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understanding the benefits of organic fertilizer

For the proper growth of your plants and agricultural plantation, we will be talking about the benefits of organic fertilizer in this article. These fertilizers are called organic because there is no chemicals and it is naturally produced.

This means that it also contains carbon. But the fact of the matter is you need to ensure the proper nutrients are going into the plants and the soil. This will ensure sustainable growth.

While most of the fertilizers out there are really effective as they make use of mineral sources and animal waste which is very beneficial. You should know that an organic fertilizer is commendable as it adapts the Principles of Organic Agriculture.

But how does this really work? Why is it a better choice than your regular fertilizer? This and a lot more we will be discussing and covering in this article.

So let’s start:

Identifying Organic-based Fertilizers?

what are organic fertilizers?

The main objective of this kind of fertilizer is to ensure that you are providing your soil with nutrients that have absolutely no preservatives.

These kinds of fertilizers may be heavy on the pocket but they are highly efficient as they improve the fertility of the plants. Also they work great to produce quality and enhance the yield that comes from this kind of plant production.

Did you know that these kind of fertilizers are useful in both organic as well as conventional agriculture?

So when we talk about benefits of organic fertilizer,  we are actually focusing on three major segments:

  • Organic fertilizers

The main function of this fertilizer is that it is able to provide nutrients which come in organic form. There are major varieties that come into play here and this includes the organic waste that you get from plants as well as animals. But this has to be completely fresh.

  • Organo-mineral fertilizers

This is actually a far more complex fertilizer. You cannot easily find it. But you can get it by  industrial co-formulation which happens when you mix organic fertilizers with the organic soil ensuring organic farming. This improves its quality significantly making it more effective for usage.

  • Organic soil improvers

This is the last kind which also plays a major role. It is really good as it improves the carbonaceous material that you find in a plant or animal origin.  The main function for this is to increase the soil’s organic matter. And it is really important and needed.

An effective organic-based fertilizer is that which is able to hold onto all these major categories. Only then will it be effective and have a strong purpose.

Now let’s talk about the ways in which organic-based fertilizers work:

Organic-based Fertilizers and How They Work:

how does it work

When it comes to sustainable agriculture benefits of organic fertilizers, there are many ways in which they are more significant than other kinds.

While some people may find it a little hard to get them sorted, the fact is organic fertilizers are very efficient and there a number of ways in which you can use them properly:

  • They help to boost the nutrient efficiency
  • Also the organic matter content of the soil is focused on and made to increase
  • Soil fertility gets the limelight
  • This fertilizer aims to improve and nurture plant growth in a better way
  • Biological activity is hinted upon
  • Aim to target and improve the biodiversity of the soils
  • Check on ways to improve efficiency of nutrients
  • Make use of robust crops
  • Aims to facilitate the way nutrients release into the soil
  • The best way it happens is that the effective components release slowly into the soil
  • Very useful and helpful for the environment
  • Aim to reduce the carbon footprint and nurture the ecosystems in a better way
  • Helps to reduce the effects of farming

But how are they benefitting? Now let’s talk about the main benefits that come with using organic fertilizers.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

When it comes to the effectiveness of organic fertilizers, there are a few major ways in which using the organic material is more useful. Now we will be talking in great detail on the major ways in which organic material is the ultimate way to go when using fertilizers:

The Impact Soil Structure Has on Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

Did you know that that when you put completely organic matter into the soil, it improves the soil structure significantly.

When the soil’s structure gets better, it allows for it to work and function in a better way. The way the soil is able to hold onto the water and nutrients also improves.

So it is essential that you see and examine the ways in which the soil structure gets impacted by the way the fertilizer is made use of.

Looking into How Microbes Thrive

The major difference between organic matter and chemical fertilizers is that, synthetic fertilizers don’t have carbon.  The molecules in this kind of formula are not readily accessible to microbes. The microbes are actually very important microorganisms which help in the proper growth of the plants.

When you use organic fertilizers, they also consist of carbon as well as other essential elements like nitrogen and phosphorous.

These are essential in helping the microbes to feed on the nutrients. It helps in acceleration of the biological enhancement of the soil. When microbes work well, they ensure that the proper nutrition is going into the plants to help them grow.

Emphasize Sustainable Environment

ensuring a sustainable environment

The major benefit of using organic fertilizers is that it is not harming the marine life. It is also essential and affective when it comes to ensuring the quality of the water.

Did you know that synthetic fertilizers are highly harmful as they are able to run into the waterways and impact marine creatures and the quality of the water too.

The organic fertilizers firstly don’t easily run into the rivers and waterways. And if they do, they will not harm the marine life in any way. In a recent research, it was found out that organic fertilizers are really good and helpful in increasing the biodiversity.

Overall Benefit of Organic Material

The major way in which your organic fertilizer is benefitting and should be used instead of other kinds is that it will eliminate the need to make use of pesticides.

While some may complain that using organic fertilizers is far more expensive, but when you are not using pesticides and also reducing the need to use other kind of materials, you are essentially saving costs.

So it is a better investment overall. Also did you know that other kinds of fertilizers are also responsible for the way they damage the plants and their roots. Hence it is important that you make use of organic fertilizers.

Ways to Utilize

We have talked in great detail about benefits of organic fertilizer and how it is more useful as compared to synthetic. But did you know that these kinds of naturally-induced fertilizers can be used and have various applications.

Some of the major ways in which they can give a boost to agriculture is by how we use them for:

  • Vegetable farming and growth. They adapt and make use of ways in which your vegetable gardens will yield great results.
  • They also emphasize and ensure that fruits grow and are able to sustain for longer durations. This is one of the major reasons why organic products ensure your well-being and health is given the limelight.
  • The organic fertilizers make an impact when they are productively applied in viticulture as well as arboriculture

So now that we have talked about the major benefits of using organic fertilizers. I want to also hit on a few shortcomings that you must address.

The Shortcomings to Organic-Based Products

Overall, there are so many benefits of organic fertilizers but sometimes you can face certain issues and problems too with the same.

One thing you should know that your source of organic fertilizer is different from another. This means that not two results will be exactly the same. When you are looking into buying an organic fertilizer, make sure that it is industry certified and tested.

Also sometimes the level of nutrients may be low in your organic fertilizer. The process to attaining long-term results from organic based fertilizers needs patience. So ensure you are giving that.

While some people suggest that you can make your own organic fertilizers like compost. It is important to know that making compost does not come easy. It can become a long and complicated process. But you can very well get good results of you invest time and knowledge into it.


adapting a good and benefitting practice

Benefits of organic fertilizer are endless. You can ensure you have attained sustainable agriculture by making use of natural products for the growth of your garden and vegetables as well as farming.

In this article we talked in great detail about how organic fertilizers work and what are the many benefits of organic fertilizers over synthetic fertilizers.

We also looked into certain shortcomings with this procedure which you can ensure are taken care of and you have full knowledge on before investing your time and efforts into using organic fertilizer.

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