making your plant-based liquid feeds more effective.

Also comfrey will be consisting of a good mixture of nitrogen, potassium as well as phosphorus.

All of these elements make your liquid feeds even more effective.

Did you know that comfrey is something that can you easily harvest twice when looking into the summer months.

The yields are massive and will be growing again in no time.

Potash Fertilizer

This is yet another kind of fertilizer which is super great for your soil. It is a liquid fertilizer which serves as a major source of potassium.

You can make use of it when looking at the productive ways of providing nutrition to your fruiting plants.

However the one thing you need to look out for is how alkaline it can get.

This means it can have soil pH which is very acidic.

Fish/Meat Based Fertilizer

This is one of the most effective kinds. But it is also a little disgusting for some.

For those who consume fish or meat, they can easily be using the waste by-products of the fish and meat.

These are solid reasons as to why you will be making use of these nutrients which act as great fertilizers.

You can make use of this by blending it with water and it will be used in your gardens, in complete liquid form.

Choosing the Right Fertilizer

Now lets talk about how you can select the right kind of fertilizer. This means you have to work out which is the best option when working for your garden and your plants.

It all comes down to figuring what kind of boost will your garden be needing.

You have to make a solution which is going to be really effective . This means looking at the perfect NPK Balance.

So here is what you have to look at- balancing the amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

These are the three main ingredients which every plant needs.

It is essential when you are looking at the type, characteristics as well as what level of growth is the plant.


Liquid fertilizers have been gaining momentum for a while now. It is basically a really good way for you to realize how to give your plants a major boost of nutrition.

It is also easy to use, provides results in no time and ensures the plants are getting a major boost of growth and sustainability.

When you look into how your plants and gardening can be made even more strong and productive, you will be getting the highest level of assurance in gardening tactics.

This article was an overview of some of the best liquid fertilizers out there and how they stand in quality to one another.

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