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A garden space in your home is such a pleasant addition. Walking through the garden needs to be maintained properly too, otherwise, the grass will become too tall to handle. In that case, you will need garden tools at hand to maintain your garden.

These can are also useful when you are gardening and planting flowers and plants.

Some of the tools are completely indispensable and you will need them for taking care of your plants and garden.

This article discusses the different tools that you should have in case you plan to maintain a garden.

Know more in the list below!

buying garden tools

Purchasing Garden Tools

Before we dig into what tools you will need, let’s first find out what you should look for in them.

It is Comfortable to Hold 

It can take quite a long time when you are working on the plants.

If your tool is not easy to grip then you will not prefer to use it at all.

While tools may be made of hard material, their handles can be cushioned to provide comfort.

Moreover, cushioned handles also prevent blistering if you are holding the tool for a longer period of time.

How Well Does It Work

While looking for tools for the first time, it will be hard to gauge their effectiveness,

However, after trial and error, you may develop an idea about what works and what doesn’t.

You need to look for a few factors such as the sharpness of the edge in a shower and trowel.

Also, look for how the handle and head attach to each other.

In the case of a metal sleeve attaching to the handle, it should have a screw or rivet to keep it in place.

The Material of the Tool 

Now there are tonnes of tools available in the market that you can find them in both plastic and metal.

Both have their pros and cons.

Metal is reliable to work with and can last a long time.

However, it can also rust if not taken well care of.

These tools also have wooden handles. It can dry out as time goes by.

Though, these handles at first are attractive.

Plastic, on the other hand, is easy to clean and also lightweight.

However, the pressure that applies to the plastic tool during gardening can break it.

It can break under stress and not handle pressure as well as metal.


Essential Garden Tools


A shovel is a necessity for most gardening works that require digging.

A long-handled shovel can move plus add soil and dig holes.

You can also use it to remove or add loose gardening materials such as fertilizer, compost, and mulch.

Thus, you can use it to fill a bed with compost, remove any weeds, dig a deep hole to plant or add fertilizer and mulch to the soil.

It is one of the indispensable tools that will come in handy for many tasks.

While choosing go for a long handle and forged metal.

That will give you more leverage to dig deeper and the material will keep it in place.


Like a shovel, a spade is an essential tool too.

This has a long handle with a flat blade that is narrow and straight-edged.

You will use a spade for:

  • moving small amounts of dirt from one place to another
  • edging beds and lawns
  • trenching
  • removing weeds
  • transplanting shrubs
  • cutting roots
  • digging holes that are straight-sided

Similar to a shovel, its long handle with providing more leverage.

Plus its stainless steel material heads will not rust easily and are strong enough for carrying out gardening tasks.

Hand Trowel 

This hand toll is a small one but is used for taking out weeds, digging small holes for planting seeds, transplanting and potting.

It can dig at ground level, and measure depths in soil.

While choosing it look for:

  • a narrow blade that cuts into soil easily, is useful for rocky soil and digs out the weeds
  • a broad blade moves more soil
  • stainless steel material sturdy blade or head as it is more durable and can last you a long time
  • the handle should fit comfortably in your hands while carrying out the tasks

leaf rake

Important Garden Tools to Purchase

Garden Rakes and Leaf Rakes 

A garden rake helps to smoothen compost or the metal tines rake the soil to create a crumbly seedbed.

It also removes stones, rocks and clogs in the ground before you begin planting.

While a garden rake may level and smoothen the soil,  a leaf rake removes leaves, gathers debris, lawn clippings, removes weeds and spreads mulch.

Choose a metal or steel rake and ensure that it attaches securely to the handle.


A wheelbarrow comes in use for several tasks such as:

  • to move extra soil and haul soil
  • adding compost and mulch to the garden
  • collecting debris
  • weeding
  • moving and heavy lifting

A wheelbarrow can move heavy objects around your garden without you having to do the heavy lifting.

You can also push it with one hand if it has single hand.

Home gardeners can choose to go for a heavy and sturdy plastic wheelbarrow.

Though, the best ones will always be those made of heavy steel.

If you chose the latter, store it in a dry place and clean it properly after use to avoid rust.

For tool and garden maintenance, keep the tire inflated properly.


Hand Fork 

This garden fork can dig into dense soil.

It can also scratch the soil in order to remove the weeds and roughen it.

Those with a curve to spines can scoop mulch.

Whereas square tines will be better than flat tines that will not bend while hitting a rock.

Similarly, straight tines are good for digging in clay and rocky soil.

For this, you need both the handle and the shaft to be strong.

Plus, the two should firmly join together.

Therefore, do not go for a cheap option.

The list is not up yet, we still have more tools to buy.

pruning shears

Gardening Instruments to Use


One of its main use is to remove shallow-rooted weeds.

Though, there are different kinds of the garden.

For instance, a vegetable garden will need a wide and sturdy hoe.

However, one for your perennials will be thin and delicate.

It can break up clumps in soil, cultivate the soil, creates furrows for planting seeds, and edging the lawn.

That said, a Draw hoe may meet most of your gardening needs.

Watering Can 

Gardening is incomplete without watering your plants.

For watering your plants evenly you will need a watering can.

It should hold water up to 2 gallons.

However, it is also important to be easy to carry when it is full.

For that reason, you may prefer plastic watering can but it will not last long.

In order to water house plants, choose a smaller and long-necked can.

Whereas for plants outdoors, use one with a sprinkler head.

Pruning Shears 

One of the most important tools among is the hand pruner also known as a garden pruner, pruning shears, clippers or garden secateurs.

This helps in trimming the small branches from plants, trees and shrubs.

It also removes dead growth and shapes the plant.

A good quality hand pruner will be able to cut thick branches and will also be easy to use.

A by-pass style pruner has blades wherein the top blade passes the bottom one resulting in quick tear-free cuts.

This is good for the plant to heal quicker.


While some may prefer to go barehand, a pair of gardening gloves can prevent unnecessary cuts and pricks.

The garden is full of thorns and splinters.

Good gloves will be durable but not bulky to handle seeds and seedlings.

Plus, the fabric will be water-resistant but also breathable for maximum comfort.

garden tools scissors

Other Instruments


Scissors specifically to be used in gardening have sharp blades that snip flower stems, prune delicate plants and are used for deadheading.

While a garden pruner may help in this already, the scissors can complement it.


For woody weeds and extensive pruning and shaping, you may need a bow saw.

It is for the heavier cutting tasks.


Speaking of cutting tools, there are also loopers which are long-handled pruners.

The handles help in trimming areas that are difficult to reach and also cut thicker branches.

Watering Wands 

These have long shafts that can reach hanging plants, containers, overhead baskets, borders back edges and flower baskets.

These have built-in shutoff valves that conserve water and also adjust its flow.

It gives a soft shower, rather than a…


A Garden hose can take water long distances.

The nozzle heads can attach to it to give a hard stream of water or just a gentle flow.

Soil Monitor 

This tool checks the water, sun and pH value of the soil.

Hence, telling when the soil is acidic or alkaline and if it receiving enough sunlight.

Padded Kneelers 

Gardeners will strain their knees if they do not wear padded kneelers.

Wearing these while kneeling will reduce pressure on the knees and prevent pain.

Even if it is not a tool for the garden itself it is useful for the gardener.


You will need these essential garden tools before beginning gardening.

They are not only important but absolutely necessary for a healthy garden.




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